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(&) = indicates 1 dvd unless noted as more.
i trade per dvd not per minutes..

dss = digital satellite system.

DVB = Digital Video Broadcast..

HD = High Definition..

SD = Standard Definition..

dss master = recorded from digital satellite
system. my dss masters are dss to pc harddrive
to dvd...

master2 = a reworked master. I won't mess
with it unless I can make it better. master2
is usually better than the master source file...
PC remaster = redone on computer. usually
has menu, chapters, etc..

cloned master = recorder by someone else
but passed down with the right programs so
it's the same as the master. Goodbye to the
days of generated VHS dubs!..

HH = HandHeld. filmed with a camcorder.
aka audience shot...

VHS>DVD = transfered from vhs to dvd...

SA - stand alone dvd recorder...

OR = official release, released, able to
buy in stores unless out of print....

i've added a few youtube samples.
remember youtube video is not as
good as the actual dvd...
*Note* if you click on the youtube vid
link & it don't take you to the vid just
copy & paste the vid address in your
web browsers address bar...*

The List.......

# numbers

(&) 311 & Staind - 7th Ave drop. August
2005. USA Fuse TV. live sets from both
bands. selist: 311.. down\frolic room\
don't tread on me\solar flare\amber\
beautiful disaster\....STAIND.. falling\
for you\right here\it's been awhile\
mudshovel... dvd extras include deftones
minerva & shove it vid, audioslave - i'm
the highway live germany 2003, godsmack
- straight out of line live mad tv 4.26.03,
+Live+ the band doing a Jonny Cash
cover, system of a down vid collection..

&) 3 Doors Down - Nov.1.2011. BMO
Harris Bank Center. Rockford, IL. from
the HD cam master! external mic audio!
Nice clear steady view! A+++ WOW!!!
with extra! set...
01 Intro
02 Time of My Life
03 Duck and Run
04 The Better Life
05 Away From the Sun
06 It's Not Me
07 What's Left
08 Citizen/Soldier
09 Changes
10 Interlude
11 When You're Young
12 Loser
13 Round and Round
14 Behing Those Eyes
15 Here Without You
16 It's Not My Time
17 Kryptonite
18 Believer
19 Speech
20 When I'm Gone
21. extra\bonus

(&) 3 doors down - June.5.2005. Rock Am Ring
Germany. German TV LiVE proshot. Nice!
good pic & audio! i think this is from the
master. Nice set!
Its Not Me
Away From The Sun
Be Like That
Runnin Out Of Days
Let Me Go
Landing In London
Behind Those Eyes
When Im Gone
Here Without You
The Real Life

(&) 3 Doors Down - Live "away from the
sun" tour. Live set in Houston, Texas
2005. *note: 5.1 audio disabled to fit
on 1 disc. Select stereo in main menu
to see the full 60min set with super
nice DolbyDigital audio. live set &
extras 73mins..OriginalRelease..#228..

(&) 12 stones - dvd single. videos for
the way i feel & broken. 2002 promo


A PerFeCT ciRCLE -aMOTiON. released 2004
dvd with videos & extras...setlist...
1. "Judith" (Unedited music Video)
2. "3 Libras" (Video)
3. "Weak and Powerless" (Unedited Video)
4. "The Outsider" (Edited Video)
5. "Thinking Of You" (Video)
6. "Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm
of the War Drums" (Video)
7. "Blue" (Contest Winner's Video)
8. "The Noose" (Live Video)
9. "Imagine" (Video)
10. "The Outsider" (Director's Cut Video)
11. "Blue" (A Runner-up's Video)
12. "Blue" (B Runner-up's Video)
13. "Blue" (C Runner-up's Video)
14. "Bikini Bandits Experience" (Trailer)
15. "Bikini Bandits Save Christmas" (Trailer)
16. "Bikini Bandits Sauvent Le Monde" (Trailer)

(&) A Perfect Circle - live on leno &
conan plus various other tv clips....#230...

(&) A Perfect Circle - 6.4.00 AZ proshot.
Intro (Renholder)
The Hollow
3 Libras
Sleeping Beauty
Thinking of You

(&) Alice in Chains - Feb.2.1993. Frankfurt
Germany. Close with killer closeups! A+++
Upgraded Audio! Nice! set..
Dam That River
We Die Young
Them Bones
Love, Hate, Love
God Smack
Bleed the Freak
Put You Down
It Ain't Like That
Rain When I Die
Hate to Feel
Angry Chair
Man in the Box..

(&) Alice in Chains - Nov.14.2011. SWU
Festival. Brazil. TV proshot Master! full
set! setlist...
Them Bones
Dam That River
Rain When I Die
Check My Brain
It Ain't Like That
Your Decision
Got Me Wrong
We Die Young
Last of My Kind
Down in a Hole
Acid Bubble
Angry Chair
Man in the Box
No Excuses

(&) Alice In Chains - Maquinaria Festival,
Club Hípico, Santiago, Chile. NOV.13.2011.
YES! from HDtv master! set..
1.- Them Bones
2.- Dam That River
3.- Rain When I Die
4.- Again
5.- Check My Brain
6.- It Ain't Like That
7.- Got Me Wrong
8.- We Die Young
9.- Last of My Kind
10.- Down in a Hole
11.- Nutshell
12.- Acid Bubble
13.- Angry Chair
14.- Man in The Box
15.- Rooster
16.- No Excuses
17.- Would?....

(&) Alice In Chains - Jan.23.1993.
Hollywood Rock Festival, Rio de Janeiro,
Brazil. Wow! a old aic full show proshot!
01) Dam That River
02) We Die Young
03) Them Bones
04) Would?
05) Love, Hate, Love
06) Junkhead
07) Godsmack
08) Bleed The Freak
09) Put You Down
10) It Ain't Like That
11) Hate To Feel
12) Angry Chair
13) Man In The Box

 (&) Alice In Chains: Alice in Chains Interviews &
TV Performances Vol 2. !! ALL LAYNE stuff !!
oh my goodness!! killer!!!! setlist 1. Much Music -
Tribute to Layne 2002 (very informative with
good interviews) - videos edited out since they
are available officially 2. Headbangers Ball
interview (NICE) 3. Singles Premier Party -
Junkhead & Would? live , interview (NICE quality
with nice audio!!) 4. In Concert '91 - Man in the
Box + Sea of Sorrow LIVE!!!!!! (WOW!!!!!!!!!)
5. Hollywood Rock Festival - 1.23.93
Would?, Love Hate Love, Godsmack, Angry Chair,
& Man in the Box all LIVE!!!!! (some crackle in
audio but seems to clear up or the set is so killer
I forgot!!!!!!!!) 6. Saturday Night Special 4.20.96
Again live (not so good quality but watchable)
7. Ed Sullivan Theater 5.10.96 Again/We Die
Young live (not so good quality but watchable)
WOW I don't know what else to say about this
dvd but that after watching it I knew for sure that
I had stumbled across something real, something
true. LAYNE we miss you!.....
99% from VHS masters...75mins......#1..

(&) alice in chains - TV compilation. mtv
new years eve live 1992\93, in concert '91,
mtv singles party live performances,
sat night special live, death reports,
headbangersball europe'93. 90% is
from HiFi TV sp vhs masters...

(&) ALiCE iN CHAiNS - LiVE FaceLift.
Out oF Print VHS Master to NTSC dvd!!
Nice A+++ official Release Quality!
contains Live At The Moore Theatre,
Seattle, WA. DEC.22.1990 set: man in
the box, real thing, love hate love,
sea of sorrow, bleed the freak..Plus
3 Music Videos for: We Die Young, Man
In A Box, Sea Of Sorrow...

(&) ALiCE iN CHAiNS - Oct.15.92 Hollywood, CA
UPGRADE direct from the filmers Master!! Super
NiCE!!! Close & Clear. well filmed...
Dam That River
We Die Young
Them Bones
Love, Hate, Love
God Smack
Bleed The Freak
Put You Down
It Ain't Like That
Hate To Feel
Angry Chair
Man In The Box..

(&) Alice in Chains Hollywood, CA 10.15.92.
very cool live show. Audience shot from the
right. Before Hate To Feel, Sean brings up
some guy that jams on drums with Jerry and
Mike for a while. cool menu with song
selection...set: Dam That River, We Die
Young, Them Bones, Would?, Love Hate Love,
Junkhead, God Smack, Bleed The Freak, Put
You Down, Sickman, It Ain't Like That, Hate
To Feel, Angry Chair, Man In The Box.....

(&) Alice in Chains - February 08 1993 Stockholm,
Sweden. Nice HiFi1stgen! some camera ducks
and a little shakey in some places. audio is not bad
for a '93 boot. killer set plus Layne punches a skinhead
in the face. very nice upgarde! most vids of this going
around look to be 3rd or higher gen. This is a true HiFi
1stgen to dvd. 2 disc set......
DVD 1:
Dam That River
We Die Young
Them Bones
Love Hate Love
Bleed the Freak
Cant put You down
DVD 2...
It Aint Like That
-Layne punches a skinhead in the face
Hate To Feel
Angry Chair
Man in the Box.....

(&) Alice in Chains - The Ahoy Rotterdam,
Netherlands 10.17.93. cool handheld cam
Live show. cool menu with song selection.
Layne is very high & admits it to the crowd.
one of the the few times nutshell is played..
quality on this dvd is ok. not great.
set: Nutshell, A Little Bitter, We Die Young,
Angry Chair, Hate To Feel, Dirt, It Ain't Like
That, What The Hell Have I, Them Bones, Dam
That River, Bleed The Freak, God Smack,
Junkhead Rooster, Would?, Rotten Apple,
Sickman...HH...vhs>dvd..84 min......#2...

(&) Alice In Chains - July 3,1996 Kemper Arena
Kansas City, MO..Last show for Layne. Tripod
steady.. menu w/chapter selection. best aic
handheld i've seen yet!! Setlist: Again, God Am,
Sludge Factory, We Die Young, Them Bones
Rooster, Would, Angry Chair, A Little Bitter
Dam That River, Man In The Box. Audio plays
better on computer or hifi speakers but can't
get it to play right thru my tv speakers?

(&) Alice In Chains - June.2.2006 Rock Am Ring,
Nürburgring, Germany .Killer live DVB tv master!
It Ain't Like That
Dam That River
We Die Young
Them Bones
No Excuses
Would? (with James Hetfield from Metallica)
Man In The Box.....
also on same dvd....
Juliette & The Licks - Rock Am Ring Germany.
June.4.2006. Killer live DVB tv master! Juliette
Lewis on vocals (yes the actress)!Setlist:
1 I Never Got To Tell
2 Pray For The Band
3 Bullshit King
4 Daggers
5 Search & Destroy...

(&) alice in chains - germany rock am ring
6.2.06. A+++ quality. super nice menu & song
selection. nice setlist. 1. It Ain't Like
That 2. Junkhead 3. Again 4. Dam That River
5. We Die Young 6. Them Bones 7. No Excuses
8. Rooster 9. Would? (with james from metallica)
10. Man In The Box..45min...ntscMASTER2...#4...

(&) Alice In Chains - 7.23.2006 Udo Music
Festival, Japan. NICE TV master!!!! set:
Sludge Factory
Down In A Hole
Them Bones
Man In The Box(feat. Sebastian Bach)

(&) Alice in Chains - 11-2-06 Nokia Theater
New York, NY digital camcord & tripod with
clear view. close zooms! nice audio! set:
Disc 1
Electric Set 1:
Bleed the Freak
It Ain't Like That
Them Bones
Damn That River
Rain When I Die
Disc 2
Don't Follow
Killer is Me
No Excuses
Got Me Wrong
Down in a Hole
Electric Set 2:
Sludge Factory
We Die Young
Heaven Beside You
Angry Chair
Man in The Box

(&) Alice In Chains - June.5.2010 Live At
Rock Am Ring. Germany. NiCE TV Proshot!
01 Them Bones
02 Dam That River
03 Rain When I Die
04 Check My Brain
05 Again
06 Lesson Learned
07 Acide Bubble
08 We Die Young
09 Man In The Box
10 Would?
11 Rooster...

(&) Alice In Chains - July, 8th 2010 Optimus Alive
Festival, Passeio Marítimo de Algés, Lisboa, Portugal.
LIVE tv proshot! nice! Setlist.....
1. Rain When I Die
2. Them Bones
3. Dam That River
4. Again
5. It Ain't Like That
6. Check My Brain
7. Your Decision
8. No Excuses
9. Lesson Learned
10. Acid Bubble
11. We Die Young
12. Man in the Box
13. Would?
14. Rooster
15. interview...

(&) Alice In Chains - July, 8th 2010 Optimus Alive
Festival, Passeio Marítimo de Algés, Lisboa, Portugal.
LIVE tv proshot! nice! NTSC version with 20mins of
extras. Setlist.....
1. Rain When I Die
2. Them Bones
3. Dam That River
4. Again
5. It Ain't Like That
6. Check My Brain
7. Your Decision
8. No Excuses
9. Lesson Learned
10. Acid Bubble
11. We Die Young
12. Man in the Box
13. Would?
14. Rooster
15. interview 7.8.10
16.Sturgis South Dakota interview & it ain't
like that live 8.11.06 (dss master)
17. MTV new years party 1993 3 songs
live: would?,angry chair, & them bones cuts
with credits (vhsHiFitvmaster).....

(&) ALiCE iN CHAiNS - Aug.1.2010.
Knebworth House, knebwoth, UK.
Sonisphere festival. hdtv proshot!!
Live & interviews with super nice
extras! setlist...check my brain,
interview,them bones,rain when i die,
interview,your decision,interview,
would?, extras: epk interview (The
black gives way to blue interview
in Kiss makeup),check my brain vid,
sean kinney interview...HD>ntscDVD...49min..

(&) Jerry Cantrell - April.27.2002 Live
At Tremont Music Hall, Charlotte, North
Carolina. Rob Trujillo from metallica
on Bass! Live Proshot Master! Set..
01 Solitude
02 Cut You In
03 Anger Rising
04 No Excuses
05 What The Hell Have I
06 Down In A Hole
07 Them Bones
Jerry on MTV'S 120mins interview by Matt
Pinfield July.12.1998..
08 Interview
09 Cut You In (Video)
10 Interview
11 My Song (Video)...

(&) Anthrax - Oct.15.1998. Zeche Karl,
Essen, Germany. Tv proshot. Live &
interviews. Nice! setlist...
01 Fueled
02 Room For One More
03 Inside Out
04 Among The Living
05 I'm The Man
06 Armed And Dangerous
07 Cought In A Mosh
08 Catharsis

(&) ANTHRAX - HOUSTON, TX May.05.94
Tripod steady. shot close above the crowd.
from the master! super nice!! setlist..........
Caught In A Mosh
Got The Time
Room For One More
Potter's Field
This Is Not An Exit
Hy Pro Glo
In My World
Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun
Startin up a Posse
Bring the noise.....

(&) Anthrax - JuLY.3.2011 The Big 4,
Gothenburg, Sweden. Swedish hdTV!
5.1 Audio! SuPER NiCE!! Set List:
0. intro (swedish)
1. Caught in a Mosh
2. Madhouse
3. Antisocial
4. Indians
5. Fight 'em 'til You Can't
6. Only
7. Refuse/Resist
8. I Am the Law..
also have slayer, megadeth, & metallica sets from
the same show....

(&) Audioslave - Live at MuchMusic
Canada 2005. Nice! audioslave
performs & gets interviewed by
fans & host. also has a video
collection. everything on this
dvd is a master!! A++!!!
live at much 2005..
1. cochise live
2. your time has come live
3. interview
4. doesnt remind me live
5. like a stone live
6. interview
7. be yourself live
vid collcection...
cochise,original fire,doesnt remind
me,like a stone,be yourself,revelations,
your time has come...

(&) Audioslave 2005 - usa fuse TV special 100%
Audioslave with all new July 2005 interviews.
Live MAY 6th 2005 Cuba proshot & interviews.
Live setlist:set it off, your time has come,
be yourself, like a stone cochise plus
Audiosalve makes a video for "Be Yourself"
tons of interviews on the video set of be
yourself may 2005, JIMMY KIMMEL 2005 2 SONGS
LIVE & interview: your time has come & be
yourself live with interview, LIVE WDR GERMAN
TV 2003 ROCK AM RING all live downloaded from
the internet set = i am the highway, show me
how to live Shadow Of The Sun, white riot &
masters except the German TV stuff..99min..#6....

(&) Audioslave - 7.27.03 E-Centre Philadelphia,
PA Lollapalooza (AKA New Jersey 7.23.03 Proshot).
proshot! killer show! killer set: 1.Gasoline
2. Set it Off 3. Light My Way 4. Like a Stone
5. Super Stupid 6. Techno Ted 7. Shadow on the
Sun 8. Peace, Love and Understanding 9. Getaway
Car 10. 7 Nation Army 11. Show Me How to Live
12. Cochise....63min.....#7...

(&) Audioslave: Electric Factory in Philadelphia,
PA 4-29-05. private handheld filmed dead center
above the crowd. tripod steady with digital audio
& great dvd picture with steady zooms & closeups
about chest up. Killer set as well! You get Rage,
Soundgarden,& Audioslave songs all in one show!
one of if not the best audioslave handheld ever
filmed! setlist.......................
Set it Off
Your Time Has Come
Like A Stone
Drown Me
Doesnt Remind Me
Be Yourself
Bulls on Parade/ Sleep Now In The Fire
Black Hole Sun
2112 Part VI - Soliloquy
I am the Highway
Show me How to Live
Killin in the name

(&) Audioslave: Lollapalooza W Palm
Beach FL 8.5.03. super clear digital
video filming. super close! closeups
are knees up. good audio. would have
been perfect if tripod but not. set...
Set it Off
Light My Way
Like A Stone
Super Stupid
Shadow On The Sun
Peace Love & Understanding
I Am The Highway
Seven Nation Army
Show Me How To Live

(&) Audioslave: Live 2005 Cuba TV PPV proshot
plus soundgarden & audioslave vidz..dssmaster..


(&) The Beastie Boys - Huntridge Theater -
Las Vegas, Nevada 06.09.04 $2 Bill Concert
Live tv proshot.looks like a released DVD!
Nice menu & nice quality! extras are: live
mtv movie awards 2004, live on dave letterman
2004, Live to the 5 boroughs 2004 at mtv,
plus 3 videos..ntscmaster..75min..#127..

(&) Black Country Communion - Live Over Europe.
Recorded live July 4, 5 and 16, 2011 at Zenith,
Munich, Spandau Citadel, Berlin, and Stadtpark,
Hamburg. Killer Live pro set!!! WOW! Super group!
band:  Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple) lead
vocals\bass, Jason Bonham drummer, Derek
Sherinian (Dream Theater) keyboards, and
guitarist and vocalist Joe Bonamassa. Best
of the Best!..OR..108min..PAL..#9a..ntsc.#10a..

(&) Black Crowes & Jimmy Page - Live At The
Greek 10.19.99. The Greek Theatre, Berkeley,
CA. setlist............
Celebration Day
Custard Pie
Sick Again
No Speak No Slave
What Is And What Should Never Be
Hard To Handle
Woke Up This Morning
Ten Years Gone
In My Time Of Dying
Your Time Is Gonna Come
The Lemon Song
Sloppy Drunk
Shapes Of Things
Nobody's Fault But Mine
Hey Hey What Can I Do?
You Shook Me
Out On The Tiles
Whole Lotta Love
..killer! looks like a master?..2hrs..#128..

(&) Black Sabbath - Dec.20.1970. Theatre
OlympiaL. Paris, France. Live TV proshot!
Nice! set...
3.Hand Of Doom
4.Rat Salad
5.Iron Man
6.Black Sabbath
9.Behind The Wall Of Sleep
10.War Pigs
11.Fairies Wear Boots...

(&) Black Sabbath - L'Olympia Paris, France
Dec.20.1970. Rock Of The Seventies, Live
Belgian PAL TV proshot! Remastered Edition!
NiCE Pic & Audio! Best Remaster I've seen!
looks like its been remastered for release!
3.Hand Of Doom
4.Rat Salad
5.Iron Man
6.Black Sabbath
9.Behind The Wall Of Sleep
10.War Pigs
11.Fairies Wear Boots...

(&) HEAVEN & HELL - June.16.2009.
Museumsplatz, Bonn, Germany. A++++
TV digital video broadcast proshot!!!!
SUPER NiCE Master! set...
01. The Mob Rules
02. I
03. Bible Black
04. Time Machine
05. Drum solo
06. Fear
07. Falling Off The Edge Of The World
08. Follow The Tears
09. Die Young
10. Heaven And Hell
11. Neon Knights
12. Interview - Dio...

(&) Blind Melon - December 6, 2007, state
theatre, st. petersburg, FL. tripod shot
with nice audio! nice view & nice zooms.
new lead singer is GREAT! set.....
for my friends
toes across the floor
make a difference
wishing well
tumblin down
soak the sin
with the right set of eyes
no rain (ripped away)
no rain
the pusher
that's the way
mouthful of cavities
paper scratcher

(&) Blind Melon - Aug.13.1994 Woostock 94
Saugerties, NY. Nice!!!!! 60min live set!
A DumpTruck Production. A very well done
dvd! looks like a released dvd with A++
menus & tons of extras! woodstock set:
1. 2x4 2. Tones of Home 3. Soup 4. Wilt
5. No Rain 6. Time 7. I Wonder 8. Paper
Scratcher 9. Change 10. Deserted 11. Soak
the Sin. over 2 hrs of extras! packed
extras menu including MTV post Woodstock
interview, Don't Cry live (with Axl Rose),
Japanese TV Special plus 1991 photo shoot,
Out on the tiles video, 1991 Phone interview
and 1993 Radio performance, as well as
the Good Foot Demos (Blind Melon's first
demo tape).woodstock looks like it came
from a master HiFi tape...#12...

(&) Blind Melon - September 12, 1995
MuchMusic Intimate & Interactive Toronto,
Ontario, Canada. perfect TV proshot!!!!
A++++ quality!!! tons of extras. Live
concert with many interviews from the
crowd & emails in between songs. setlist:
01. Intro
02. 2X4
03. Toes Across The Floor
04. Tones Of Home
05. Wilt
06. Vernie
07. No Rain
08. Walk
09. Lemonade
10. Time
11. Interview #1
12. Soup
13. St. Andrew's Fall
14. Skinned
15. Change
16. Interview #2
17. The Duke
18. Galaxie
19. Interview #3
20. Car Seat (God's Presents)
This is the complete I&I performance . Also
included is a packed extras menu including
Galaxie from David Letterman 09-21-95, Shannon
& Rogers hosting MTV's alternative nation &
Joey Ramone even shows up, a few acoustic
demos plus a few radio appearances & live
tracks including a rare performance from
1993-03-25 at The Wetlands club, NYC
(mislabeled on the DVD as being from 1992).
Live performances of skinned, toes across the
floor, & galaxie on mtv's 120mins with 3-5
takes of each song..WOW! LOOKS Official..
..WeLL DONE!!....#70.........

(&) Blind Melon - In The Beginning & SNL 94.
early documentry of the band in the studio
& killer interviews about how ever one
meet, the music, etc.. & 1.18.94 Saturday
Night Live, both SNL songs from a nbc late
nite DSSmaster rebroadcast..20mins...#205...

(&) JeFF Buckley - Live DVD May 13, 1995
Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL. complete live
98min set & 31min of extras. set.......
Dream Brother
Lover, You Should Have Come Over
Mojo Pin
So Real
Last Goodbye
Eternal Life
Kick Out the Jams (MC5)
Lilac Wine (Nina Simone)
What Will You Say
Vancouver (instrumental)
Kanga Roo (Big Star)
Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)......

(&) Bush - Zen X Four. the videos. released
November 15, 2005. set...
01. Everything Zen
02. Little Things
03. Comedown
04. Glycerine
05. Machinehead
06. Swallowed
07. Greedy Fly
08. Cold Cantagious
09. The Chemicals Between Us
10. Warm Machine
11. Letting The Cables Sleep
Special Features:
01. The Science Of Things (about the album)
02. The Chemicals Between Us
(the making of the video)..............

(&) Bush - Sept.7.2011. Guitar Center
Sessions. Hollywood, CA. TV proshot
Master! set..
The Chemicals Between Us
The Sound Of Winter
Little Things
All My Life
All Night Doctors
The Afterlife
(&) Bush - Sept.18.2011. Roseland, Portland,
Oregon. Nice clear steady view Above the
crowd! Nice external mic audio. best bush
handheld i ever seen! Filmed with a HD cam!
Gavin performs afterlife in the crowd & stands
right by the filmer at one point as he works his
way thru the crowd! setlist...
01 The Mirror Of The Signs
02 Little Things
03 I Believe In You
04 Greedy Fly
05 The Sound Of Winter
06 Everything Zen
07 The Chemicals Between Us
08 All My Life
09 The People That We Love
10 All Night Doctors
11 Swallowed
12 Afterlife
13 Machinehead
14 encore break
15 Alien
16 Come Together (John Lennon / Beatles)
17 Glycerine
18 Comedown..

May.17.2002. Nice!!!.......

(&) BUSH - Intimate & Interactive Nov.19.1996.
Toronto, Canada. kiLLER LiVE tv Set from Much
Music with interviews. set....
dvd I
Greedy fly
Little things
Personal Halloway
Come down
Insect kin
extras: vma performance
dvd II
A tendency to start fires
Everything zen
extras: Live UK TV proshot set
May.08.95 The Astoria Theatre,
London, England set.....
Machine Head
Everything Zen
Little Things

(&) Bush - Aug.16.97 The 11th Annual Bizarre
Festival Germany. All live set. A+++ video
quality with super nice dolbydigital audio.
1. A Tendency To Start Fires
2. Personal Holloway
3. Little Things
4. Insect Kin
5. Machinehead
6. Cold Contagious
7. Everything Zen.....
8. Swallowed
9. Greedy Fly
10. Comedown...
extras include: Bush performing swallowed
on Sat Night Live '96 dss master.......

(&) Bush - coming from nowhere 1997. digital
rebroadcast! dvd master! interviews, live clips
& bio of the band..46min..dssmaster..#155..


(&) Candlebox - Tempe AZ July.21.98. tripod
filmed with permission. chest up & closer!!
Happy pills CD Release. acoustic performance
from Tower Records Mesa AZ and following full
performance that night. Excellent performance!
Setlist...10,000 Horses (acoustic), Far Behind
(acoustic), Arrow, Simple Lessons, 10,000 Horses,
Change, Happy Pills, Its Alright, You, Alive
(pearl jam cover), Understanding, Get off my cloud
(Stones cover), BBC1 (austin powers cover),
Step Back, Best Friend, Far Behind, Intermission,
American Girl (Petty cover), Stairway to Heaven
(Zep cover), Cover Me...camMaster>dvd......

(&) Candlebox - Live handheld nice. forgot
the date??? Help!!.......80min...#180..

(&) Chevelle - Aug.18.2011. Congress Theater,
Chicago, IL. HD cam master! Nice view!
filmed close & steady with really nice close
ups. Nice external Mic audio! set...
01 Intro
02 Sleep Apnea
03 Jars
04 Get Some
05 A Letter From a Thief
06 Face to the Floor (new)
07 Shameful Metaphors
08 Family System
09 Send the Pain Below
10 The Red
11 The Clincher
12 I Get It....

(&) Chickenfoot - Mitsubishi Electric Halle.
Dusseldorf, Germany Jan.19.2012. WOW!
Super Nice 16x9 WS TV master!!! set..
Lighten Up
Alright Alright
Big Foot
Sexy Little Thing
Soap On A Rope
Up Next
My Kinda Girl
Down The Drain
Three And A Half Letters
Something Going Wrong
Turnin' Left
Future In The Past
Different Devil
Oh Yeah
Foxy Lady
Come Closer

(&) Chris Cornell - Maquinaria Festival,
Club Hípico, Santiago, Chile. NOV.12.2011.
YES! from HDtv master! set..
(What's So Funny 'bout) Peace, Love and
Understanding? (Brinsley Schwarz cover)
Wide Awake (Audioslave song)
Can't Change Me
Fell on Black Days (Soundgarden song)
Wooden Jesus (Temple of the Dog song)
(Feat. Alain Johannes)
Hunger Strike (Temple of the Dog song)
(Feat. Alain Johannes)
Like a Stone (Audioslave song)
Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden song)
Doesn't Remind Me (Audioslave song)
Call Me a Dog (Temple of the Dog song)
Thank You (Led Zeppelin cover)
Imagine (John Lennon cover)
A Day in the Life (The Beatles cover)
Blow Up the Outside World (Soundgarden song)

(&) Chris Cornell - SWU Festival,
Brazil. Nov.14.2011. Chris solo
with acoustic guitar. NiCE TV

(&) Chris Cornell - 2009 ALL LIVE TV!!!
super nice! 87min of all Live CorneLL!
Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple Of The
Dog, & Cornell SoLo stuff all in 2 NICE
ProShots. sets.....
5/30/09 Pinkpop Festival, Landgraaf, Netherlands.
1.Part Of Me
3.Watch Out
4.You Know My Name
5.Hunger Strike
6.Show Me How To Live
7.Ground Zero
8.Never Far Away
10.Be Yourself
13.Black Hole Sun...
6/07/09 Rock Am Ring, Germany
1.Part Of Me
3.Hunger Strike
5.Watch Out
6.Black Hole Sun..Master2...87min..ntsc..#271...

(&) Chris Cornell 6/07/09 Rock Am Ring,
Germany. A++. Nice TV master! set...
1.Part Of Me
3.Hunger Strike
5.Watch Out
6.Black Hole Sun...

(&) Chris Cornell 5/30/09 Pinkpop Festival,
Landgraaf, Netherlands. Super Nice TV master!!!
1.Part Of Me
3.Watch Out
4.You Know My Name
5.Hunger Strike
6.Show Me How To Live
7.Ground Zero
8.Never Far Away
10.Be Yourself
13.Black Hole Sun...

(&) Chris Cornell - Live at The Fenix, Seattle, WA
May 8th 2007. private show for the fans!! complete
full live set with soundgarden,temple of the dog,
audioslave, & solo stuff all in one show!!! best webcast
i've seen. there is a few versions of this going around
this by far is the best i've seen yet.
NICE setlist:
1. Spoonman
2. Outshined 3. Original Fire 4. No Such Thing
5. Say Hello 2 Heaven 6. Mission 7. You Know My Name
8. Seasons 9. Scar on the Sky 10. Can't Change Me
11. Sunshower 12. She'll Never Be Your Man
13. Rusty Cage 14. Billie Jean 15. Black Hole Sun
16. Jesus Christ Pose =encore break= 17. Like A Stone
18. Burden In My Hand 19. Cochise 20. Safe and Sound
21. Hunger Strike...webcast>dvd with menus &

(&) Chris Cornell - making the video for
"you know my name" 10.31.06 dssmaster,
"you know my name" live on Jay Leno 11.20.06
from HDTV!! the audioslave video for
"revelations" all killer quality!!!..DSSMaster
& MASTER2......31min.....#75.......

(&) Chris Cornell - 4.13.07 Live at MuchMoreMusic
Canada April 13th 2007 Toronto, ON, CANADA TV
proshot. Great live performances! great interviews!
setlist.. Spoonman, No Such Thing, Interview, Arms
Around Your Love, Black Hole Sun, Interview,

(&) CHRIS CORNELL - "2 Rock" German tv
9.27.99 interviews & videos. nice! videos
included are JCP, cant change me, hungerstrike,
& blackholesun, cornell is interviewed in between

(&) Chris Cornell - Buenos Aires, Argentina
12.08.07 live tv proshot. killer setlist!
Intro (Sunshower)
Let Me Drown
Show Me How To Live
You Know My Name
No Such Thing
Be Yourself
Hunger Strike
Like A Stone
Arms Around Your Love
Black Hole Sun
What You Are
Rusty Cage
Can't Change Me
Slaves And Bulldozers >
Bela Lugosi's Dead >
4th Of July > The End
Whole Lotta Love

(&) CINDERELLA - TOKYO, JAPAN Aug.11.1987.
FROM the MASTER TAPE!!!! ALL Live set!! TV

(&) Eric Clapton - MTV Unplugged 1992.

(&) ColdPlay - June 2005 TV masters.
(1) June 2005 VH1's storytellers. live set
& interviews..45min (2) June 2005 MTV's
ask coldplay. special where oasis, foo fighters
& other famous people ask Coldplay questions
about the new album..20mins (3) June 2005
MTV2's Live Leak.live set from new album..45min..
all A+ DSS Master..109min..#16....

(&) collective soul - PPV special live set
in atlanta 2005 with the youth orchestra..
..nice!!...dss master...85min..#17..

(&) Corrosion Of Conformity - Feb.28.1997.
Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY. Cam master!
Tripod filming & external mic audio! Nice! set..
king of the rotten
The door
drowning in a daydream
Clean my wounds..

(&) Corrosion of Conformity - Jan.14.2001.
The Main Event. Toledo, OH. 2cam mix from
the masters! super close! wow! A+++...
01 King Of The Rotten
02 Senor Limpio
03 Diablo Blvd
04 Long Whip/Big America
05 Who's Got The Fire
06 My Grain
07 Congratulations Song
08 Seven Days
09 Vote With A Bullet
10 Clean My Wounds..

(&) Corrosion of Conformity - April.01.1997
Continental Arena, East Rutherford, NJ.
hi8Master with Dat Master audio! YES!!!
doodle (The Snake Has No Head)
King Of The Rotten
The Door
Drowning In A Daydream
Clean My Wounds...

(&) Corrosion of Conformity - Live Volume The Movie
Harpo's, Detroit, Mi April 20, 2001. Live set & interviews.
Live set at Harpo's Concert Theatre in Detroit. set....
These Shrouded Temples, Diablo Blvd, Senor Limpio,
King of the Rotten, Wiseblood, Who's Got the Fire,
Albatross, My Grain, Congratulations Song, 13 Angels,
7 Days, Vote with a Bullet, Zippo, Long Whip\Big
America, Shelter, Clean My Wounds...also has extras.

(&) Corrosion Of Conformity - 11.27.97
Copenhagen, Denmark. from the master!
filmed close with good audio! nice!
opening for metallica. menu & chapters.
Drowning in a daydream
Clean my wounds
? We all die ?
King of the Rotten
Senor Limpio
Vote with a bullet...sonyhi8master>PALdvd..50min..#152...

(&) Corrosion of Conformity: Hallandale, FL 9.5.97.
super close steady filming! closeups are full face.
nice ext. mic audio ! direct from the filmers
hi8 master. youtube sample...............

(&) Variuos Artist DVD from DSS masters!
*Headbangers Ball with Corrosion of Conformity 5.21.05.
complete show without commercials all videos except where
interview is noted: HBBall w\ COC setlist goes like this :
black label society-fire it up\ blood simple - straight hate\
Pepper Keenan of COC interview\ high on fire - devilution\
system of a down - b.y.o.b.\ seemless - lay my burden down\
pepper interview\corrosion of conformity - stone breaker\
mudvayne - happy\pepper interview\ Megadeth - of mice
& men\slipKnot - vermilion\ mastodon - blood and thunder\
Randy Blythe from Lamb Of God back hair clip\
The esoteric - ram-faced boy\drowning pool - killin' me\
vehemence - we are all dying\senses fail - buried a lie\
atreyn - the crimson\ armor for sleep - car underwater\
fates warning - simple human\
2005. complete MTV2 broadcast without commercials
all live! setlists:byob\science\needles\psycho\chop suey!\
aerials\ *AUDIOSLAVE - your time has come video\
*slipknot - before I forget video\ *team sleep ( deftones'
chino side project) interview from fuse TV USA May
2005...all dss masters....111min..#64..

(&) Counting Crows - The Luxor, Cologne,
Germany. April.15.1994! all live TV Digital
Rebroadcast Satellite Master! Nice! set..
01) Four White Stallions  
02) Omaha  
03) Anna Begins  
04) Ghost Train  
05) Mr. Jones  
06) Perfect Blue Buildings  
07) Children  
08) Rain King  
09) Margery  
10) Time And Time Again  
11) A Murder Of One....

(&) The Cult - Vh1 Behind The Music 2000 USA.
Only shown once & never aired again. rare master!

(&) The Cure - Roskilde Festival JuLY.5.2012.
Dyrskuepladsen. Roskilde, Denmark. Cabel
TV Master from Danish Television! set..
1. The End Of The World
2. Lovesong
3. Push
4. Inbetween Days
5. Just Like Heaven
6. From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
7. Trust
8. Want
9. Shake Dog Shake
10. The Hungry Ghost
11. Wrong Number.....


this is dime & vinnie's band after
pantera. NiCE TV collection! set...
1.) Headbanger's Ball Interview & hosting
2.) Breathing New Life video
3.) Explode video
4.) Uranium special
5.) Save Me video
6.) Various News Footage on Dime's

(&) DAMAGEPLAN - May.28.2004.
Somerset, WI, "Riverfest". Nice
Filming & audio! Looks like a
master! A++..SET..
breathing New Life
Wake Up
Save Me
New Found Power
Fuck You
A New Level...

LIVE. Official release live video. Live Arena
Munster 12.11.2003...120min...PAL OR..#141..

(&) Deftones - Nov.4.1998. Hollywood, CA,
The Palladium. Nice! Close! set...
01. My Own Summer
02. Root
03. Nosebleed
04. Mascara
05. Around The Fur
06. MX
07. 7 Words
08. Bored
09. Birthmark
10. Engine No.9
11. Dai The Flu
12. Pink Maggit (demo)
13. Be Quiet And Drive
14. Headup...

(&) Deftones - March.19.2006. St. Paul. MN.
Roy Wilkins Auditorium. Taste of Chaos
tour. Nice filming! set..
My Own Summer (Shove It)
Bloody Cape
RX Queen [feat. Street Drum Corps]
Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
Around the Fur
Knife Party
Change (In the House of Flies)
7 Words...

(&) Deftones - The Palladium. Worcester, MA.
Nov.22.1998. Wow! Nice filming! nice view!
nice audio! close! set....
Intro/Depeche Mode - Pimpf
My Own Summer (Shove It)
Around the Fur
7 Words
Engine No. 9
Dai the Flu
Be Quiet and Drive
(Far Away)/Teclo-PJ Harvey tease..

(&) Deftones - Weeze, Germany. 14th
Bizarre Festival. Aug.19.2000. HiFi
Tv Master! Upgrade! nice pic & audio!
A+++. set...
Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)
My Own Summer (Shove It)
Change (In The House Of Flies)
Around The Fur
Digital Bath
7 Words

(&) dEftONES - Live MySpace Optimus
Secret Show, Tivoli, Lisbon, May8.2010
WOW! Nice Proshot! SETLiST:
01. Rocket Skates
02. Diamond Eyes
03. Feiticeira
04. My Own Summer
05. Around the Fur
06. Lotion
07. You've Seen The Butcher
09. Sextape
10. When Girls Telephone Boys
11. Minerva
12. Birthmark
13. Be Quiet and Drive
14. Back to School
15. Change (In The House Of Flies)
16. Root
17. 7 Words...
01. Image Gallery Slideshow
02. MySpace Secret Show Trailer
03. Pre-Show Fans Interviews..

(&) deftones - HARTFORD, CT. April.21.1998
NICE! INTENSE. Close! nice zooms & nice audio!

(&) dEftONES - Rock Werchter Fest.
Belgium. June.29.2006. Live Tv
proshot! set..passenger, feiticeira,
shove it, root, change.....

(&) Deftones - Dec.09.1997 First Avenue,
Minneapolis, MN. super close! tripod staedy!
nice audio. crazy close ups!! Nice!!!!
1. Lotion
2. My Own Summer
3. Root
4. Nosebleed
5. Bored
6. Around The Fur
7. MX
8. Fireal
9. 7 Words
10. Professor Booty Beastie Boys Cover)
11. Birthmark
12. Teething
13. Mascara
14. Be Quiet And Drive (far away)
15. Headup
16. Engine no9 (w/ Wicked)...

(&) dEftONES - Bristow, VA. Aug.23.96.
Live set Promo only from the record
company! A++ Nice! set..
1. nosebleed (cuts in)
2. bored
3. 7 words
4. one weak
5. teething
6. minus blindfold
7. engine #9..

(&) dEFTONES - DEC.18.1998, Memorial
Auditorium, Sacramento, CA. Tripod
steady! close! Nice fiming! Nice set!
Last show on the house of fur tour.
02-My Own Summer (Shove It)
06-Around The Fur
08-7 Words
11-Engine No.9
12-Dai The Flu
13-Intro To Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)
14-Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)
15-Outro To Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)
16-To Have And To Hold
(Depeche Mode Cover with Sergio Of Quicksand)

(&) dEftONES - Area 4 Festival 8.21.2009
Lüdinghausen, Germany. Mint A+++ digital
tv 16x9 WDR broadcast! Setlist.......
01: Short Interview
02: Feiticeira
03: My Own Summer (Shove It)
04: Hexagram
05: Beware
06: Elite
07: Nosebleed
08: Korea
09: Rx Queen
10: Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
11: Headup
12: Minerva
13: When Girls Telephone Boys
14: Change (In the House of Flies)
15: Back to School...A+++...66min...
..PaLTVmaster>dvd....#294 pal...#299 ntsc...

(&) Deftones - 08/28/09 Reading
Festival, Reading, England. Super
Nice A++++ Live proshot! Setlist..
My Own Summer (Shove It)
RX Queen
Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)
Change (In The House Of Flies)
2) London UK MTV 2010. A++
Live Proshot. Set......
Diamond Eyes
Be Quiet and Drive
Around the Fur
Back to School
Rocket Skates
3) official videos..
You've Seen The Butcher..
...ALL NiCE!!.....48min......ntscDVD....#300...

(&) Deftones - July.09.2010, Optimus Alive Festival,
Passeio Marítimo de Algés, Lisboa, Portugal. Live
set! NICE!!..CableTV>PALdvd..22min..#240..

(&) Deftones - Maritime Hall, San Francisco,
CA DEC.20.1996. all live HandHeld recorded
with a Hi8+Tripod & ext. mics. shot from the
soundboard directly above the crowd front row
balcony with a perfect view, killer audio,
super close clear zooms. the only way I could
think of getting a better experience out of
the show other than this dvd would be at the
show on the 1st row. by far one of the best
handheld deftones shows ever filmed. Chi says
this is the last show & they are about to go
start making a new album. killer set:
1. Root 02. Nosebleed 03. Birthmark
04. 7 Words 05. Bored 06. Fist 07. Lifter
08. Fireal 09. Right Brigade 10. Teething
11. One Weak 12. Tired Of Sex 13. Minus
Blindfold 14. Engine No.9 / Wicked...

(&) Deftones - Rock Im Park Nurenburg, Germany
6.9.2000. A+++. Excellent performance. one of my
fav vidz...Tracklist....
01. Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)
02. My Own Summer (Shove It)
03. To Have And To Hold (DM cover)
04. Around The Fur
05. 7 Words...

(&) Deftones - deftones 2010. this is stuff i put
together from HD internet downloads. NICE!
diamond eyes press kit, rocket skates video,
diamond eyes & change live on jimmy kimmel
2010, a 2010 interview plus the street carp
video. all internet downloads...27min...#233..

(&) Deftones - Old stuff with Chi
1. Zechcarl, Essen, Germany Feb.3.98
Live, videos, & interviews..
2. chi vid..
3. rockamring 2003 (3 songs live
4. internet house Party june.1.2001
(3 songs live proshot)...
5. pinkpop '98 interview & be quite

(&) Deftones: Ft. Lauderdale, FL 11.22.97.
Super close steady Hi8 filming ! nice ext.
mic audio! direct from the filmers master.
center shot. closeups are chestup! set:
My Own Summer
Around The Fur
7 Words
Minus Blindfold
Headup (with Jonah)
Engine #9

(&) DEFTONES - April 26th 1998 MONTREAL,
P.Q. Canada venue: Le Cabaret Juste Pour
Rire...WOW!! from the filmer! very well
filmed with TRIPOD! NICE audio! great menu
& song selction! closeups are chest
up & better..set...
My Own Summer (Shove It)
7 Words
Around The Fur
Never Let Me Down Again(DepecheMode cover)
Be Quiet And Drive>Teclo(PJHarvey cover)
Headup (Rey Osburn((Tinfed)):Guest Vocals)
Engine #9..Hi8master>dvd...70min..#102...

(&) Deftones - USA's Fuse TV Steven's
Untitled Rock Show Dec.15th 2006. Interviews
& videos. interviews with the entire band &
hole in the earth & shove it vid plus a old
faith no more video for falling to pieces.
extras include: the video for bender with
chino & sevendust plus headup live with
max cavalera Jan. 21st 1998 from foriegn
TV..DSS Master(extras not master)..40min..#69..

(&) dEftONES - 6.15.00 Hultsfred live tv proshot
& interview. setlist...........
My Own Summer (Shove It)
To Have And To Hold
Around The Fur
Digital Bath
7 Words

(&) DEFTONES & limp Bizkit MONTREAL, QC
07/20/03 Master to DVD. not close & obstructed
entire show =(.....#144....

(&) Deftones - Live in Hawaii Music in High Places.
NICE!.. dssMaster>DivX>DVD..63min..#164...

(&) deftones - bizarre festival Köln, Germany,
8.22.98 one of my favs!!! nice as it gets!
killer TV proshot. Nice menu & song selection.
A++ quality & killer setlist........
01.Root 02.My own summer (shove it) 03.Lotion
04.Bored 05.Around the fur 06.Mx 07.Birthmark
08.Engine # 9 09.Mascara 10.Be quiet and drive
(far away) 11.Headup..47min..ntscMASTER2..#21..

(&) Deftones - Headbangers BaLL Dec. 9th 2006
complete show without commercials. also
contains the deftones on Conan O'Brien Dec.
5th 2006 doing "hole in the earth" live. HBBall
has interviews with the deftones & the "hole in
the earth" vid. other videos on the show from:
mastodon, powerman 5000, naplam death,
black label society, Lacuna coil, bullet from
my valentine, cradle of filth, rob zombie, diecast,
bury your dead, hed pe, killswitch engage, dir
en gray, bleeding through, lamg of GOD,
& norma jean. menu & chapter selection..
..A++++ DSS master...80mins......23....

(&) Deftones - Montreal, Quebec, Canada
11.14.2000 NICE! recorded with a Digital8
camcorder, tripod & external mic. super
close filming!!!!!! nice menus and song
seletion! setlist.......................
Korea, Feiticiera, Around The Fur, My
Own Summer, Root, Lifter, Change, Back
To School, Be Quiet And Drive, Mascara,
Digital Bath, Teenager, Knife Party, Lotion
(small cut), Headup, Bored, 7 Words (part 1),
Say It Ain't So, 7 Words (part 2) killer!!
....85min....cloned master?....#24....

(&) Deftones & Incubus - November 14 2000
Musique Plus Studios, MONTREAL, QC, Canada,
French TV nice. long interview with both bands &
nice live TV performances! preshow the full
concert later on that night. setlist: Incubus:
make yourself, stellar, drive, pardon me,
deftones & incbus 29min crowd & fans Q&A
interview. deftones perform: korea, change,
digital bath & head up. nice menus & song selection.

(&) Deftones & Korn - Rock Am Ring June 2006.
oh yeah!!!!!!!! nice!!!!!!!! deftones put on
a killer show as usual. deftones set: Be quiet
and drive/When girls telephone boys/Around the
fur/Nosebleed/Root/7 Words-Birthmark-7 words..
both sets are super cool to me 'cause I just seen
both bands at family values & these sets & stage
shows are very similar. KoRn play amazing & nice
setlist + extra mask help on stage includes rabbit,
horse,hog, etc...korn setlist: It's On/Clown/
Love Song/Falling Away From Me/Here To
Stay/Counting On Me/Somebody Someone/
Throw Me Away/Medley/Coming Undone/
Got The Life/Twisted Transistor/Freak On
A Leash/Blind....extras include deftones 7words
uncensored video & my own summer shove it video.

(&) deftones - Be Quiet And Drive (far away) live
Late Night with Conan O'Brien 4.20.98. New York,
NY, USA. also on the dvd is Toadies - Philly, PA
3.5.95. all live set filmed from front row with tripod
& nice audio. perfect view 5-10 ft away close. WOW!
..toadies is 2ndgenHiFivhs>dvd...deftones is HiFivhs

(&) Deftones - The Bizarre Fest Weeze, Germany
Aug.19.2000 live german tv proshot. set.......
Be Quiet And Drive
My Own Summer
Around The Fur
Digital Bath
7 Words
Headup>ending cut with interview....
plus a live proshot performance of be quite
& drive from the Reading Fest 8.26.00 UK
TV. Nice menu & song selection..lowgenvhs>

(&) Deftones - 6.5.06 PinkPop Fest Holland Live
TV proshot. killer! nice set!..master..63min..#214...

(&) dEfTONES - Wembley Arena London England
9.19.03 nice handheld. clear digital filming. closeups
are knees up. no obstuctions. setlist..........
Bloody Cape
Be Quiet And Drive
My Own Summer
Digital Bath
Around The Fur
7 Words
Engine No.9

(&) dEFtONES - 8.30.98 Netherlands Lowland Fest.
Live Tv Proshot. set: Mascara,around the fur,
root, & stef interview..?genvhs>PALdvd..#154..

 (&) dEFtONES - 2.3.98 Zechecarl,Essen,Germay
Live TV proshot! live plus interviews & videos

(&) dEFtONES & korn- HeadBangers BaLL 1996.
interviews+live clips on tour..vhs>dvd..30min..#173..

(&) Deftones - Reading Festival,Reading,
England. Aug.26.2011. Nice TV proshot!
every song seems to have a few audio
dropouts except youve seen the buthcher?
01-Rocket Skates
03-You've Seen The Butcher
also on same dvd...
deftones- Koln, Germany, Mar.11.2001
TV proshot. Super Nice! great interview!
2.be quiet (live)
3.around the fur(live)..

(&) Dinosaur Jr. - Sept.24.2009. Reeperbahn
Festival, D-Club, Hamburg, Germany. Digital
Video TV Master! Super A+++ NiCE!!! set..
01 Thumb
02 Been There All the Time
03 Little Fury Things
04 Imagination Blind
05 Get Me
06 Plans
07 Feel the Pain
08 Over It
09 Freak Scene...

(&) The Doors of the 21st Century - Estadio Vélez.
Buenos Aires, Argentina. Oct.24.2004. WOW!!!
lead singer of The Cult singer for the Doors!!!
Vocals: Ian Asbury
Organ: Ray Manzarek
Guitar: Robby Krieger
Bass: Phil Chen
Drums: Ty Dennis..
1. Intro O Fortuna
2. Roadhouse Blues
3. Break On Through
4. L.A.Woman
5. Love Me Two Times
6. Light My Fire...

(&) Down - NYC, New York April.28.2011. Live full
set! Great filming! great view! digital master! pepper
accidently cracks Phil's head open with his guitar...

(&) Down - The Rex Theater. Jan.30.2008.
Pittsburgh, PA. close! from the filmers master!
Disc 1
01 Pillars of Eternity
02 The Path
03 Lysergik Funeral Procession
04 Lifer
05 Three suns and one star
06 Hail the leaf
07 I Scream
08 Ghosts along the Mississippi
09 Learn from my mistakes
10 On March the Saints
11 Lies
Disc 2
01 NOD
02 Beneath the tides
03 Losing All
04 Eyes of the south
05 Doob Interlude
06 New Orleans is a dying whore
07 Stone the Crow....

(&) Down -  Diary Of A MadBand. official
release dvd. released Oct.5.2010. Tons
of live stuff! from the practice room through
the band's first european tour,  also a behind
the scenes featurette entitled "Tyrades &

(&) Down - Nov.14.2011. SWU Festival
Brazil Live TV proshot master! NiCE
set! with extras. set..
temptations wings
pillars of eternity
hail the leaf
underneath everything
losing all
eyes of the south
stone the crow
bury me in smoke

(&) Down - Live At Maquinaria Festival,
Club Hípico, Santiago, Chile. Nov.12.2011.
Live HDtv proshot! Nice set! nice quality!
16x9 WS! nice menus & even the extras are
A++++! best quality down dvd i have!
01 Hail The Leaf
02 Lysergik Funeral Procession
03 Lifer
04 Pillars Of Eternity
05 The Path
06 Losing All
07 Walk (Pantera Cover)
08 Ghosts Along The Mississippi
09 Underneath Everything
10 Swan Song
11 New Orleans Is A Dying Whore
12 Eyes Of The South
13 Temptation's Wings
14 Stone The Crow
15 Bury Me In Smoke
(With Duff McKagan & Mike Bordin)
with 2011 extras...

(&) Down - NOLA live DVD. on stage, aud,
videos, & in the studio stuff, synced up to
Complete Nola cd! killer dvd!!!

(&) Down 9/11/09 Nokia Theatre, New York,
NY. tripod steady. killer closeups...

(&) Down - Dallas TX 9.21.95. Tripod, shot from
soundboard. killer closeups & nice filming! best
of the best! nice audio! set......
2.Pillars Of Eternity
4.Temptations Wings
6.Hail The Leaf
7.Underneath Everything
8.Stone The Crow
9.Ice Monkey (St. Vitus cover)
10.Losing All
11.Swan Song (w/'Bridge of Sighs' by Robin Trower as intro)
12.Eyes Of The South
13.Bury Me In Smoke
14.Jail (on PA)
..lowgenHiFivhs>dvd..nice menu!..72mins..#191..

(&) Down - Sept.25.1995 San Francisco, CA
WOW!! WeLL Filmed! Nice View above the
crowd! nice audio! A++ all around!
01. Pillars of Eternity
02. Lifer
03. Temptations Wiings
04 .Rehab
05. Hail the Leaf
06. Hand of Doom Jam (Black Sabbath)
07. Underneath Everything
08. Stone the Crow
09. Ice Monkey Jam (Saint Vitus)
10. Losing All
11. Swan Song
12. Eyes of the South
13. Jail
14. Bury me in Smoke....

(&) Down - 12.28.95 Houston, TX.
Upgrade!! filmed with tripod from
soundboard with a nice view & nice
audio. menu with song selection.
Best of the BEST!!! setlist..
01. Intro
02. Pillars of Eternity
03. Lifer
04. Temptations Wings
Gimme Gimme
05. Rehab
Walk/Mouth For War
06. Hail the Leaf
07. Hand of Doom
08. Underneath Everything
09. Ice Monkey
10. Stone the Crow
11. Losing All
12. Bridges of Sighs
13. Eyes of the South
14. Bury me in Smoke
Symptom of the Universe..

(&) Down - HeadBangers BaLL Nov 17th 2007.
interviews with PhiL & new video for on march
the saints puls vidz for stone the crow & ghosts
along the miss..21min..dssmaster&other..#270...

(&) Duran Duran - The Palladium
New York, NY December 31, 1982.
MTV NewYearsEve show! Killer!
this has to be a master!? Best '82
dvd i ever seen! set......
01. Rio
02. Hold Back The Rain
03. Planet Earth
04. Girls On Film
05. Hungry Like The Wolf
06. New Religion
07. Save A Prayer
08. Careless Memories.......


(&) The Eagles - Farewell I Tour live Rod
Laver Arena Melbourne, Australia 2005.
live TV proshot..dssmaster..86mins..#140..

(&) Evanescence - LiVE and Intimate. Sydney,
Australia. Feb.05.2007. Digital Video Broadcast
Master! Wow! Nice TV Proshot! set...
Sweet Sacrifice
Going Under
Call Me When You're Sober
Bring Me To Life
Your Star...


(&) The faces all Live 44min set London
10.26.1971 plus The Police all Live 40min
set England Feb 21 1979. both rebroacasted

(&) Faith No More - April.17.2010. Coachella
Festival. Indio, CA. taken from HD proshot
master!!! WoW! Nice! soundboard static
audio problems for the first few songs in
the broadcast..
1. Reunited
2. From Out Of Nowhere
3. Caffeine
4. We Care Alot
5. Last Cup Of Sorrow
6. Ben
7. Surprise You’re Dead
8. The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
9. Midlife Crisis
10. Epic
11. Ashes to Ashes
12. Just a Man..

(&) Faith No More  - Sept.8.1995 .Estadio
Monumento, Santiago, Chile! Super Nice
TV broadcast ProShot! nice audio! set..
Be Aggressive
Midlife Crisis
What A Day
Surprise!You're Dead!
We Care Alot
Introduce Yourself
Glory Box
Get Out
Digging The Grave
Just A Man
Back For Good > I Started A Joke
From Out Of Nowhere
Mike Patton interview....

(&) Faith No More - 8/16/97 Bizarre Festival,
Cologne, Germany. set....
Midlife Crisis
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Last Cup Of Sorrow
Home Sick Home
Introduce Yourself
Naked in Front of the Computer
King for a Day
Epic/I believe I can Fly (R Kelly)
Ashes to Ashes....
...PAL #282....ntsc #286....

(&) Faith No More - 8/23/09 Area 4 Festival,
Flugplatz Borkenberg, Oberhausen, Germany.
A+++ Super Nice TV proshot. Nice performance
& NICE set...
From Out Of Nowhere
Be Aggressive
Surprise! You're Dead!
Last Cup Of Sorrow
Digging The Grave
Midlife Crisis
I Started A Joke
The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
King For A Day
Ashes To Ashes
Just A Man
Chariots Of Fire
We Care A Lot...
..digitalTVMaster>dvd..81min..PAL #278..ntsc #269..

(&) Foo Fighters - May.12.2011. Carlisle
Airport. Radio 1's Big Weekend. Carlisle,
UK. wow! nice! from hdtv!!! A+++....
01. Bridge Burning
02. Rope
03. All My Life
04. My Hero
05. Learn To Fly
06. White Limo
07. Times Like These
08. The Pretender
09. Walk
10. Cold Day In The Sun
11. Best of You
12. Monkey Wrench
13. Everlong
14. This Is A Call
15. Tie Your Mother Down...

(&) Foo Fighters - Bizarre Festival
Cologne , Germany. August.15.1997.
Digital Video Rebroadcast! Super
Nice Upgrade! set..
01 Enough Space
02 Watershed
03 Hey Johnny Park
04 Monkey Wrench
05 Alone + Easy Target
06 Doll
07 See You
08 For All the Cows
09 Everlong
10 This is a Call
11 I'll Stick Around..

(&) Foo Fighters - April.07.2012. Jockey
Clube São Paulo, SP, Brasil. Lollapalooza
Festival. From HD master!! Super Nice
2 dvd set! setlist..
01 - All My Life
02 - Times Like These
03 - ROpe
04 - The Pretender
05 - My Hero
06 - Learn To Fly
07 - White Limo
08 - Alandria
09 - Breakout
10 - Cold Day In The Sun
11 - Long Road To Ruin
12 - Big Me
13 - Stacked Actors
14 - Walk
15 - Generator
16 - Monkey Wrench
17 - Hey Johnny Park
18 - This Is A Call
19 - In The Flesh (Pink Floyd)
20 - The Best Of You
21 - Enough Space
22 - For All The Cows
23 - Dear Rosemary
24 - Bad Reputation (With Joan Jett)
25 - I Love Rock And Roll (With Joan Jett)
26 - Everlong..

(&) Foo Fighters - The Warfield, San Francisco,
CA. April.29.1996. good audio! filmed closed
with great closeups! from 1stgen HiFi vhs! set..
Enough Space
This is a Call
For All The Cows
Weenie Beenie
Big Me
My Poor Brain
Gas Chamber (Angry Samoans cover)
Up in Arms
Good Grief
How I Miss You
Alone + Easy Target
I'll Stick Around
Floaty (w/ Petra Hayden)
Down in the Park (Gary Numan cover)
Foo Fighters - April 3, 2012 River Plate Stadium
(Quilmes Rock Festival) Buenos Aires, Argentina
live set..
1. Learn to Fly
2. Rope..
Foo Fighters - Sept.8.2011 Interview & Walk
LiVE Conan..

(&) Foo Fighters -"Best of Later..with Jools Holland"
BBC Television Centre. digital video rebroadcast
master!! wow! nice! all live stuff! set..
May 31, 1997:
01 Monkey Wrench
02 Everlong
November 09, 1999:
03 Learn to Fly
04 Generator
November 26, 2002:
05 All My Life
06 Low
07 Times Like These
May 10, 2005:
08 Best of You
09 Razor
10 No Way Back...

(&) Foo Fighters - STORYTELLERS 2009.
Oct.28.2009. Sony Picture Studios, Culver
City, CA. Rare mexican MTV promo only
dvd. Has spanish subtitles while dave
speaks but none during music. WOW!!!
Dave talks
this is a call
Dave Talks
big me
Dave Talks
my hero
Dave Talks
word forward
Dave Talks

(&) FOO FIGHTERS - Amsterdam (NL),
Paradiso, Nov.08.1995. 2 cam mix!
Tripod! close! permission filmed!
1) Enough Space (2:57)
2) This Is A Call (4:05)
3) Winnebago (2:59)
4) Watershed (2:34)
5) For All The Cows (3:26)
6) Weenie Beenie (3:28)
7) Butterflies (3:45)
8) Big Me (2:22)
9) I`ll Stick Around (4:04)
10) Oh George (3:03)
11) Good Grief (3:54)
12) Podunk (3:09)
13) Easy Target (4:27)
14) Exhausted (7:28)
15) Floaty (5:41)
16) Up In Arms (1:29)
17) Gas Chamber (Angry Samoans Cover) (1:31)

(&) Foo Fighters - Mar.24.2011. Goat Island.
Wasting Light On The Harbour. Sydney, Australia.
Pre-Broadcast Master! best version yet! NICE
Proshot!!! set.....
01. intro
02. Bridge Burning
03. Rope
04. Dear Rosemary
05. White Limo
06. I Should Have Known
07. Learn To Fly
08. My Hero
09. Up In Arms (jam)
10. Up In Arms
11. Big Me
12. Everlong
13. The Pretender
14. Best Of You
15. For All The Cows
16. Enough Space
17. Young Man Blues
18. Aurora
19. This Is A Call...

Jan.26.2000. Big Day out. Live TV Proshot!
Nice live set..master>palDVD..65min..#491..

(&) Foo Fighters - PinkPop June.13.2011
Landgraaf, The Netherlands. NiCE!!!
from HDtv!set..rope, breakout, cold day,
stacked actors, monkey wrench, let it die,
learn to fly, white limo, arlandria......

(&) Foo Fighters - July.11.2011 The Roundhouse
iTunes Festival 2011. London, United Kingdom.
HD On Demand! NiCE!!! with special guest Lemmy
Kilmister of Motorhead on shake your blood & Brian
May (Guitar) and Roger Taylor (Drums) joined the
band on the Queen song Tie Your Mother Down. set..
01. Bridge Burning
02. Rope
03. The Pretender
04. My Hero
05. Learn to Fly
06. White Limo
07. Arlandria
08. Breakout
09. Cold Day in the Sun
10. Long Road to Ruin
11. Stacked Actors
12. Walk
13. Dear Rosemary
14. Monkey Wrench
15. Let It Die
16. These Days
17. Generator
18. Shake Your Blood
19. Best Of You
20. Skin and Bones
21. All My Life
22. Wheels
23. Times Like These
24. Young Man Blues
25. Miss The Misery
26. Tie Your Mother Down
27. Everlong..

(&) Foo Fighters - 2011 Compilation.
A++++ mostly sourced fron HD. set.....
The Late Show with David Letterman,
New York City, NY 4.12.2011
1. Miss The Misery 2011
2. I Should Have Known 2011
3. Best Of You 2011
4. Rope 4.12.2011
April.11.2011 The Daily Show
5. Bridge Burning
6. Arlandria (ending cut by broadcast)
April.9.11 SNL, New York, NY
7. Rope
8. Walk
9. April.12.2011 Dave & Taylor interviewed
on Howard TV (over a hour!!)
9. enough space Live London 11.14.1995
dvb TV master
10. everlong live 97 pre VMAwards dvb
TV master.........

(&) Foo Fighters - Wasting Light Live at
Foo's Studio 606 California. Full cd live
with extras! Ripped from HD! filmed with
a HD3d cam! this might be the best SD
dvd i ever seen! set...
01 Bridge Burning
02 Rope
03 Dear Rosemary
04 White Limo
05 Arlandria
06 These Days
07 Back & Forth
08 A Matter Of Time
09 Miss The Misery
10 I Should Have Known
11 Walk...
white limo vid
rope vid
walk live at roxy

(&) Foo Fighters - Wembley National Stadium
London England June 6th & 7th 2008. with very
special guest jimmy page & john paul jones.
BluRay Rip!!!!!! Killer quality! the new HD xvid
encoding is killer! Foo Fighters live set captured
over their 2 soldout nights at Wembley. setlist....
1. intro
2.The Pretender
3.Times Like These
4.No Way Back
5.Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make Up Is Running)
6.Learn To Fly
7.Long Road To Ruin
9.Stacked Actors\drum solo
10.Skin And Bones
12.My Hero\band intro with solos
13.Cold Day In The Sun
15.Monkey Wrench
16.All My Life
17.Rock And Roll with Jimmy Page
& John Paul Jones of LeD ZePPLiN
18.Ramble On with Jimmy Page &
John Paul Jones
19.Best Of You
20. Ending..
unbelivable!!! Dave is moved to the point of tears by
the end of the show! crowd is 86,000 DeeP! both
nights soldout within 24hrs. last i read this was the
biggest show at this venue yet!..OR..BluRay>xvidHD>

(&) Foo Fighters : Copenhagen, Denmark 5.11.2005.
LIVE tv proshot from a HDTV source. Nice!!!
SETLIST:- The Last Song - Learn To Fly - No Way
Back - Times Like These - Best Of You - Everlong
- Monkey Wrench - End Over End - All My Life
ALSO ON THIS A+++ dvd IS *** 7th Ave Drop
2005 Fuse USA TV all Live LONG VERSION. setlist:
end over end, interview, best of you, everlong,
interview, no way back, times like these, all my
life, interview, the last song, doa vid with ending
credits. both shows = 80mins..dss master & master2...27.....

(&) FOO FIGHTERS: 2 LIVE sets from GEBÄUDE 9,
HOF, KÖLN, GERMAN TV Bizzarre Festival Aug.15.1997

(&) FooFighters 1995-2005 - Foo Fighters live
MTV2 June 11 2005 (M2 24 hours of FOO special)
setlist: 1. monkey wrench 2. the last song
3. my hero 4. best of you 5. this is a call
6. all my life 7. foo let's a cover band called
monkey wrench perform one song 8. times like
these (acoustic) 9. learn to fly (acoustic)
10. razor (acoustic) *11. best of you live
MTV 2005 * LIVE STUFF 1995-2002 setlist:
12. breakout $2 bill Philly PA 2002 concert
13. enough space Brixton, London Nov.14.95
14. everlong live MTV pre awards show 1997
15. Big Me London live 11.14.95 16. i'll stick
around live London 11.14.95 17. times like
these $2 bill PA 2002 18. my hereo $2 bill
PA 2002 19. *DAVID LETTERMAN June 2005
the last song live * 7th Ave Drop 2005
Fuse USA TV all Live. setlist: 20. the
last song 21. best of you 22. no way out
23. everlong 24. end over end * 25. MTV2
VJ performs for DAVE 26. best of you promo
video. menu & chapters........

(super close, 2 cams) from the filmer! Tripod!
2 cam no obstructions & chest up close. setlist:
01 This Is A Call
02 Hey Johnny Park!
03 Alone + Easy Target
04 Monkey Wrench
05 Doll
06 See You
07 My Poor Brain
08 Enough Space
09 Big Me
10 Wattershed
11 For All The Cows
12 The Colour And The Shape
13 Up In Arms
14 Weenie Beenie
15 Everlong
16 New Way Home
17 My Hero
18 Gas Chamber
19 I'll Stick Around..

(&) Foo Fighters - 8.26.05 Grande Scène (Main Stage),
Rock En Seine Festival (day 2), Domaine National
de Saint Cloud, PARIS France. PERFECT digital video
broadcast master!!!!! A+++ Live set. setlist:
01) In Your Honor
02) All My Life
03) Times Like These
04) My Hero
05) Best Of You
06) Tired (interlude)
07) Up In Arms
08) Learn To Fly
09) The One
10) Stacked Actors
11) Everlong
12) Monkey Wrench
13) Breakout (encore)......PALdvd......63min......#161......

(&) Foo Fighters - London Hyde Park 6-17-06.
Perfect DSS master!! On June 17th 2006 Foo
Fighters performed their largest concert ever, at
London's Hyde Park where the capacity reached
85,000 fans.. set: In Your Honor, All My Life, Best
of You, Times Like These, Learn to Fly, Breakout,
Shake Your Blood with Lemmy from motorhead!,
Stacked Actors, My Hero, Generator, DOA, Monkey
Wrench, we will rock you/Tie Your Mother Down
with queen! ,Everlong, WOW!! mint!! PROSHOT
dssmaster with nice menu & song selection..

(&) foo fighters - rare TV Vol 1..vhs>ntsc dvd..#139..

(&) Foo Fighters - JuLY.10.2011. T in
The Park, Kinross, Scotland. WOW!!
HDTV!!! A+++++ Proshot!..Set....
Bridge Burning
The Pretender
My Hero
Learn to Fly
White Limo
Long Road to Ruin
Cold Day in the Sun
Stacked Actors
Monkey Wrench
Let It Die
These Days
Best of You
All My Life
Times Like These
Young Man Blues(2x)
This is a Call
hosts talking

(&) FueL - LiVE TV USA 1998-2003.
Killer packed full of US tv appearences!
all from HiFi & Mono LowGen vhs...
vh1 2003 seattle Live set & backstage
Live Rock&RoLLHaLLoFfame 2001
set...1-last time 2-empty spaces 3-bad day
4-down 5-shimmer 6-hemorrhage..
complete set..
07.12.01 Rock & Roll HaLL of Fame Ohio Live
TV Concert..
09.23.03 vh1 seattle Live Concert...
10.02.03 Craig Kilborn..
11.15.00 Craig Kilborn..
06.25.98 Conan O'brien..
12.29.00 Dave letterman..
12.22.00 Farmclub..
12.12.00 Hot Zone..
03.00.01 opem mike with Mike Bullard..
09.18.03 Much Music interview..
01.29.00 Jay Leno..
05.09.01 Jay Leno..
10.23.03 Sharon Osborne..

(&) FueL - Australian TV Compilation 1998-00.
Nice! Looks To be from all HiFi Stereo TV
Masters or 1stgens! set.....
1. July.31.99 Hey Hey its Saturday
Shimmer & Sunburn Live...
2. Nov.21.98 Ground Zero
interview & shimmer acoustic live..
3. June.11.99 The Drum
shimmer live...
4. Nov.19.98 The Joint
bittersweet live, interview, shimmer live,
sunburn live, Jesus or a gun live...
5. Aug.24.00 Footy Show
shimmer live..
6. Aug.31.00 The Buzz
7. Aug.2000 Pepsi Chart
Hemmorhage live...
8. 1999 Channel V
9. July.1999 10:30 Slot
shimmer live...
10. Aug.20.00 Ground Zero

(&) FueL - Live at the House of Blues,
Park City, Utah on January 23rd, 2011.
WOW!!! HD filming with tripod steadiness
& super closeups, chestup & closer! songs
1-5 are from fuel's set & songs 6-9 are
from a rare performance at the same gig
from 1,2,3, GO! 123 go is Stefan Lessard
(bassist for Dave Matthews Band), Mike
McCready (guitarist for Pearl Jam), Brett
Scallions (Fuel's lead singer), and Ken
Schalk (Fuel's drummer) A+++ Killer fiming!
this is actually a party for slash's Slasher Films,
a new production company focused on horror
films founded by Slash. Nice extras!!!
fuel 1.23.11 UT...
1. Bittersweet
2. hemorrhage
3. shimmer
4. sunburn
5. bad day...
1,2,3, go! 1.23.2011 Utah...
6. Revolution (Beatles)
7. destroyer (the Kinks)
8. pretty vacant (The Sex Pistols)
9. fire (Jimi Hendrix)
10. fuel - bittersweet 2010 Live proshot
11. fuel - sunburn 2010 Live proshot
video collection......
12. falls on me (early version)
13. won't back down
14. hemorrhage
15. shimmer
16. bittersweet...

TV 2000. PRO A++ live set & interviews!
killer! NiCE setlist...
Mary Pretends
Its Come To This
New Thing
Song For You
Jesus Or A Gun...

(&) Fuel & Train - Vh1 Stroytellers Sept 7th 2001.
Live performances from both bands plus members
from both bands get together for a cover of Led
Zeppelin's Ramble On. This is a master or a 1stgen
hifi vhs to dvd. nice menu & chapters....

(&) Fuel - June.8.2004 Poughkeepsie, NY.
filmed close! clear view! nice! set...
Jesus or a Gun
Won't Back Down
Wish You Were Here (tease)
Down Inside of You
Falls on Me
Million Miles
Empty Spaces


(&) Garbage - Directv SpeciaL. July 2005.
interviews, live & videos. 1 of the promo
videos cuts out for about 30secs, thanks
to DSS...1hr..dssmaster>DVD....#65...

(&) Godsmack - Woodstock 7.25.99 live set..

(&) GodSmack - Nice TV collection!! Raw
Live performancces!
*Godsmack - 7.25.99 WoodStock,
Rome, NY set..........
Keep Away (cuts in)
Get Up, Get Out
Bad Religion
Moon Baby
Whatever (cuts out)..lowGenHifiVhs..24min...
*Godsmack - straight out of Line Live MadTV
*Godsmack - Video Collection Fuse TV
Loaded 2006 1.speak 2 keep away
3. awake 4. straight out of line 5. voodoo
..complete dvd is 50min.....#256...

(&) Great White - My...My...My. The Videos.
official release. collection of great white
videos. set...
1. Rock Me
2. Lady Red Light
3. Save Your Love
4. Once Bitten, Twice Shy
5. Mista Bone
6. House of Broken Love
7. The Angel Song
8. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
9. Call It Rock N' Roll
10. Desert Moon
11. Lovin' Kind...

Feb.2.1988. MTV Proshot opening for GnR.
Wow!! clean, clear A++. NiCE Audio!...

(&) Guns N' Roses - Rock In Rio, Brazil
Oct.02.2011. NICE!! LiVE set from HDtv!
estranged played for the 1st time since
Chinese Democracy
Welcome To The Jungle
It's So Easy
Mr. Brownstone
Richard Fortus Guitar Solo(James Bond Theme)
Live and Let Die
Rocket Queen
Instrumental Jam
This I Love
DJ Ashba Guitar Solo(Mi Amor)
Sweet Child O' Mine
Estranged(Played for the first time since 1993)
Dizzy Reed Piano Solo(Baba O'Riley by The Who)
Street Of Dreams
You Could Be Mine
Instrumental Jam(Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2)
November Rain
Bumblefoot Guitar Solo(Pink Panther Theme)
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Paradise City.........

(&) Guns N' Roses - Welcome To The Videos.
1998 Official release of all GNR videos....OR..

(&) GUNS N' ROSES - live at the Ritz, NY
MTV in concert Feb 2nd 1988...amazing quality
from the master tape with nice audio & menu!
A++++..best copy yet. best 1988 dvd boot i've
ever seen! setlist.....
It's So Easy
Mr. Brownstone
Out Ta Get Me
Sweet Child O' Mine
My Michelle
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Welcome To The Jungle
Paradise City
Rocket Queen...

(&) GUNS N' ROSES - Rock Am Ring 6.2.06
Nürburgring Eifel, Germany. Killer all
live TV proshot!!! wow!! Sebastian Bach
performs my michelle with AxL. Setlist:
01. Welcome To The Jungle 02. It's So
Easy 03. Mr. Brownstone 04. Better
05. Live And Let Die 06. Knockin'
On Heaven's Door 07. The Blues
08. You Could Be Mine 09. November
Rain 10. My Michelle 11. Sweet
Child O' Mine 12. Nightrain 13. I.R.S.
14. Patience 15. Gitarren Solo
16. Paradise City..90min..MASTER2..34.....

(&) Guns 'N Roses - VH1 Behind the music.


(&) HaleStorm - Feb.05.2012 Music Hall
Köln, Germany. Live tv proshot plus..Mar.
28.2011. US Cellular Coliseum. Bloomington,
IL. USA. Live clear shot cam master!!!

(&) HaleStorm - Feb.05.2012 Music Hall
Köln, Germany. Live tv proshot master!
WOW!! NiCE set!!!
Love Bites (So Do I)
It's Not You
Dirty Work
American Boys
Crazy On You
Familiar Taste Of Poison
Slave To The Grind
Freak Like Me
I Get Off

(&) HEAVEN & HELL - June.16.2009.
Museumsplatz, Bonn, Germany. A++++
TV digital video broadcast proshot!!!!
SUPER NiCE Master! set...
01. The Mob Rules
02. I
03. Bible Black
04. Time Machine
05. Drum solo
06. Fear
07. Falling Off The Edge Of The World
08. Follow The Tears
09. Die Young
10. Heaven And Hell
11. Neon Knights
12. Interview - Dio...

(&) HellYeah - Pryor Festival Grounds.
Rocklahoma. Pryor, OK. May. 27th. 2012.
HDTV all live concert!! Setlist...
1. Cowboy Way
2. Matter of Time
3. Stampede
4. You Wouldn't Know
5. War In Me
6. Hell of a Time
7. Band Intro - Alcohaulin' Ass
8. Hellyeah!...

Aug.29.2007 well filmed & Nice View! with

(&) Hellyeah - Metro Theatre, Sydney,
Australia July.29.2010. all live Webcast Rip!

(&) The Highwaymen - On the road again.
Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson,
Willie Nelson, & Johnny Cash perform a
1hr live proshot set filmed in 1992 in
Aberdeen, Scotland..set...
1. highwayman
2. good hearted woman
3. theme from the dukes of hazard
4. folsom prison blues
5. help me make it thru the nie
6. loving her was easier
7. mamas dont let your babies grow up
to be cowboys
8. are u sure hank done it this way?
9. always on my mind
10. me & bobby mcgee
11. get rhythm
12. crazy
13. ghost riders in the sky
14. luckenbach, TX
15. angel flying 2 close 2 the ground
16. big river
17. on the road again..

(&) The Hives - June.02.2012. Rock am
Ring 2012 Proshot PAL tv master!!! Nice! set..
1. Walk Idiot Walk
2. Main Offender
3. My Time is Coming
4. No Pun Intended
5. Wait a Minute
6. Won't Be Long
7. Hate To Say I Told You So
8. Patrolling Days...


(&) Incubus - Nürburgring, Nürburg, Germany
Rock Am Ring June 6, 2008. Super nice! set:
01. Just a Phase
02. A Kiss to Send Us Off
03. Nice to Know You
04. Wish You Were Here
05. Anna Molly
06. Circles
07. Love Hurts
08. Drive
09. Megalomaniac
10. Priceless
11. Are You In?
12. Pistola
13. Stellar
14. A Crow Left of the Murder...

(&) Incubus - Nürburgring, Nürburg, Germany
Rock Am Ring June 6, 2008. Super nice! set:
01. Just a Phase
02. A Kiss to Send Us Off
03. Nice to Know You
04. Wish You Were Here
05. Anna Molly
06. Circles
07. Love Hurts
08. Drive
09. Megalomaniac
10. Priceless
11. Are You In?
12. Pistola
13. Stellar
14. A Crow Left of the Murder...

(&) Incubus - Alive at The Red Rocks.
Live concert from Red Rocks, Colorado
July 26, 2004. 108min live set plus
18min of extras...OR>DVDShrink....#232...

(&) Incubus & deftones- November 14 2000
Musique Plus Studios, MONTREAL, QC, Canada,
French TV nice. long interview with both bands &
nice live TV performances! preshow the full
concert later on that night. setlist: Incubus:
make yourself, stellar, drive, pardon me,
deftones & incbus 29min crowd & fans Q&A
interview. deftones perform: korea, change,
digital bath & head up. nice menus & song selection.


(&) Jane's Addiction - Feb.23.2010. Enmore,
Theatre,Sydney, Australia. Live webcast. Nice!

(&) Billy Joel - 1978 Live TV digital rebroadcast
Master! bbc tv March.13.1978. killer setlist! a++!

(&) Billy Joel - Live Tokyo Japan 11.30.06.
all live TV proshot. NICE!! setlist...
Prelude >
Angry Young Man
My Life
The Entertainer
New York State Of Mind
Don't Ask Me Why
The Stranger
Just The Way You Are
Movin' Out
An Innocent Man
Miami 2017
She's Always A Woman
I Go To Extremes
The River Of Dreams
Highway To Hell
We Didn't Start The Fire
Big Shot
It's Still Rock And Roll To Me
You May Be Right
Scenes From An Italian Restaurant
Piano Man..TVMaster..118min..#118..

(&) Bon Jovi - ApriL.28.1985. Tokyo, Japan
WoW! Nice proshot! HiFi Audio! this was
released in japan on laserdisc. set..
Tokyo Road
Only Lonely
Drum Solo
She Don't Know Me
Shot Through The Heart
Silent Night
Hardest Part Is The Night
Guitar solo
In & Out of Love
Get Ready
Burning for Love..

(&) Journey - Greatest Hits dvd: 1978-1997.
Official release dvd. killer setlist! set...
1.Don't Stop Believin (1981 Live, Escape
 Tour, Houston, TX)
2 . Wheel in the Sky (1978 Music Video)
3. Faithfully (1983 Music Video)
4. Any Way You Want It
(1981 Live, Escape Tour, Houston, TX
(P.A. Board Mix))
5. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
(1983 Music Video)
6. Lights (1978  Music Video)
7. Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin (1979 Music
8. Be Good to Yourself (1986 Live, Raised
on Radio Tour, Mountain  Aire Festival,
Angels Camp, CA)
9. When You Love a Woman (1996 Music
10. Who's Crying Now (1981 Live, Escape
Tour, Houston, TX  (P.A. Board Mix))
11. Send Her My Love (1983 Music Video)
12. Girl Can't Help It (1986 Live, Raised on
Radio Tour, Mountain Aire Festival, Angels
Camp, CA)
13 Open Arms (1981 Live, Escape Tour,
Houston, TX (P.A. Board Mix))
14. Just the Same Way (1980  Music Video)
"Stone in Love" (1981 Live, Escape Tour,
Houston, TX)
15. Feeling That Way (1978 Music Video)
16. After the Fall (1983 Music Video)
17. I'll Be Alright Without You (1986 Live,
Raised on Radio Tour, Atlanta, GA)


(&) Kid Rock - Woodstock 99, Rome,
NY. July.24.1999. Proshot HiFi PAL
TV Master!  German Tv broadcast!
seems a tad better quality than USA
01 The History Of The Word F**k
02 Bawitdaba
03 Devil Without A Cause
04 I Am The Bullgod
05 Welcome 2 The Party
06 Balls In Your Mouth
07 Somebody's Gotta Feel This
08 Fortunate Son
09 Cowboy
10 My Name Is Rock....

(&) Korn - July.23.1999. Woodstock. Rome,
NY. Proshot HiFi PAL TV Master!  German
Tv broadcast! seems a tad better quality
than USA broadcast.  audio is silent for
2mins at first of freak on a leash......

(&) Korn - Jan.15.1999 Auckland, NZ
Big Day Out Festival. Nice TV proshot!
KiLLer setlist!!!! Set..
1.Its On!
2.Freak On a Leash
6.Shoots And Ladders
8.Got The Life
9.Kill You
12.Freak on A leash video

(&) Korn - March.6.1997. Mesa Ampitheater
Mesa AZ,  NiCE!!! Well Filmed! Close!
A+++. set..
05-Need To
06-Good God
08-Ball Tongue + Lodi Dodi (Snoop Dog Cover)
10-Lowrider (War Cover)
11-Shoots An Ladders
12-No Place To Hide
16-Wicked (Feat. Fred Durst)
18-Kill You

(&) Korn - Amazing performance from 07/10/09
Exit Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia. set..
Right Now
Did My Time
Falling Away From Me
Coming Undone
Helmet In The Bush
Here To Stay
Freak On A Leash
Y'all Want A Single
Somebody Someone
Got The Life
Another Brick In The Wall

(&) Korn & Deftones - Rock Am Ring June 2006.
oh yeah!!!!!!!! nice!!!!!!!! deftones put on
a killer show as usual. def set: Be quiet &
drive/When girls telephone boys/Around the fur/
Nosebleed/Root/7 Words-Birthmark-7 words....
both sets are super cool to me 'cause I just seen
both bands at family values & these sets & stage
shows are very similar. KoRn play amazing & nice
setlist + extra mask help on stage include rabbit,
horse,hog, etc...korn setlist: It's On/Clown/
Love Song/Falling Away From Me/Here To
Stay/Counting On Me/Somebody Someone/
Throw Me Away/Medley/Coming Undone/
Got The Life/Twisted Transistor/Freak On
A Leash/Blind....extras include deftones 7words
uncensored video & my own summer shove it video.

(&) korn MTV unplugged 3.2.07. perfect dss master
with nice menu & song selections....43min.....#89.....

(&) Korn - 7.11.06 MTV Europe special promoting
the June 2006 Rock Am Ring concert with many
interviews,videos & killer live performances.

(&) Korn - Phoenix, AZ January 5th 1997. Super
CLOSE! closeups are chest up & better! nice
external mic audio. opening for MetallicA...

(&) Korn - Jan. 22 1997 Brussels, BELGIUM. Live
TV proshot! old korn! Lowgen HiFi vhs! a little
audio crackle noticable between songs. Setlist:
01 - Twist 02 - Blind 03 - Chi 04 - Need to
05 - Good god 06 - Clown 07 - Divine 08 - Kill

(&) Korn - Rock Am Ring, Nürburgring, Eifel, Germany,
June 3rd 2007....
Setlist (complete):
01. Intro / Here To Stay
02. Twist
03. Good God
04. Coming Undone
05. Falling Away From Me
06. Somebody Someone
07. Right Now
08. Shoots and Ladders
(Outro Blister Exists/Slipknot)/ One (metallica)
09. Divine
10. Got The Life
11. Evolution
12. Y'all Want A Single
13. Talk / Twisted Transistor
14. Freak On A Leash
15. Clown
16. Blind............
live german TV proshot master. I have this in Pal or
ntsc, both A+++ Master/master2...68min..#215..#216..

(&) korn & dEFtONES - HeadBangers BaLL 1996.
interviews+live clips on tour..vhs>dvd..30min..#173..


(&) LA Guns - Live At Bada Brew, Crest Hill,
IL Dec.14.2011. Super Close right up front
& steady. About 10ft from the band with no
obstructions! External mic audio! A MUST!!!
Phil Lewis - Vocals, Guitar
Stacey Blades - Guitar
Scott Griffin - Bass, Vocals
Steve Riley - Drums
!!from HD Camcorder!!..set...
01 Over The Edge
02 Sex Action
03 Never Enough
04 I Wanna Be Your Man
05 Vampire
06 My Koo Ka Choo
07 Nothing Better To Do
08 Sleazy Come Easy Go
09 Showdown (Riot On Sunset)
10 Guitar And Drum Jam
11 Electric Gypsy
12 Ballad Of Jayne
13 Rip N Tear...

(&) Alanis Morrissette and Limp Bizkit  -
Woodstock 1999, Rome, NY. July.24.1999.
Proshot HiFi PAL TV Master!  German Tv
broadcast! seems a tad better quality than
USA broadcast.
*Alanis Morrissette - West Stage
(Beginning not aired)
01 So Pure
02 All I Really Want
03 You Oughta Know
04 Uninvited
05 Thank U
06 Ironic..27:25min
* Limp Bizkit - East Stage
01 Justr Like This
02 Show Me What You Got
03 Counterfeit
04 9 Teen 90 Mine
05 Thieves
06 Stuck
07 Re-Arranged
08 Break Stuff
09 Nookie
10 A Lesson Learned
11 Faith..61:25min..

(&) LIMP BIZKIT - May.26.2012. Rock In Rio.
Lisboa, Portugal. Live TV master!!! set...
01. Intro
02. My Generation
03. Livin' It Up
04. Bring It Back
05. My Way
06. Break Stuff
07. Take A Look Around
08. Behind Blue Eyes (The Who cover)
09. Nookie
10. Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)

(&) Limp Bizkit - 1997-1999 TV Compilation.
Nice! set..
Live Spring Break 1998 :
1 - Counterfeit
2 - Nobody Loves Me
Live MTV Sports And Music Festival 1998 :
1 - Counterfeit
Live Late Night With Conan O'Brien 1998 :
1 - Faith (With Pauley Shore And Kid Rock)
Live Spring Break 1999 :
1 - Nookie
Live Guerilla Tour, Boston, MA, 13-06-99 (PRO) :
1 - Counterfeit
2 - Faith
3 - Nookie
4 - 'Getaway'
+ A lot of interviews and TV reports
Live MTV New Year's Eve 1999 :
1 - Stuck
2 - Faith
3 - Jump Around (With Everlast)
Live Woodstock 1999 :
1 - Faith

(&) Limp Bizkit - June.7.2009. Rock Am Ring,
Nürburgring, Germany. Live TV proshot! Nice!
1-Intro-Space Odyssey
2-My Generation
3-Livin It Up
4-Show M What You Got
5-Eat You Alive-All That Easy
6-Hot Dog
8-Break Stuff
10-Just Like This-Everday
11-Full Nelson
12-My Way
14-Behind Blue Eyes
15-Nookie-Give It Up
16-Take A Look Around

(&) Linkin Park - London, iTunes Festival
JuLY.04.2011. Nice HD proshot!! Nice set..
01. The Requiem
02. Papercut
03. Lying From You
04. Given Up
05. What I've Done
06. Empty Spaces
07. When They Come For Me
08. No More Sorrow
09. Jornada Del Muerto
10. Waiting For The End
11. Burning In The Skies
12. Numb/The Radiance
13. Breaking The Habit
14. Fallout
15. The Catalyst
16. Crawling
17. Faint
18. One Step Closer
19. Rolling In The Deep (Adele Cover)
20. Iridescent
21. New Divide
22. In The End
23. Bleed It Out/A Place For My Head..

(&) Live - +LiVE+  Venue Estádio do Morumbi,
São Paulo, Brazil. Jan.15.1994. Live TV proshot!
HiFi stereo 1stgen VHS! Nice! Ed with long hair!
-Selling the Drama
-Pain Lies on the Riverside
-The Beauty of Gray
-Mirror Song
-You Are the World
-I Alone
-Operation Spirit
-White Discussion..

(&) Live - +LiVE+ 1995 TV compilation.
NiCE!!! 2 meter Sessies & PinkPop Festival
The Netherlands
2 meter session 1995. set..
All over you
Selling the Drama
Lightning Crashes
I Alone
Pinkpop Fest. June.5.1995. set..
Everything Normal in Normal
(Visit the band in USA. Interview
and live clips)
Shit towne
Selling the drama
Lightning crashes
i alone
White discussion...

(&) +LIVE+ - Intimate & Interactive, Toronto,
Canada Nov.4.1997. Nice Live set from MuchMusic
with interviews & Q & A. set...
Lakini's Juice
Selling The Drama
All Over You
Turn My Head
Lightning Crashes
I Alone..

(&) +Live+ - 2/15/95 MTV Unplugged. NICE Upgrade!!
DigitaL TV ReBroadCast!!! set.......
1.operation spirit
2. selling the drama
3. all over you
4. beauty of gray
5. t.b.d.
6. i alone
7. supernatural
8. lightning crashes
9. white discussion.....43min....

(&) Live - Mtv Unplugged 1995...44min...

(&) +LiVE+ - Live August.9.2002. PA. MusikFest.
Killer set!! All live local cabel ProShot!!..

(&) Live - Woodstock '99 Upstate NY. This is Live's
full set . also includes Primus woodstock '94...live's
set is 57:04 & primus is 40:54...HiFiLowGenvhs>dvd...#129..

(&) Live - Germany Feburary 25th 1995. ALL Live
German TV ProShot at "The Alabama". nice setlist!!!
1) The Dam at Otter Creek (2) All Over You (3) Shit
Towne (4) Selling The Drama (5) Pillar Of Davidson
(6) Lightning Crashes (7) I Alone 8) Jam + Waitress
(9) White Discussion.. nice hifi audio & nice pic...
..1stgenHiFivhs> Sony standalone dvd XP Mode...
..45min..#115 & #149..

(&) LocaL H - Satellite Ballroom, Charlottesville,
VA September 19th, 07...3 cam mix. looks like a
proshot! WOW!!! cammaster>dvd...90min..ntsc...#187..

(&) Lynyrd Skynyrd - shepherds bush, London,
england. Nov.11.1975. Live TV rebroadcast
proshot. setlist...
double trouble
i aint the one
call me the breeze
sweet home alabama
free bird..

(&) Lynyrd Skynyrd - April.27.1975. Winterland
San Francisco, CA. WOW. been after this one
for a long time but the quality was never right
until i seen this one! nice black & white pic
Proshot from in house venue cameras &
UPGRADED soundboard audio! best
copy available. . set..
1 Whiskey Rock 'n' Roller
2 I Ain't The One
3 The Needle And The Spoon
5 Gimme Three Steps
6 Don't Ask Me No Questions
7 Saturday Night Special
8 Railroad Song
9 Call Me The Breeze
10 Sweet Home Alabama
11 encore break
12 On The Hunt
13 Free Bird....


Canada. Sept.15.1994. Nice View. WeLL filmed!

May.17.1995 Live TV Proshot & 2. Rock Am
Ring 2004 TV Proshot & bonus. all A+++

(&) MACHINE HEAD - TEMPE, AZ April.2.1997.

Oct.22.1997 Super CLOSE! WeLL Filmed!

(&) Marilyn Manson - Jan.23.1999. Big
Day Out. Sydney, Australia. tv Proshot
Master! Setlist..
01. Inauguration Of The Mechanical
02. The Reflecting God
03. Great Big White World
04. Cake And Sodomy
05. Sweet Dreams/Hell Outro
06. Rock Is Dead
07. Dope Show
08. Lunchbox
09. I don't Like The Drugs (But The
Drugs Like Me)
10. Rock'n'Roll Nigger
11. Antichrist Superstar
12. The Beautiful People..

Nov.21.2004. Crazy Close! A+++++ WeLL Filmed

(&) Marilyn Manson - live German tv proshot
Bizarre Fest 8.16.97. Super Nice quality,
SCARY show! live set..
Angel With The Scabbed Wings
Get Your Gunn
Cake And Sodomy
Dried Up, Tied And Dead To The World
Sweet Dreams
The Beautiful People
Irresponsible Hate Anthem..

(&) Mastodon - April.5.2005. Slim's, San Francisco,
CA. Live 3 cam Master!!! killer close! great tripod filming
& good audio!..3CamMaster>dvd..68min...

(&) MASTODON - May.25.2012. Rock In Rio.
Lisboa, Portugal. Live TV master!!! set..
Black Tongue
Crystal Skull
Dry Bone Valley
Octopus has no Friends
Soundscape thingy
All The Heavy Lifting
Curl of the Burl
Bedazzled Fingernails
Weird FX
Blood and Thunder

(&) Mastodon - Live At Roskilde Festival,
Roskilde, Denmark July.01.2011. Nice set!
TV master! Setlist....
1. Iron Tusk
2. Crack The Skye
3. Ghost of Karilla
4. Sleeping Giant
5. The Wolf Is Loose
6. Blood And Thunder
07 extras..

(&) MASTODON - Nov.05.2011. Roseland
Theater. Portland, OR. HD HandHeld
Master! Nice View above the crowd!
Close FuLL Stage shot. Nice Audio!
NiCE HD Filimg!..set..
01 Dry Bone Valley
02 Black Tongue
03 Crystal Skull
04 I Am Ahab
05 Capillarian Crest
06 Colony Of Birchmen
07 Megalodon
08 Blasteroid
09 Sleeping Giant
10 Ghost Of Karelia
11 All The Heavy Lifting
12 Curl Of The Burl
13 Bedazzled Fingernails
14 Spectrelight
15 Circle Of Cysquatch
16 Aqua Dementia
17 Crack The Skye
18 Where Strides The Behemoth
19 Iron Tusk
20 March Of The Fire Ants
21 Blood And Thunder..

(&) Matchbox Twenty - Vh1 Storytellers
Feb.8.2001 NYC, NY. Long Version! 63mins
without commercilas!!!! NiCE!!........
1.) Bent
2.) Mad Season
3.) Black and White People
4.) Push
5.) If You're Gone
6.) Q&A
7.) Crutch
8.) Lonely Weekend (Charlie Rich cover)
9.) You Won't Be Mine
10.) Rest Stop
11.) 3AM (piano version)...

(&) Dave Matthews Band - Loreley, Germany.
June.21.1998. Nice digital Rebroadcast tv
master! Live set!! wow!  set..
01. Don't Drink The Water
02. Pantala Naga Pampa\Rapunzel
03. The Last Stop
04. Crush
05. Lie In Our Graves
06. Two Step
07. Tripping Billies...

(&) Dave Matthews Band - Storytellers May 17th,
2005 Harvey Theatre, New York, NY. Directv version.
60min set with no commercials! digital satellite to DVD.

(&) Dave Matthews Band - the videos. 94-2001.
official release..#150..

(&) Megadeth - Feb.22.1995. Events Center.
San Jose, CA, USA. NiCE!!!! good view &
good audio! A+++..Set..
Skin o' My Teeth
The Killing Road
Wake Up Dead
Reckoning Day
This Was My Life
A Tout Le Monde
In My Darkest Hour
Train of Consequences
Hangar 18
Tornado of Souls
Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
Sweating Bullets
Symphony of Destruction
Peace Sells...

(&) Megadeth - Nakano Sun Plaza,Tokyo,
Japan. Nov.20.1998. Nice View above the
crowd. Nice set! audio is nice hif but i did
notice some crackle..setlist.....
Skin O'My Teeth
Holy Wars
In My Darkest Hour
Wake Up Dead
Reckoning Day
Hangar 18
Secret Place
Angry Again
Guitar Solo
A tout Le Monde
Almost Honest
I'll Get Even
Trust / Marty's speech
Devil's Island
Sweating Bullets
Symphony of Destruction
Band Introduction / Improvisation
Peace Sells
Encore – Unplugged :
Countdown to extinction
I'll Get Even
Plugged :
Dave's solo  
Anarchy in the U.K.

(&) Megadeth - Maquinaria Festival, Club
Hípico, Santiago, Chile. NOV.12.2011.
YES! from HDtv master! Audio was
broadcasted a little to bassy. set..
Wake Up Dead
Hangar 18
Angry Again
A Tout Le Monde
Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)
Head Crusher
Public Enemy No. 1
Sweating Bullets
Symphony of Destruction
Peace Sells
(Happy birthday to David Ellefson)
Holy Wars..The Punishment Due...

(&) Megadeth - Nov.14.2011. SWU
Festival. Sao paulo, Brazil Live
TV proshot master.............

(&) Megadeth - 7.22.95 Pine Knob Amphitheatre,
Detroit, MI Live Proshot.WOW!! killer set....
Skin O' My Teeth
Hangar 18
Wake Up Dead
Reckoning Day (cuts in)
Angry Again
A Tout Le Monde
In My Darkest Hour
Train Of Consequences
Sweating Bullets
Symphony Of Destruction
Tornado Of Souls
Guitar Solo: D. Mustaine
Holy Wars...The Punishment Due
Peace Sells
Dave Talks
Anarchy In The USA

(&) megadeth - London & Scotland Oct 1990.
Roadie Tapes #4...2hrs..#66..

(&) megadeth - Rude Awakening Live dvd recorded
Nov 16 & 17 2001 in Arizona. official release.

(&) Megadeth - Behind the Music 2001.
Extended version with extras! the
behind the music is 76:30 alone! vh1's
TV version is like 44mins after you take
out commercials if i remember correctly?
extras: moto psycho video, extra interviews

(&) Megadeth - Rust In Peace Live March.31.
2010. The Hollywood Palladium. HoLLYWooD,
CA. 20th Anniv. for RUST. BluRay Rip!!
SuperNice quality! SetList...........
1. Holy Wars … the Punishment Due
2. Hangar 18
3. Take No Prisoners
4. 5 Magics
5. Poison Was the Cure
6. Lucretia
7. Tornado of Souls
8. Dawn Patrol
9. Rust In Peace … Polaris
10. Holy Wars – Reprise
11. Skin O’ My Teeth
12. In My Darkest Hour
13. She-Wolf
14. Trust
15. Symphony of Destruction
16. Peace Sells
17. Behind the scenes.........

(&) Megadeth - JuLY.3.2011 The Big 4,
Gothenburg, Sweden. Swedish hdTV!
DolbyDigital 5.1 Audio! SuPER NiCE!!
Set List:
01. Intro (in Swedish)
02. Trust
03. In My Darkest Hour
04. Hangar 18
05. Wake Up Dead
06. Head Crusher
07. Symphony of Destruction
08. Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?
09. Holy Wars...The Punishment Due
10. Silent Scorn
11. interview
also have anthrax, slayer, & metallica sets from
the same show.......

(&) MetallicA - freeze Em ALL. Dec.8.2013.
Carlini Argentine Base, South Shetland Islands
tallica set a world record by becoming  the 1st
band to perform concerts on all 7 continents
in under a year! Live show for small group of
fans and research scientists in a little dome at
the Carlini Argentine Base in Antarctica!.....

(&) MetallicA - Jan.26.1993, Hersheypark Arena.
Hershey, PA. Tripod cam master!!! wow! external
mic audio! great view! a 3hr set! 2012 Remaster!
DVD 1:
Metallimovie Part 1
Metallica's Dressing Room
Metallimovie Part 2
Ecstacy Of Gold
Enter Sandman
Creeping Death
Harvester Of Sorrow
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Sad But True
Of Wolf And Man
The Unforgiven
DVD 2:
Justice Medley
Bass Solo
Guitar Solo
Through The Never
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Fade To Black
Master Of Puppets
Seek And Destroy
DVD 3:
Nothing Else Matters
Wherever I May Roam
Am I Evil?
messing Around

(&) MetallicA -  Woodstock 94, Saugerties,
NY Aug.13.1994. usa A+++++ Proshot ppv
HiFi TV Master! Nice Audio & PIC!
Master Of Puppets
Wherever I May Roam
Harvester Of Sorrow
Fade To Black
Bass Solo
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Seek And Destroy
Guitar Solo
Nothing Else Matters
Creeping Death
Sad But True
Enter Sandman
So What!?!

(&) MetallicA -  Woodstock 99, Rome, NY
July.24.1999. Proshot HiFi PAL TV Master!
German Tv broadcast! seems a tad better
quality than USA broadcast. 2dvd set..
So What (cut)
Master Of Puppets
For Whom The Bell Tolls
King Nothing
Bleeding Me
Sad But True
Turn The Page
Wherever I May Roam
Fight Fire With Fire
Nothing Else Matters
Seek And Destroy
Creeping Death
Die, Die My Darling
Enter Sandman

(&) MetallicA - Sept.28.1991. Moscow,
Russia. Tushino Air Field. WOW! Great
proshot! Nice upgraded audio on several
songs (over half the show)! upgraded audio
is from official bsides but not available on
all songs 'cause they were never released.
this is just 6 weeks after the black album
was released. NiCE!
Ecstasy of Gold (audio upgrade)
Enter Sandman (audio upgrade)
Creeping Death (audio upgrade)
Harvester Of Sorrow (audio upgrade)
Fade To Black (audio upgrade)
Sad But True (audio upgrade)
Master Of Puppets
Seek And Destroy
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Symptom Of The Universe/Back In
Black Jam
Last Caress (audio upgrade)
Am I Evil? (audio upgrade)
Battery (audio upgrade)

(&) MetallicA - Sept.28.1991. Moscow,
Russia. Tushino Air Field. WOW! Great
proshot! Nice upgraded audio from official
B-Sides!!! A+++++. set...
Ecstasy of Gold  
Enter Sandman  
Creeping Death  
Harvester Of Sorrow  
Fade To Black  
Sad But True  
Last Caress  
Am I Evil?  

(&) MetallicA - Aug.23.1997 Stuttgart,
Germany. Blindman's Ball. WOW! Great
tv HiFi stereo Master! Nice audio! A+++.
01 So What
02 Master Of Puppets
03 King Nothing
04 Sad But True
05 Fuel
06 Hero Of The Day
07 Ain't My Bitch
08 One
09 Until It Sleeps
10 For Whom The Bell Tolls
11 Wherever I May Roam
12 Nothing Else Matters
13 Enter Sandman
14 Stone Cold Crazy (intro)
15 Stone Cold Crazy
16 Creeping Death
17 Battery
18 Last Caress..

(&) MetallicA - Belfast, Northern Ireland,
May.12.2010. 8 cam mix! WOW!!! Nice!
highly recommended...Track listing...
The Ecstasy of Gold
That Was Just Your Life
Harvester Of Sorrow
The Day That Never Comes
Sad But True
The Four Horsemen
The Memory Remains
The Unforgiven
The Judas Kiss
Master Of Puppets
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
Stone Cold Crazy
Hit The Lights
Seek and Destroy

(&) Metallica - June.02.2012. Rock Am Ring,
Germany.  Black Album played full!!! Live TV
2 dvd proshot master. 2 audio choices! i also
have 1dvd ntsc version if you cant view PAL.
Hit the Lights
Master of Puppets
Ride the Lightning
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Hell and Back
~ Black Album Anniversary Video ~
The Struggle Within
My Friend of Misery
The God That Failed
Of Wolf & Man
Nothing Else Matters
Through the Never
Don't Tread On Me
Wherever I May Roam
The Unforgiven
Holier Than Thou
Sad But True
Enter Sandman
Seek & Destroy

(&) Metallica - Quebec, Canada. Dec.05.1986
oh my goodness!!! handheld from '86 in this
quailty is unheard of!! best boot of the tour!
amazing! set..
1. Ecstacy of Gold
2. Battery
3. Master of Puppets
4. For Whom the Bell Tolls
5. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
6. Ride the Lightning
7. Bass Solo
8. Whiplash
9. The Thing That Should Not Be
10. Fade to Black
11. Seek & Destroy
12. Creeping Death
13. The Four Horsemen
14. Guitar Solo
15. Am I Evil?
16. Damage Inc.
17. Fight Fire With Fire
18. Blitzkrieg..

(&) MetallicA - ApriL.01.1997. Meadowlands
Arena, East Rutherford, NJ. permission filmed
with Tripod & Dat audio! One of the best of the
tour! the Filmers master! picture quality & audio
is so good it took 3 dvds! set...
So What
Creeping Death
Sad But True
Ain't My Bitch
Bleeding Me
King Nothing
Hero Of The Day
-bass solo-
Misery / Sanitarium (jam)
Nothing Else Matters
Until It Sleeps
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Wherever I May Roam
Fade To Black
Kill / Ride Medley
-crowd, jam-
Damage Inc. (jam)
Last Caress
Master Of Puppets
Enter Sandman
Trapped Under Ice (jam)
Am I Evil?

(&) Metallica  - Dec.05.-10.2011. The Fillmore,
San Francisco, CA. 30 Years FanClub show.
Tons of guest apperences! filmed by the
fanclub memebers! to many camera angles
to count! metallica played 4 nights & this is
36 songs from those nights! this is in the top
5 best fan made dvds i have ever viewed!
soundboard audio! better than a proshot!!!!

(&) MetallicA - Rock and RoLL HaLL Of
Fame 2009 Fuse HDTV. A speech from all
members including Jason & Rob! Flea
from RHCP gives a A++ speech about
metallica. with friends & family &
even Cliff's dad & Mom are there.
Live performances with Jason & Rob
plus a allstar jam when metallica
perform Train Kept A Rollin'with
Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Ronnie Wood,
Joe Perry, & Flea...

(&) MetallicA - Sept.25.11 Rock In Rio,
Brazil. Smoking Live set from HDTV!!

(&) MetallicA - JuLY.3.2011 The Big 4,
Gothenburg, Sweden. Swedish hdTV!
DolbyDigital 5.1 Audio! SuPER NiCE!!
0.intro & interview
1. hit the lights
2. master of puppets
3. the shortest straw
4. seek and destroy
5. kirk solo 01
6. welcome home sanitarium
7. ride the lightning
8. the memory remains
9. all nightmare long
10. sad but true
11. bass solo
12. the call of ktulu
13. one
14. for whom the bell tolls
15. blackened
16. kirk solo 02
17. fade to black
18. enter sandman
19. encore jam
20. am i evil
21. damage inc
22. creeping death..
also have slayer, megadeth, & anthrax sets from
the same show...

(&) METALLICA - CHICAGO, IL (2dvds, very close)
Feb.7.1997 131min EX HH Master To DVD. NICE!!!
So What
Creeping Death
Sad But True
Ain't My Bitch
Hero of the Day
King Nothing
Wasting My Hate
Nothing Else Matters
Until It Sleeps
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Wherever I May Roam
Fade To Black
Seek and Destroy/Fight Fire With Fire
Last Caress
Master of Puppets
Enter Sandman
Am I Evil?

(&) MetallicA - Fan Can 6 JulY.27.2009,
Copenhagen, Denmark. Fan Club Only!
Llimited to 7500 units. BluRay rip! this is
the concert dvd of the fan can. i don't have
the bonus dvd with extras..set....
The Ecstasy Of Gold
That Was Just Your Life
The End Of The Line
Ride The Lightning
The Memory Remains
Broken, Beat And Scarred
Leper Messiah
Sad But True
No Leaf Clover
Suicide and Redemption
The Day That Never Comes
Master Of Puppets
Dyers Eve
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
Last Caress
Phantom Lord
Seek and Destroy
.......BluRay>MKV>ntsc DVD....138min....#291...

(&) MetallicA - Orgullo, Pasion, y Gloria,
Mexico....June 4th,6th & 7th.2009 ....set....
00. ecstacy of gold
01. Creeping Death
02. For Whom the Bell Tolls
03. Ride the Lightning
04. Disposable Heroes
05. One
06. Broken, Beat & Scarred
07. The Memory Remains
08. Sad but True
09. The Unforgiven
10. All Nightmare Long
11. The Day That Never Comes
12. Master of Puppets
13. Fight Fire with Fire
14. Nothing Else Matters
15. Enter Sandman
16. The Wait
17. Hit the Lights
18. Seek & Destroy..OR>xvid>NtscDVD..146min..#250..

(&) MetallicA - Orgullo, Pasion, y Gloria,
Mexico....June 4th,6th & 7th.2009. over
4hrs of live metallica!!! killer quality
4dvd set....
DVD1&2 set....
1. The Ecstasy of Gold
2. Creeping Death
3. For Whom the Bell Tolls
4. Ride the Lightning
5. Disposable Heroes
6. One
7. Broken, Beat & Scarred
8. The Memory Remains
9. Sad but True
10. The Unforgiven
11. All Nightmare Long
12. The Day That Never Comes
13. Master of Puppets
14. Fight Fire with Fire
15. Nothing Else Matters
16. Enter Sandman
17. The Wait
18. Hit the Lights
19. Seek & Destroy
DVD3&4 set......
1. "That Was Just Your Life
2. "The End of the Line
3. Holier Than Thou
4. Cyanide
5. Blackened
6. Helpless
7. Trapped Under Ice
8. Turn the Page
9. The Prince
10. No Remorse
11. Fuel
12. Wherever I May Roam
13. Harvester of Sorrow
14. Fade to Black
15. ...And Justice for All
16. Dyers Eve...

(&) Metallica - June.3.2006 Rock Am Ring
Festival, Eifel, Germany Proshot Digital
VideoBroadcast PAL TV 16x9 WS Master!!!
20 year master of puppets anniversary!
Master Of Puppets full cd start to finish!!!!
1st time orion ever played live! A+++ WOW!
Creeping Death
Wherever I May Roam
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Fade To Black
Master Of Puppets
The Thing That Should Not Be
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Disposable Heroes
Leper Messiah
Bass Solo
Damage, Inc.
Sad But True
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
Last Caress
Seek & Destroy..

(&) MetallicA - Aug 15, 2006 Seoul Olympic Main
Stadium, South Korea. All Live Korea TV proshot.
A++++ quality taken from High Definition Korea TV.
WOW!! killer setlist with a new unreleased song!
Nice menu with a chapter for every song!!!!! setlist:
1.intro "ectasy of gold" 2.Creeping Death 3.Fuel
4.Harvester of Sorrow 5.Frantic 6.The Unforgiven
7.For Whom The Bell Tolls 8.Orion 9.Master of
Puppets 10. Fade To Black 11.Battery 12.Sad
But True 13.Nothing Else Matters 14.One
15.Enter Sandman 16.!! New Song !! 17.Seek
and Destroy 18.end credits & bye..you may have
a different version than this. there are different
versions of this out. a friend who said this
looked better than a released dvd! TV station
edited a few songs. HdTV!..116min..Master2..#38..

(&) MetallicA - Aug 15, 2006 Seoul Olympic Main
Stadium, South Korea. 2 camera handHeld mix!
complete show!!! Nice!! setlist.......
Creeping Death
Wherever I May Roam
Harvester Of Sorrow
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
The Unforgiven
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Master of Puppets
Fade To Black
Set II
Sad But True
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
The Other New Song
Seek & Destroy..133min..Master..#181-182..

(&) metallica - Germany rock am ring 6.8.2003.
nice quality!! MTV all live set....ntsc & PAL
versions. tvmaster. set..............
No Remorse
Harvester Of Sorrow
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
For Whom The Bell Tolls
The Thing That Should Not Be
St. Anger
Seek & Destroy
Master Of Puppets
Nothing Else Matters
Creeping Death
Encore 2:
Sad But True
Enter Sandman...pal#50..ntsc#87..118min..

(&) METALLICA : "ROCK AM RING" June 8th 2003

(&) metallica - 12/7/92. Den Bosch, Holland.
live proshot! killer! A++ master. setlist...
Disc 1 :
Enter Sandman
Creeping Death
Harvester Of Sorrow
Welcome home (Sanitarium)
Sad But True
Wherever I May Roam
Of Wolf And Man
The Unforgiven
Justice Medley
Bass Solo
Guitar Solo
Through The Never
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Fade To Black
Master Of Puppets
Seek and Destroy
Nothing Else Matters
Am I Evil?
Last Caress
Damage Inc.

(&) metallica - Rock In Rio, june 4th 2004,
Lisbson, Portugal. nice tv master! killer set!
Harvester Of Sorrow
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Leper Messiah
No Leaf Clover
St. Anger
Sad But True
Creeping Death
Wherever I May Roam
Nothing Else Matters
Master Of Puppets
Encore 2:
Enter Sandman
Encore 3:
Hit The Lights
Seek & Destroy..124min..#132...

(&) Metallica - Cliff 'Em ALL - realsed home
video. vhs>dvd>DIVX>dvd. downloaded this from
the net.if you want better quality buy the official

(&) METALLICA - ALBANY, NY 4/06/97 2cams,
super close!! NICE! TRIPOD! knees up & closer!
from the master! standalone menu..set.......
So What
Creeping Death
Sad But True
Ain't My Bitch
Hero of the Day
King Nothing
Wasting My Hate
Bass/Guitar Solos
Nothing Else Matters
Until It Sleeps
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Wherever I May Roam
Fade To Black
Seek & Destroy/Fight Fire With Fire
Last Caress (Misfits cover)
Master Of Puppets
Enter Sandman

(&) MetallicA - SEOUL, KOREA 04/24/98.
live set! A++. setlist..
So What
Master Of Puppets
King Nothing
Sad But True
Guitar Solo / Fuel
The Memory Remains
Bleeding Me
My Friend Of Misery (tease)/
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Bass Solo / Nothing Else Matters
Until It Sleeps
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Wherever I May Roam
Ride The Lightning/No Remorse
Low Man's Lyric
The Four Horsemen
Creeping Death
Enter Sandman

(&) metallica - cunning stunts...or...2dvd...85&86..

(&) metallica - a year & a half in the life of....

(&) MetallicA - All the Videos 1989-2004

(&) MetallicA - NOV. 24 1998 New York
City NY USA. Roseland Ballroom Live Covers!
set: Creeping Death jam, Die Die My Darling,
Blitzkrieg, Small Hours, The Prince, Sabbra
Cadabra, Whiskey In The Jar, Stone Cold Crazy,
Mercyful Fate, Turn The Page, Am I Evil?, So
What! Killing Time, The Wait, last Caress/
Green Hell, Breadfan, Overkill. Nice TV
ProShot from uncut satellite feed..

(&) Metallica - Some kind of Monster TV edit.
plus vidz from stone sour,evanescence,gomez,
johnny cash & chris cornell live on leno 2006

(&) Alanis Morrissette and Limp Bizkit  -
Woodstock 1999, Rome, NY. July.24.1999.
Proshot HiFi PAL TV Master!  German Tv
broadcast! seems a tad better quality than
USA broadcast.
*Alanis Morrissette - West Stage
(Beginning not aired)
01 So Pure
02 All I Really Want
03 You Oughta Know
04 Uninvited
05 Thank U
06 Ironic..27:25min
* Limp Bizkit - East Stage
01 Justr Like This
02 Show Me What You Got
03 Counterfeit
04 9 Teen 90 Mine
05 Thieves
06 Stuck
07 Re-Arranged
08 Break Stuff
09 Nookie
10 A Lesson Learned
11 Faith..61:25min..

(&) MoTLeY CRuE - US FestivaL California
1983. ALL LiVE set! killer UNRELEASED
LiVE 46min set! best 1983 DVD i've seen.
audios is killer as well! sounds like
the audio has been upgraded to a FM
soundboard source but like any live
show you still run into a few problems,
vince's mic seems to be turned down way
to low during a few songs...
take me to the top
looks that kill
shout at the devil
merry go round
knock em dead kid
piece of your action
live wire
helter skelter...


(&) Jason Newsted - Rock Hard Live. Sacramento, CA.
April.27.2013. Live set from Jason's Band!....

(&) Nickelback - June.6.2002 Bizarre Festival
Germany. A+++++ LiVE TV proshot!!! DVB!
Digital rebroadcast! set...woke up this
morning, one last run, hollywood,
breathe, hero, how you remind me...
..DVB Master...PAL..28min...#340...

(&) Nickelback - Rock Am Ring JUNE.05.2004
Nurburgring,Germany. Nice! set...
1. Flat On The Floor
2. Woke Up This Morning
3. Someday
4. Never Again
5. Sad But True
6. Because Of You
7. Too Bad
8. Where Do I Hide
9. Figured You Out
10. How You Remind Me...

(&) Nickelback - Oct.11.2005 Montreal, QC
MusiquePlus LiVE TV Proshot!!!! NiCE!!!
Live set with interviews. set...
interview+band history, woke up this..,
photograph, interview, never again,
someday, interview, because of you,
follow you home, too bad, how you remind
me, interview, figured you out...

(&) NIRVANA - Nov.9.1993. Stabler
Arena, Lehigh University Bethlehem, PA.
WOW! True 1stgen HiFi VHS!!! Nice!
Clear steady view & good audio! Nice
1) Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
2) Drain You
3) Breed
4) Serve The Servants
5) About A Girl
6) Heart-Shaped Box
7) Sliver
8) Dumb
9) Come As You Are
10) Lithium
11) Pennyroyal Tea
12) School
13) Polly
14) Milk It
15) Rape Me
16) Territorial Pissings
17) Smells Like Teen Spirit
18) All Apologies
19) Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam
20) In Bloom
21) On A Plain
22) Scentless Apprentice
23) Blew..

(&) Nirvana - Dec.31.1993. Oakland Alameda
County Coliseum, Oakland, CA. 2 cam mix!!!
WOW! straight center shot & balcony shot!
remastered audio! 2dvd set. setlist..
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
Drain You
Serve The Servants
Come As You Are
Smells Like Teen Spirit
In Bloom
About A Girl
Pennyroyal Tea
Frances Farmer Will Have
Her Revenge On Seattle
Milk It
Rape Me
Territorial Pissings
Jesus Wants Me For A
Where Did You Sleep Last
The Man Who Sold The World
All Apologies
Scentless Apprentice
Heart-Shaped Box

(&) Nirvana - Oct.19.1991. Trees
Club, Dallas, TX. From the filmers
masters! Famous show with the
fight between Kurt & the bouncer.
Shot from the back left of the stage,
next to Dave and slightly behind
Krist. There are excellent closeups
on all members. steady and no
obstructions, besides Krist sometimes
standing directly in front of the taper.
The picture and audio are very clear.
NiCE! A+++...Setlist...
L'Amour Est Un Oiseau Rebelle (jam)
Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam
Drain You
Floyd The Barber
Smells Like Teen Spirit
About A Girl
Love Buzz (kurt fight)
Pennyroyal Tea
Negative Creep
On A Plain
Rape Me
Territorial Pissings..

(&) Nirvana - Dec.30.1993. Great Western
Forum, Inglewood, CA. 2cam mix & upgraded
audio! 5 audio options! Nice 2 dvd set. setlist..
01) intro
02) Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
03) Drain You
04) Breed
05) Serve The Servants
06) Come As You Are
07) Smells Like Teen Spirit
08) Sliver
09) Dumb
10) In Bloom
11) About A Girl
12) Lithium
13) Pennyroyal Tea
14) School
15) Polly
16) Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle
17) Rape Me
18) Territorial Pissings
19) Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam
20) The Man Who Sold The World
21) All Apologies
22) On A Plain
23) Heart-Shaped Box
24) Blew...

(&) NIRVANA - Nov.25.1991. Paradiso
Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Super Nice
Proshot! wow! set...
01) intro
02) Drain You
03) Aneurysm
04) School
05) Floyd The Barber
06) Smells Like Teen Spirit
07) About A Girl
08) Polly
09) Lithium
10) Sliver
11) Breed
12) Come As You Are
13) Been A Son
14) Negative Creep
15) On A Plain
16) Blew
17) Love Buzz
18) Territorial Pissings

(&) Nirvana - Jan.23.1993. Praça da
Apoteose. Hollywood Rock Festival.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. WOW!!! FuLL
RARE Live proshot from the TV station!!
Tracking code at bottom. nice pic
& audio! set...
L'Amour Est Un Oiseau Rebelle (jam)
Drain You
In Bloom
Come As You Are
Love Buzz
About A Girl
Smells Like Teen Spirit (cuts in)
On A Plain
Negative Creep
Been A Son
Heart-Shaped Box
Scentless Apprentice
Sweet Emotion (jam)
Lounge Act
Territorial Pissings

(&) NIRVANA - Nov.19.1991. Teatro
Castello. Rome, Italy. LiVE 1st gen
HiFi Stereo VHS TV proshot! WoW!
01) Aneurysm
02) School
03) Floyd The Barber
04) Smells Like Teen Spirit
05) About A Girl
06) Polly
07) Lithium
08) Sliver
09) Come As You Are
10) Breed
11) Been A Son
12) Negative Creep
13) On A Plain
14) Blew
15) Rape Me
16) Spank Thru
17) Territorial Pissings

(&) Nirvana - LiVE at Paramount Theatre,
Seattle, WA Oct.31.1991. NiCE HD proshot!
introduction with band history & than a
live set......

(&) Nirvana - Sacramento, CA. Feb.12.90.
Cattle Club. WOW! NICE! filmed about
5-10 feet from the band with tripod & a
clear view of the band. pre Dave Drohl.
last song cuts or last song filmed cuts..
Handheld. super close.........
Love Buzz
Floyd The Barber
About A Girl
Molly's Lips
Been A Son
Negative Creep (cuts in)
Blew (cuts out)

(&) Nirvana - The Last 48 hours of Kurt Cobain.
1 hour tv special from bbc TV 2006. extras on dvd
are filter "hey man nice shot" video, stp "big
empty" unplugged video & rob zombies halloween
tv commercial...dssmaster..68mins...#156...

(&) Nirvana - Dec.13.1993. Pier 48,Seattle,
WA. LiVE MTV LiVE N' Loud SuperVHS HiFi
Stereo Proshot! NiCE!!!! set..
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
Drain You
Serve the Servants
Rape Me
Heart-Shaped Box
Pennyroyal Tea
Scentless Apprentice
Endless Nameless

(&) Nirvana - Live MTV studios Jan.10.1992
26min all live set. Mtv studios setlist......
Drain You
Molly's Lips
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Territorial Pissings........
*DEC.13.1993 MTV Live & Loud 36min
all live set. Live N Loud setlist......
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter,
Drain You, Breed, Serve The Servants,
Rape Me, Pennyroyal Tea,
Scentless Apprentice, Heart-Shaped Box,
Lithium, Endless Nameless, Jam..
1992 is a digital Master rebroadcast
NICE! the '93 set is a nice internet download..

(&) Nirvana - unplugged TV edit 1993 & nirvana
Tv special "bare witness"..83mins..dssmaster..#212..

(&) (3) Nirvana MTV2 video collection- videos
for: come as you are, angels & airwaves
interview about nirvana, drain you live,
heart-shaped box, in bloom (version
1-dresses), lithium, serj tankian
interview about nirvana,..dssmaster..22min...
(4) Nirvana Unplugged MTV 1hr Version
without commercials...dssmaster...46mins...
(1) anthrax - only & time live on the
arsenal hall show 1994?..tvmaster..7min..
(2) Beastie Boys - gratitude video..dssmaster..4min..

(&) No Doubt - March.3.2000. Hamburg,
Germany. WOW Nice HiFi TV Master!
Viva Tv Proshot! Nice set..
Sunday Morning
Ex Girlfreind
Magic's in the Make up
Just A Girl
Merry me
Starring problem
Dont speak
Simple kind of life
Excuse me
Too Late


(&) Oasis - The Tweeter Centre, Boston
June.24.2005. "Learning Truth From Lies"
Nice!!! from HDtv!!! set..
01. F**kin' In the Bushes
02. Turn Up The Sun
03. Bring It On Down
04. Morning Glory
05. Cigarettes & Alcohol
06. The Importance of Being Idle
07. Little By Little
08. A Bell Will Ring
09. Live Forever
10. The Meaning of Soul
11. Mucky Fingers
12. Champagne Supernova
13. Songbird
14. Wonderwall
15. Zac & Jay Introduction
16. Don't Look Back In Anger
17. Rock'N'Roll Star
"Later With Oasis" London, May.13.2000
01. Who Feels Love
02. Where ID It All Go Wrong?
03. Gas Panic!
04. My Generation...

(&) Oasis - Maine Road, Manchester, England.
April.27.1996. LiVE Unreleased Proshot
from Promo Master VHS! killer set & nice
performance! set...
The Swamp Song
(freeze up glitch at start of swamp song,
only a fews seconds)
Some Might Say
Roll With It
Morning Glory
Round Are Way/Up In The Sky
Cigarettes & Alcohol
Champagne Supernova
Cast No Shadow
Wonderwall(intro cut)
The Masterplan
Don't Look Back In Anger
Live Forever
I Am The Walrus
Cum On Feel The Noize.....

(&) OASIS - BBC Electric Proms, Roundhouse,
London, England, October 26, 2008. Super Nice
TV Master ProShot! DigiTaL 2011 Rebroadcast!
01. Rock 'N' Roll Star
02. The Shock Of The Lightning
03. Cigarettes And Alcohol
04. Meaning Of Soul
05. Songbird
06. Morning Glory
07. I'm Outta Time (with the Crouch End Festival
08. Wonderwall (with the CEF Chorus)
09. Don't Look Back In Anger (with the CEF Chorus)
10. Falling Down
11. Champagne Supernova (with the CEF Chorus)
12. I Am The Walrus (with the CEF Chorus)...

(&) Oasis - Wembley Arena, London, England
Oct.16.08. mtvHD Broadcast. ALL LiVE set.
Super Nice! SetList......
1-Rock n' Roll Star.
2-Shock Of The Lightning.
3-Waiting For The Rapture.
4-The Masterplan.
5-Ain't Got Nothin'.
6-The Importance Of Being Idle.
8-Don't Look Back In Anger.
9-Champagne Supernova....

(&) The Offspring - January.20.2001 Wembley
Arena London & June.7.2008 Rock Am Ring
Nürburgring Germany. 2 LiVE TV A+++ proshots!!
london set..
01 - Bad Habit
02 - All I Want
03 - Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)
04 - Million Miles Away
05 - Gone Away
06 - Have You Ever
07 - Gotta Get Away
08 - Staring At The Sun
09 - Dammit, I Changed Again
10 - Original Prankster
11 - The Kids Aren't Alright
12 - Self Esteem
13 - Come Out And Play
14 - Want You Bad....A+++ HiFi TV Master...51min...
RockAmRing'08 set....
01 - Pretty Fly(For A White Guy)
02 - Americana
03 - Ska
04 - The Kids Aren't Alright
05 - (I Can't Get My) Head Around You
06 - Self Esteem...A+++ DVB master.....19min...

(&) THE OFFSPRING - Philipshalle Düsseldorf,
Germany 3.30.97. all LIVE digital TV proshot.
digital rebroadcast!!! setlist: 1) Bad Habit
2) Cool To Hate 3) Genocide 4) Come Out
And Play 5) The Meaning Of Life 6) Mota
7) Nitro 8) Killboy 9) Kick `Em When He´s
Down 10) All I Want 11) Gotta Get Away 12)
So Alone 13) Gone Away 14) What Happen To
You 15) Smash 16) Self Esteem 17) Session..
not vhs version! digital rebroadcast to dvd

live set & interviews! Nice!..


(&) Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Bizarre Festival,
Koln, Germay. Aug.23.1998. Nice TV Master!!!!
KiLLer set! set..
1) The wanton song
2) Bring it on home
3) Heartbreaker
4) Ramble on
5) Walking into Clarksdale
6) No quarter
7) Shining in the light
8) Gallows pole
9) Heart in your hand
10) Babe I'm gonna leave you (incl. Stairway To Heaven)
11) Most high
12) How many more times
13) Spoonful
14) Whole lotta love
15) Rock and roll...

(&)  Pantera - May.26.1991. Bogart's
Cincinnati, Ohio. wow!  Super close
clear shot with good audio! looks like
a master! one of the best filmed old
pantera shows! Setlist:
1. Domination(cuts)
2. Psycho Holiday
3. The Art of Shredding
4. Cowboys From Hell
5. Message In Blood
6. Primal Concrete Sledge
7. Cemetery Gates
8. Heresy

(&) Pantera - Philadelphia, PA. June.11.1991
heads in the way. shakey at times, steady at
times. filmed super close with nice zooms &
good audio for '91. Set......
1. Domination
2. Psycho Holiday
3. Art Of Shredding
4. Cowboys From Hell
5. Message In Blood
6. Primal Concrete Sledge
7. Clash With Reality
8. Heresy
9. Cemetery Gates
10. Brain Dead (Exodus Jam - Dime
vocals, Phil bass)
11. This Buds For You (Dime bass,
Rex guitar)...

(&) PanterA - March.10.1992. San Jose,
CA. Event Center Arena. good view!
another great old show! set..
2.Mouth For War
7.A New Level
8.Primal Concrete Sledge
(strippers on stage)
9.Cemetery Gates
10.Cowboys From Hell..

(&) PanterA - June.27.1992. Hollywood, CA.
Palladium. upgrade! Cam master with
soundboard audio! filmed close & good
view with nice audio! Set..
Mouth For War
Domination/ Hollow
This Love
A New Level
Psycho Holiday
By Demons Be Driven
Primal Concrete Sledge
Cemetary Gates
Cowboys From Hell..

(&) PanterA - June.27.1992 Hollywood, CA.
Master!! Super NiCE!!! from the filmers
master!!! Close & Clear. well filmed...
01. Heresy
02. Mouth For War
03. Domination/ Hollow
04. Hostile
05. This Love
06. A New Level
07. Walk
08. Psycho Holiday
09. By Demons Be Driven
10. Primal Concrete Sledge
11. Cemetary Gates
12. Cowboys From Hell..

(&) PanterA - Sept.14.1992. Monsters
Of Rock, Milano, Italy. UPGRADE!!
Nice TV master with Extras!
Monsters Of Rock set...
Mouth For War
This Love
Cowboys From Hell
cemetery gates video (movie version)
Down 2 songs live 2008 proshot..

(&) PanterA - live 92-2000. all proshot.
wow! super NICE!! a must!!! setlist...
1992-09-14 - Monsters Of Rock,
Milano, Italy (28:12min)
Mouth For War
This Love
Cowboys From Hell
1996-08-15 - Blossom Music Center,
Cuyahoga Falls, OH USA (11:58min )
This Love
1998-05-09 - Parque Sarmiento Stadium,
Buenos Aires, Argentina (49:30min)
Mouth For War
Interview w/Dimebag and Vinnie Paul
A New Level
Interview w/Vinnie Paul
Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks
Interview w/Vinnie Paul
Sweet Leaf/Cold Gin (Teasers)
Cowboys From Hell
1998-06-06 - Monsters Of Rock,
Milano, Italy (10:19min)
A New Level
2000-09-02 - Blockbuster Pavilion
(Ozzfest) Devore, CA USA (21:43min)
Yesterday Don't Mean Shit
This Love
Primal Concrete Sledge
Cowboys From Hell
Phil's outro rant..122min...#376...

(&) Pantera - Oct.12.1992. Stockholm, Sweden.
another '92 show opening for megadeth.  filmed
close but heads get in the way & the filming
is kinda shakey..1stgenHiFivhs>palDVD..40min..#442..

(&) Pantera - Dusseldorf, Germany 0ctober
29th 1992 Opening for megadeth. best 92
boot dvd i've seen! killer!!!! TRUE 1stgen
HiFi vhs. Nice AUDIO!!!!!!
A NEW LEVEL (cuts in)

(&) PanterA - Dec.10.1992. St. Louis,
MO. YES! another great old show! nice
view from on top in the balcony but you
do get some heads but they really dont
block the view & the filming is kinda
shakey but the pic is clear & the audio
is good. looks like its from the filmers
master! all in all a great capture!
menu is mislabeled as 1994..set..
1. A New Level
2. Walk
3. Mouth For War
4. Domination
5. Hollow
6. Hostile
7. This Love
8. Rise
9. Psycho Holiday
10. Heresy
11. Primal Concrete Sledge
12. Cowboys From Hell...

(&) Pantera - Feb.11.1993. Town &
Country Club. London, UK. good
view & good audio! from 1stgen
HiFivhs! Set..
A New Level
Art Of Shredding
This Love
By Demons Be Driven
Mouth For War
Primal Concrete Sledge
Cowboys From Hell..

(&) PanterA - 06.03.1993 Jam Music,
Arlington, TX. Dimebag Guitar Clinic!
NiCE!!! Set...
Q & A
Jam Session (A New Level
/Walk/Primal Concrete Sledge)
Q & A
Jam Session (Cemetary Gates)
Q & A
Jam Session (F**king Hostile/
Mouth for War/Psycho Holiday/
Cowboys From Hell)
Autograph Session

(&) PANTERA - HeadBanger's BaLL. March.21.1994.
Far Beyond Driven Relase Party! two MTV contest
Winners get to go to Texas & hang out with
pantera. This is just the Pantera parts
of the show. for the full show got to the
various artist section. all Pantera Interviews
& videos from a True 1stgen HiFi Stereo Tape!
NiCE!!! with bonus.......

(&) PANTERA - HeadBanger's BaLL. March.21.1994.
Far Beyond Driven Relase Party! 2 MTV contest
Winners get to go to Texas & hang out with
pantera. Interviews, videos & even the
commercials from 1994. from a True 1stgen
HiFi Stereo Tape! NiCE!......

(&) Pantera - June.4.1994. Castle Donington.
Donington, UK. 1st gen HiFi vhs! very cool
day time filming! nice. set...
01. A New Level
02. Use My Third Arm
03. Walk
04. Strength Beyond Strength
05. Dom\Hollow
06. Slaughtered
07. Hostile
08. This Love
09. Mouth For War
10. Primal Concrete Sledge
11. Cowboys From Hell...

(&) PANTERA - SAN FRANCISCO, CA 4.29.1994.
EX HH(handHeld) 1stgen. Steady! Close! Nice
Audio. Nice View A+++. set...
Use My Third Arm
A New Level
Strength Beyond Strength
Domination/ Hollow
I'm Broken
5 Minutes Alone
This Love
Good Friends And A Bottle of Pills
Mouth for War
Cowboys From Hell..

(&) Pantera - AUSTIN, TX. May.03.1994. Live
roadie filmed WITH BACKSTAGE STUFF. filmed
backstage, on stage, front stage. dont get
any closer than a roadie filming onstage!
not complete show..vhs>ntscDVD..45min..#453..

(&) Pantera  -  July.15.1994. Event Center Arena,
San Jose, CA. 2 cam Mix! Jason Newsted from
Metallica shows up & plays a few songs. this
is the famous PantallicA show. setlist...
01. Intro
02. A New Level
03. Use My Third Arm
04. Walk (w/ Sepultura)
05. Strength Beyond Strength
06. Slaughtered
07. Domination/Hollow
08. Becoming
09. 5 Minutes Alone
10. Beer Break
11. Hostile
12. This Love
13. Seek and Destroy (w/ Jason Newsted)
14. Whiplash (w/ Jason Newsted, Phil on
Guitar and Dimebag on Vocals)
15. Planet Caravan
16. Cowboys From Hell...

(&) PANTERA - Uniondale, Long Island,
New York, Nassau Colliseum. Aug.19.1994.
Nice view! well filmed! with patched
external audio better than cams audio!
1.A New Level
2.Use My Third Arm
3.Walk(w/ Tommy Victor of Prong)
4.Strength Beyond Strength
8.5 Minutes Alone
9.Beer Toss/Tales From The
Hardside(original audio from DVD)
11.This Love
12.Mouth For War
14.Primal Concrete Sledge
15.Planet Caravan
16.Cowboys From Hell....

NiCE show from the master! Good view......

(&) PanterA - Sept.12.1994 UK, London
Brixton Academy. Nice! super close! well
filmed. 2 audio options! set..
01. Intro
02. A New Level (Cut)
03. Walk
04. Strength Beyond Strength
05. Slaughtered
06. Dom\Hollow
07. Becoming
08. 5 Minutes Alone
09. Rainning Blood (Slayer Jam
Phil on guitar)
10. Hostile
11. This Love
12. Mouth For War
13. Primal Concrete Sledge
14. Planet Caravan
15. Cowboys From Hell (Cut)...

(&) Pantera - Sept.25.1994.KB Hallen,
Copenhagen, Denmark. One of my favs!
nice filming! set...
A New Level
Use My Third Arm
Strength Beyond Strength
Becoming/Throes of Rejection
5 Minutes Alone
beer toss/head shavings
This Love
Mouth For War
Primal Concrete Sledge
Planet Caravan(smokeout session)
Cowboys From Hell....

(&) PANTERA - Oct.21.1994. forum di
assago, Milano,Italy. Wow! great show &
great filming! great view! bitrate is kinda
low so you will get the pixulation blocks
but the show is a must! setlist:...
01. A New Level
02. Use My Third Arm
03. Walk
04. Strenght Beyond Strenght
05. Becoming / Throes of rejection
06. 5 Minutes Alone
07. Domination / Hollow
08. Hostile
09. This Love
10. Mouth For War
11. Primal Concrete Sledge
12. Planet Caravan
13. Cowboys From Hell

(&) PANTERA - March.4.1995 Verdun
Auditorium, Montreal, QC. HandHeld
master. Nice pic & nice audio. head
to toe close. Phil is pumped & mad!
After one of phil's non-racial white
pride rants, a security guard is giving
him the eye & then phil....set..
Strength Beyond Strength
5 Minutes Alone
A New Level
Use My Third Arm
Phil's White Pride Speech
Primal Concrete Sledge
Mouth for War
Phil fights security
This Love
I'm Broken
Planet Caravan
Cowboys From Hell......

(&) Pantera  - March.07.1995. MH Civic Center,
Poughkeepsie, NY. Wow NiCE!!! Good Audio!
Filmed close!! dont know exact gen. but looks
like a 1stgen or master!!! set....
01. Strength Beyond Strength
02. Becoming
03. Five Minutes Alone
04. A New Level
05. Walk
06. Use My Third Arm
07. Domination/Hollow
08. Primal Concrete Sledge
09. Hostile
10. This Love
11. I'm Broken
12. Planet Caravan
13. Cowboys From Hell....

(&) PANTERA HOUSTON, TX 3/16/1995
EX 1stgen. Tripod! Nice Audio. Nice
View A+++. set...
Becoming (cuts in)
5 Minutes Alone
New Level
Use My Third Arm
Primal Concrete Sledge
Sweet Leaf\Cocaine
This Love
Black #1
I'm Broken
Planet Caravan
Cowboys From Hell....87min..#318..

(&) Pantera - Hultsfred Festival, Sweden.
Aug.10.1995. Daytime filming! from the
Hi8-Master! set..
Strength beyond strength
5 minutes alone
A new level
Walk / 25 years
Domination / Hollow
This love
I´m broken
Cowboys from hell
Raining blood (Phil toying around)...
also on same dvd....
Pantera - Vorst, Brussels, Belgium.
March.16.1991. cool! lowgen!
02-Psycho Holiday
03-Cowboys From Hell
04-Cemetary Gates(full song)
05-Primal Concrete Sledge (cut)...

(&) PANTERA - FT WORTH, TX 12/31/1995
1stgen Tripod! Nice Audio. Nice View
A+++. set...
A New Level
5 Minutes Alone
New Years Celebration
Strength Beyond Strength
Hollow (Excerpt)
Primal Concrete Sledge
This Love
The Great Southern Trendkill
Planet Caravan
Cowboys From Hell..86min....#314...

(&) Pantera - July.23.1996-Sacramento, CA Arco
Arena 13 STEPS TO SACRAMENTO. cool!...78min...#445..

(&) Pantera - SACRAMENTO, CA. July.23.1996.
NICE Upgrade! 1stgen HiFi vhs from the filmers
Hi8 Master! same angle just better generation
with better stereo audio & better pic quality
than my other version. They play 13 steps!
last song cuts out.....

(&) Pantera, White Zombie, Deftones - Headbangers
BaLL Kicks Ass On The Pantera U.S. Tour! Wings
Stadium, Kalamazoo, MI, USA August 12, 1996
nice special from the ball! you want find many '96
tv dvds like this! !NICE! Setlist....
Miss Vanessa Warwick Intro
Deftones Interview
Deftones - 7 Words (live snippet)
Deftones Interview
Deftones - Bored (recorded live by mtv in
oakland CA 02.25.96)
Deftones Interview
Deftones - Root (snippet)
White Zombie Interview
White Zombie - El Phantasmo (snippet)
White Zombie Interview
White Zombie - Welcome To Planet m.F (snippet)
Type o Negative - My Girlfriend (live for mtv
headbangers ball)
Pantera Interview
Pantera - Suicide Note Pt 2 (snippet)
Pantera Interview
Pantera - War Nerve (snippet)
Pantera Interview
Pantera - A New Level (snippet)
Fans Speak..

(&) PANTERA - MOLINE, IL. Nov.14.1996
Filmed close! 2 cam version! A++ NiCE!

(&) Pantera - Nov.16.1996 Peoria, IL
Peoria Civic Center. Nice master!!
well filmed! close!...Set...
01. Suicide Note pt.1 (as Intro)
02. Suicede Note pt.2
03. War Nerve
04. A New Level
05. Walk
06. Mouth For War
07. Becomimg
08. 5 Minutes Alone
09. Sanblasted Skin
10. This Love
11. Domination
12. Hollow
13. Fuckin Hostile
14. Planet Caravan
15. Cowboys From Hell...

(&) Pantera - Memorial Hall, Kansas
City, MO. Nov.30.1996. Nice! close!
good audio!..set...
Suicide Note Prt1
Suicide Note Prt2
War Nerve
New Level
Walk (Feat. Evan & Billy from Biohazard)
Mouth For War
5 minutes Alone
Sandblasted Skin
This Love
Planet Caravan
Cowboys From Hell..

(&) PanterA - 1.9.97 St Paul MN Master
Setlist: WOW!! NiCE!!! from the FILMERS
master!! setlist...
01. Strength Beyond Strength
02. Mouth For War
03. Becoming
04. 5 Minutes Alone
05. Sandblasted Skin
06. A New Level
07. Walk
08. Suicide Note Pt. II
09. War Nerve
10. Domination
11. Hollow
12. This Love
13. I'm Broken
14. Cowboys From Hell
15. Cemetery Gates
16. Hostile..
...master>dvd ntsc...85min..#353..

(&) PANTERA - Jan.16.1997 Metropolis, Montreal,
QC. HandHeld 2cam mix from the master! killer
waist up close & 3 audio options! Nice menu!
Strength Beyond Strength
Mouth For War
5 Minutes Alone
Sandblasted Skin
A New Level
Suicide Note Pt. 2
War Nerve
This Love
I'm Broken
Cowboys From Hell
Cemetery Gates

(&) PanterA - Feb.7.1997. San Jose,
CA. San Jose Events Center. Nice
close filming! Nice audio! WOW!
A Must! set..
Strength Beyond Strength(Cuts in)
Mouth For War
5 Minutes Alone
Sandblasted Skin
A New Level
Suicide Note Part II
War Nerve
This Love
I'm Broken
Cowboys From Hell
Cat Scratch Fever Jam
Cemetery Gates

(&) PANTERA - MESA, AZ Feb.9.1997.
WOW! WeLL FiLMED & KiLLER show!!

(&) PanterA - Sept.9.1997. Philladelphia, PA.
The Electric Factory. Nice view & nice closeups!
2.Mouth for War
4.Sandblasted Skin
5.I Can't Hide
6.I'm Broken
7.Suicide Note Pt.II
8.War Nerve
9.This Love
12.Cowboys from Hell
13.Cat Scratch Fever
14.Cowboys From Hell
15.Cemetary Gates
17.A New Level.....

(&) Pantera - Nov.15.1997. 2cam mix!
1. Walk
2. Hostile
3. Mouth For War
4. Becoming
5. Sandblasted Skin
6. Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks
7. I'm Broken
8. Suicide Note Pt. II
9. War Nerve
10. This Love
11. Domination/Hollow
12. Cowboys From Hell/Cat Scratch Fever
13. Planet Caravan
14. A New Level
Chicago, IL dec.20.1996 (mancow's
xxxmas) (warning nudity!)
1. A New Level
2. Walk
3. Hostile
4. Cowboys From Hell/Cat Scratch Fever..

(&) Pantera - Sacramanto, CA Nov. 17th 1997.
3 camera Mix! best pantera handheld ever shot!!!
perfect view! nice audio! super close zooms!!!
intro good friends on pa
Mouth For War
Sandblasted Skin
Hardlines, Sunken Cheeks
Suicide Note Part 2
War Nerve
This Love
Cowboys From Hell
Planet Caravan
A New Level(with scott ian)..
..cloned master...85min...#114.....

(&) Pantera - Nov.17.1997. Memorial Auditorium.
Sacramento, California, US. aka Sandblasting
Sacramento! 3cam mix with soundboard audio!
version2. probably best ever filmed pantera show!
same as other version but no logos on screen.
also the menu on this one says the 16th. this
happens alot 'cause the shows usually run over
into the next days date after midnight & one guys
list it as the 16th & and other the 17th. but this is
the same as my 17th vid just different menus &
no on screen logos during the show...
Setlist :
15 A NEW LEVEL (with Scott Ian)

(&) PANTERA - PEORIA, IL Jan.14.1998.
HandHeld DVD Master! killer! NiCE View!

(&) Pantera - WORCHESTER, MA. Jan.24.1998.
Nice audio & pic!..2NDgenVHS>DVDntsc..

(&) Pantera - Feb.02.1998, Cedar
Rapids, IA. Five Seasons Center.
Nice! Close! closeups are chest-up!
sound guys have problems for the 1st
song, but they get it fixed & pantera
dont start the 2nd song until the sound
is fixed. turns into killer show & well
filmed! Set...
Good Friends\intro
Walk (sound problems)
Mouth For War
Sandblasted Skin
Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks
Suicide Note Pt. II
War Nerve
This Love
New Level...

(&) PANTERA - ROCKFORD,IL. Feb.5.1998.
2 DVD HandHeld Master! NiCE! WeLL filmed!

(&) Pantera - Santiago, Chile 5-6-1998 nice
filming! close & clear view! crowd is amazing!
1.Intro/Good Friends...Played over the P.A.
3.A New Level
4.Pantera Chant/Phil talking
7.Sand Blasted Skin
8.Hard Lines and Sunken Cheeks
9.Hard Lines (cont.)
10.Santiago Chant
11.Crowd Game
12.Beer Toss
13.Primal Concrete Sledge
14.I'm Broken
15.Suicide Note Pt.2
16.Suicide Note Pt.2 Cont.
17.War Nerve
18.This Love
19.This Love Cont.
21.Mouth For War
22.Planet Caravan
23.Cowboys From Hell..

(&) PanterA - December.31.1998
Phoenix, AZ. Nice pic & audio!
great filming! close! opening
for Black Sabbath...set..
Mouth For war
A New Level
Use My Third Arm
War Nerve
Hostile (With Scott Ian and
Kerry King)
This Love
Cowboys From Hell...

(&) Pantera - Jan.11.1999. Rose Garden
Portland, OR. nice Master!
01. Domination
02. Hollow
03. A New Level
04. Walk
05. Becoming
06. Use My Third Arm
07. Primal Concrete Sledge
08. Hostile
09. This Love
10. Cowboys From Hell...

2 Cam MIX!! super close. Killer! Master!
A New Level
Use My Third Arm
Primal Concrete Sledge
This Love
Cowboys From Hell..

(&) Pantera - Garageheadz Japan TV
Special. June.19.2000. Upgrade from
old version going around. not listed
but id bet for sure this is a master!
very cool interviews & full live
performances. all the live stuff is
from the live 2000 Japan set. set..
Yesterday Don't Mean Shit,
Japanese commercial,
A New Level..

(&) Pantera - Feb.20.2001. Minneapolis, MN
Target Center. Master from the filmer!
well filmed! tripod steay! Nice clear pic
& nice closeups! nice audio! one of the best
if not the best filmed from the tour! Set..
01. Intro
02. Hell bound
03. A new level
04. Slaughtered
05. gd electric
06. Becoming
07. Revolution is my name
08. Use my third arm
09. Floods
10. Suicide note part 2
11. jam & speech
12. Iíll cast a shadow
13. 25 years (ending)
14. Walk
15. Yesterday don't mean shit
16. Cemetary gates/hostile
17. This love
18. Speech
19. Primal concrete sledge
20. Cowboys from hell..

(&) Pantera - Feb.27.2001. Toledo Sports Arena,
Toledo, Ohio, USA. Yes! another great old show!!!
NIce filming. close! Setlist :
01. Hellbound
02. A New Level
03. Slaughtered
04. gd Electric
05. Becoming / Throes of Rejection
06. Revolution Is My Name
07. Use My Third Arm
08. Floods
09. Suicide Note Pt. II
10. I'll Cast a Shadow / 25 Years
11. Walk
12. Cemetery Gates / Fucking Hostile
13. This Love
14. Primal Concrete Sledge

(&) Pantera - March.11.2001. First Union
Center. Philadelphia, PA. Nice!!..90min..#447..

killer!!! one of the best pantera hand
helds!!!!!! super close, + bonus
A New Level
gd Electric
Revolution Is My Name
Use My Third Arm
Suicide Note Pt. 2
I'll Cast A Shadow
25 Years
Cemetary Gates
This Love
Primal Concrete Sledge
Cowboys From Hell...

(&) PanterA - 4.01.01 Sunrise FL
NiCE 2cam mix chest up close!!!
01. Hellbound
02. A New Level
03. Slaughtered
04. gd Electric
05. Becoming
06. Revolution
07. Use My Third Arm
08. Floods
09. Suicide Note Part 2
10. I'll Cast A Shadow
11. Walk
12. Cemetary Gates/Hostile
13. This Love
14. Primal Concrete Sludge
15. Cowboys From Hell...

(&) Pantera - May.06.2001, Tennis Stadium,
Seoul, Korea proshot master remastered....
A New Level
gd Electric
Revolution Is My Name
Use My Third Arm
Suicide Note, Part 2
I'll Cast A Shadow
Cemetary Gates (tease)
This Love
Primal Concrete Sledge
Cowboys From Hell...

(&) PANTERA - UNIONDALE, NY. June.21.2001.
WOW! YES!! A+++..HH..1stgenHiFivhs>ntscDVD..

(&) PANTERA - PHILADELPHIA, PA. June.22.2001.    
Killer weLL Filmed! A+++....HH..master>ntscDVD..

(&) PanterA - 6.23.2001 Worcester MA.
WoW!! from the filmers Master! close &
Clear pic!! well filmed!..Set....
01. Hellbound
02. 5 Minutes Alone
03. Slaughtered
04. gd Electric
05. War Nerve
06. Mouth for War
07. Becoming
08. Revolution is my Name
09. Strength beyond Strenght
10. I'll Cast a Shadow
11. Hostile
12. This Love
13. Primal Concrete sledge
14. Cowboys from Hell
15. Walk...

2 Cam MIX!! Tripod steady & killer view!
HH Master DVD. set...
5 minutes Alone
gd Electric (kerry king solos)
War Nerve
Mouth for War
Revolution is my Name
Strength beyond Strength
I'll cast a Shadow
25 years
This Love
Primal concrete Sledge
Cowboys from Hell..

(&) Pantera - June.30.2001 Detroit, MI
Cobo Arena. WeLL filmed master! very
last of show cut probably due to cam
battery. Phil's Birthday show!!!
01. CFH Demos Intro
02. Hellbound
03. 5 Minutes Alone
04. Slaughtered
05. gd Electric (with Kerry King)
06. War Nerve
07. Mouth For War
08. Becoming
09. Revolution is my name
10. Strength Beyond Strength
11. I'll Cast a shadow
12. Hostile (with Kerry King)
13. This Love
14. Primal Concrete Sledge
16. Cowboys From Hell (ending cut)..

(&) PANTERA - ST. PAUL, MN. July.5.2001.
One of the Best 2001 HH shows available!

(&) PANTERA - VANCOUVER, B.C. 7/26/2001.
WOW! YES!..HHmaster>dvdNTSC..94min..#322..

(&) PanterA - all offical stuff on 1 dvd.
set.. (1) Cowboys From Hell Home Video
(2) Vulgar Video Home Video (3) Watch It
Go Home Video and Live From Moscow
Monsters of Rock...masterdvd>dvd shrink...

(&) Pantera\Metal Masters 3 - April.04.2012.
The Key Club, Sunset Blvd. Hollywood. CA.
shot very close! nice closeups! fan shot plus
webcast! bands is: Pantera's Phil Anselmo
on vocals, Anthrax’s Frank Bello and Charlie
Benante, Megadeth’s Dave Ellefson and
Chris Broderick, Slayer’s Dave Lombardo
and Kerry King, Black Sabbath‘s Geezer
Butler on bass...set..
01 - Raining Blood
02 - Angel Of Death
03 - Mouth Of War
05 - A New Level
06 - Walk
07 - This Love
08 - Hostile
09 - Hole In The Sky

(&) Dime Bash - West Hollywood CA Oct.29.2010.
Dime Tribute! Live show for DimeBag. Tons of guest!
apperences & performances: Aic,Lemmy,testament,
slayer,puddle of mudd & more! filmed right of front!

(&) Pearl Jam - June.26.2012. Ziggo Dome
Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Night one.
MultiCams with soundboard audio! good
view with super close closeups! set..
Interstellar Overdrive
Why Go
Given To Fly
Brain Of J.
Amongst The Waves
Elderly Woman Behind The
Counter In A Small Town
In Hiding
Even Flow
World Wide Suicide
Not For You
Better Things
The Fixer
Do The Evolution
Last Kiss
Just Breathe
Unthought Known
Green Disease
Love Reign O'er Me
Rockin' In The Free World

 (&) PearL JaM - Sept.3.2011. Alpine
Valley Music Center, East Troy, WI, USA.
a few different cam angles but usually only
1cam per song. Good views & good
closeups! Chris Cornell performs with
Eddie & the rest of the band (temple of
the dog!). A few other guest show up,
PJ20 at its best! set...
Release, Arms Aloft, Do The Evolution,
In My Tree, Faithfull, Who You Are, Setting
Forth, Not For You, In The Moonlight, Deep,
Help Help, Breath, Education, Once, State
Of Love And Trust, Better Man (Save It For
Later), Wasted Reprise, Life Wasted,
Rearviewmirror, Stardog Champion, Say
Hello 2 Heaven, Reach Down, Hunger Strike,
Love Reign O'er Me, Porch, Kick Out The Jams..

(&) Pearl Jam - Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam,
Netherlands. June.27.2012. wow! mutilcam!
soundboard audio! a+++! great views! super
close! Night two. set...
Wash, Last Exit, Animal, Severed Hand,
Corduroy, I Got Shit, Daughter (W.M.A.),
Nothing As It Seems, Got Some, Dissident,
Once, Glorified G., Deep, The Fixer, Bugs,
Better Man (Save It For Later), Release,
Hail Hail, Alone, Footsteps, Rearviewmirror,
Crown Of Thorns, Sonic Reducer, Alive,
Baba O'Riley, Yellow Ledbetter (Little Wing)...

(&) Pearl Jam - July.04.2012. O2 Arena,
Berlin, Germany. Multi-Cam, clear view.
real close close ups & soundboard audio!
Long Road
Why Go
Given to Fly
The Fixer
Elderly Woman Behind the
Counter in a Small Town
Got Some
In My Tree
Even Flow
Daughter/Blitzkrieg Bop/It's OK
State of Love and Trust
Unthought Known
I Believe in Miracles [Ramones]
(encore #1)
The End
Just Breathe
Hard to Imagine
Do the Evolution
(encore #2)
Rockin' in the Free World [Neil Young]

(&) Pearl Jam - July 22, 1998. Memorial
Stadium. Seattle, WA. Yield tour! Steady
and clear shot with soundboard audio!
01 Last Exit
02 Animal
03 Spin The Black Circle
04 Brain of J.
05 Faithfull
06 Red Mosquito
07 Given To Fly
08 MFC
09 Habit
10 Not For You
11 Daughter/(Beginning To See the Light)
12 Even Flow
13 Off He Goes
14 Better Man
15 Lukin
16 Present Tense
17 Mankind
18 Alive
19 Corduroy
20 Hail Hail
21 Do The Evolution
22 Porch
23 Wishlist
24 Leatherman
25 Leaving Here
26 Fuckin' Up
27 Yellow Ledbetter/(Star Spangled Banner)
Extras and bonus material:
EV preshow solo: Throw Your Arms
Around Me(audio only)..

(&) PearL JaM - Nov.17.1993. New Orleans,
LA. 2  video sources were needed to make this
show complete. 1st 3 songs are so,so.. & than
the 2nd source is a big improvement for the rest
of the show...first 3 songs unknown gen VHS..

(&) Pearl Jam - Oct.30.1993. SJSU
Event Center, San Jose, CA, Close!
good view & good audio. set..
Oceans, Even Flow, Go, Animal,
Why Go, Sick O' Pussies, Deep,
Glorified G, Daughter, Rearviewmirror,
Rats, Blood, Jeremy, Once (Hard
To Imagine), Porch, Sonic Reducer,
Alive, Baba O'Riley, Indifference..

(&) PEARL JAM  - Proshot movie for
the 1995 tour through Japan, Taiwan,
Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand.
this one was filmed to be released but
never released. The sound and picture
are very listenable/watchable, but they're
definitely not perfect. with almost 30
complete live songs plus backstage
and on the road footage. ntsc 2 dvd

(&) Pearl Jam - April.11.1994. Boston
Garden Boston, MA. Headbangers
BaLL Pearl Jam VS. Tour special.
Nice Proshot! set...
Vanessa Warwick w/Jeff
Ed's Backstage
About Album "Vs"
Ed & Jeff
Ed's Closing...

(&) Pearl Jam - Alameda County Stadium,
Oakland, CA November.14.1997. Proshot!
Nice! Opening For Rolling Stones...
01. Hail Hail
02. Animal
03. Dissident
04. Even Flow
05. Jeremy
06. Last Exit
07. Given To Fly
08. Daughter (Hey Hey, My My)
09. Corduroy
10. Wish List
11. Better Man
12. State Of Love And Trust
13. Do the Evolution
14. Black

(&) Pearl Jam - June.20.1995. Red
Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, CO.
Tripod steady! Clear view over the
crowd! Nice zooms! Nice audio!
wow!!!!! in the top 10 best all time
filmed PJ shows! From the filmers
master! set..
Long Road
Ship Song
Falling Down
Better Man
Last Exit
Spin The Black Circle
Tremor Christ
Not For You
State Of Love And Trust...
..dvd 2..
I've Just Seen A Face
Elderly Woman ...

(&) Pearl Jam - Argentina. Nov.13.2011
Estadio Unico La Plata, Buenos Aires.
PJ20! WOW! Multicam! with Nice audio!
many different camera angles! Set..
03.Interstellar Overdrive/Corduroy
04.Hail, Hail
05.Given To Fly
06.The Fixer
07.Amongst The Waves
09.Even Flow
10.You Are
11.Elderly Woman Behind
The Counter In A Small Town
13.Unthought Known
14.Do The Evolution
15.Wasted Reprise / Life Wasted
18.Just Breathe
20.Last Kiss
21.I Believe In Miracles
22.State Of Love And Trust
23.Blood/Atomic Dog
27.Better Man/I Wanna
Be Your Boyfriend/Save it for Later
28.Why Go
30.Rockin' In The Free World
31.Yellow Ledbetter
32.End Credits...

(&) PearL JaM - Single Video Theory.
The film was shot in 16mm film over
3 days in November 1997 in downtown
Seattle, WA. It features interviews with
the band & behind-the-scenes footage
of the band's rehearsal sessions for its
shows opening for The Rolling Stones.
All Those Yesterdays
Brain of J.
Given to Fly
No Way
In Hiding
Low Light
Do the Evolution..

(&) PearL Jam - YouTube Compilation.
*PJ20 FanCamShots A+++. set..
1. no way sept.4.11 Alpine Valley, Wi
2. reach down. sept.4.11 Alpine Valley, Wi
3. startdog champion sept.4.11 Alpine
Valley, Wi
4. hunger strike sept.4.11 Alpine Valley,
5. i got id sept.12.11 toronto Canada
*Dec.31.92 Academy Theatre . NYC,
NY. PROSHOT!  Set...
01 - intro
02 - Wash
03 - Sonic Reducer
04 - Why Go
05 - Even Flow
06 - Alone
07 - Garden
08 - Daughter
09 - Dirty Frank
10 - Oceans
11 - Alive
12 - Leash
13 - Stranglehold
14 - Porch
*Pearl Jam - Sala Revolver, Madrid, Spain
1992 proshot. set..
1. Alive
2. Black
3. Even Flow........

(&) PearL Jam - PJ20 Bonus DVD 2011.
"The Kids Are Twenty" Extra dvd that
came with the very limited edition of
PJ20. WOW!!! all the complete live
performance from the film! RARE!
already out of print & sold out!
A+++ 2 dvd set! setlist...
1. intro
2. alive 1990
3. release
4. why go
5. no compromise
6. garden
7. brother(daughter)
8. slower tracks
9. blood
10. indifference
11. aye davanita
12. last exit
13. band name
14. RiTFW
15. evil little goat
16. not for you
17. i dont relate to you anymore
18. do the evolution
19. del mar (porch)
20. even flow (fan tackle)
21. shadow......
1. hidden track
2. thumbing my way
3. given to fly
4. identify yourself
5. nothing as it seems
6. crown of thorns
7. you got the footage
8. bushleaguer
9. faithful
10. let me sleep
11. revolutionary
12. better man
13. alive 2009
14. walk with me
15. gonna see my friend
16. 3d chess
17. credits-just breathe....
there is also another extra disc that
came with the limited edition called
"the fans are alright", this dvd does
not include that.............

(&) Pearl Jam - Tivoli, Utrecht, Holland,
March.4.1992. Nice soundboard audio!
fimed close with nice zooms. pic is a little
generated with flaws but very watchable!
even flow
why go
state of love and trust
(hunger strike)
with extras!

(&) Pearl Jam - Feb.12.1992. Melkweg,
Amsterdam, Holland. tripod! nice
audience Tripod shot! close &
nice zooms. 2 audio choices. fm
stereo & audience audio mixed for
super nice audio. set...
Even Flow                                      
State Of Love And Trust                        
Why Go                                         
Bad Mouth Improv/Porch                         
I've Got A Feeling ...

(&) Pearl Jam - Nov.9.1991. Tower Records
Rockville,MD. In store performance! WOW!
version2. way better than the obstructed
other version. different filmer! filmed
up front about 5ft away from the band
with no obstructions! NiCE view of entire
band! so close no need to zoom! Nice audio!
from 1stgenHiFivhs! set...
..also on DVD! MTV Singles Premiere Party
Park Plaza Hotel Ballroom, Los Angeles, CA
Sept. 10, 1992. YES!!! HiFI vhs TV proshot
master! set..
1.The Lovemongers (the girls from heart) -
The Battle of Evermore
2. Alice in Chains - Junkhead
3. Alice in Chains - Would
4. Pearl Jam - State of Love and Trust
5. Pearl Jam - Baba O'Riley
6. Pearl Jam - Rockin'in the Free World (cut
with credits, everyone on stage)..
..also on dvd! Saturday Night Live April.16.
1994. most rebroadcast\reruns of this edit it
down to 1 or two songs but this is all 3 songs
from what looks like a TV master! nice Hifi
Stereo audio! set..
1. not for you
2. rearviewmirror
3. daughter
4. credits..
Got to be one of the best PJ older
compilations I ever seen! A+++ all the way

Aug.29.1992. OUTDOORS, daytime PERMISSION
filmed! front row no obstructions! crazy

(&) Pearl Jam - June.26.92. Roskilde
Festival, Denmark. Proshot!!! Nice audio!
pic quality is a bit generated, best i've
found. set...
01 Even Flow (cuts in)
02 Why Go
03 Jeremy
04 Deep
05 Alive
06 Black
07 State Of Love And Trust
08 Once
09 Porch...

(&) Pearl Jam - Saturday Night Live DVD.
1992,1994, & 2006. all the SNL performances
on 1 disc. best bootleg menu I've ever seen!!!
92 & 06 from hdtv. 1994 (all 3 songs!!) from
cableTV..hd>sd encoding on this is super
clear & killer audio but during alot of movement
you kinda get a weird effect. but still A++.
entire dvd has killer audio & A++++++ menus!
Not For You
World Wide Suicide
Severed Hand....ntsc dvd....33min...#287..

(&) PeARL JaM - JuNE.12.2000.
Pinkpop Festival, Landgraaf, Netherlands
Live set with interview. A++++ set....
Rival, Jeremy, Nothing As It Seems, MFC,
Habit, Light Years, Lukin, Even Flow, Brain
Of J, Insignificance, Better Man, Rearviewmirror,
Once, Fuckin' Up, Black, Leaving Here
CCE>ntsc DVD...82min....#289...

(&) PearL JaM - JuNE.09.2000 RockAmRing
& JuNE.11.2000 RockimPark.......
Rock Am Ring Festival, Adenau, Germany
Rock Im Park Festival, Nuernberg, Germany
Rock Am Ring set....
Wishlist, Better Man, Insignificance, Alive,
Daughter (W.M.A.) (Behind Blue Eyes),Go
Rock Im Park set...Breakerfall, Nothing As
It Seems, Black, Light Years, Elderly Woman
Behind The Counter In A Small Town, Yellow
Ledbetter......killer A++! also has bonus

(&) Pearl Jam - 5.15.1992 Warfield Theatre,
San Francisco CA. Permission Shot From
Balcony! Killer Audio! Master! would have
been A++++ but the filmer did not get his
tripod in so kinda shakey at times. still one
of the best '92 boots around though. Neck
up on Zooms. 75min set with 26min in store
master as extra. set.....
3.Improvisation Homeless /
My Mama Told Me / You Tell Me
4.Even Flow
5.State Of Love And Trust
7.Improvisation/Can't Explain
10.Jeremy/Sympathy for The Devil
11.I've Got a Feeling (The Beatles cover)
12.Why Go
15.Rockin' in the Free World
(w/Corey Glover from Living Colour)
16. mtv pj & soundgarden news......75min...
also contains...Pearl Jam 11.9.1991 Tower
Records, Rockville MD..Some Obstructions
(Mostly PA and CD Racks) audio not that
great but filmed super closse...Acoustic Set..
1. Wash
2. Black
3. Alive
4. Porch.....26min...vhscam>vhsMaster>dvd..
..SonyTR7camMaster(main set)>ntsc DVD....

(&) PearL JaM - 12.3.2005 Pacaembu,
Sao Paulo, Brazil. TV ProShot. setlist....
Breakerfall, Save You, Animal, Given To
Fly, Even Flow, I Am Mine, Daughter
(It's OK), Jeremy, Elderly Woman Behind
The Counter In A Small Town, I Believe In
Miracles, Do The Evolution, You've Got To
Hide Your Love Away, Better Man, Black,
Kick Out The Jams, Alive, Rockin' In The
Free World. with extras. Killer menu! Nice!

(&) Pearl Jam - 8.23.91 Mural Ampitheater
Seattle, WA killer daytime filming from 3rd
row with tripod. A++++ UPGRADE Direct
from the filmer!! mtv news extra. set....
State of Love and Trust
Even Flow
Why Go
PJ mtv News..

(&) Pearl Jam - 06/17/92 City Square, Milan,
Italy. Live TV Proshot Milan, Italy 1992. Nice
audio! best version i've seen of this.....
1. Even Flow
2. Why Go
3. Jeremy
4. State of Love & trust
5. Improv (The Part Where I Play the Pope)
6. Black (Ed stops show after black is over
& has words with a guy from the crowd...)
8. Alive
9. Improv (Once In Our Lives)
10. Once
11. (Suggestion)/Garden
12. Rockin' In the Free World ......

(&) Pearl Jam - June.17.1992 City Square,
Milan, Italy. Live TV Proshot! Upgarde!
2nd version of this I have. Nice set!
2 Nice audio tracks! Long Version! set..
Even Flow
Why Go
State of Love and Trust
Improv (The Part Where I Play the Pope)
Improv (Once In Our Lives)
(When the Saints Come Marching In)
Garden *
Rockin' In the Free World

(&) PearL JaM - Mementos VoL 1.
Bits & Pieces of pearl jam history.
15 live songs hand held & pro stuff
1991-1998..quality varies..

(&) PeARL JaM - Touring VS. Cool dvd.
This dvd contains a live version of every
song on the VS album. so it's like watching
the complete album live. set........
go-live CA 11.6.95,
animal- mtv vma'93,
daughter- norway 6.9.00,
glorified g-NY 7.9.03,
dissident-washington dc 9.19.98,
WMA:daughter tag-washington dc 9.19.98,
blood-boston 4.11.94,
rearviewmirror- ny 8.27.00,
rats- ca 11.5.93,
elderly woman-ca 11.26.03,
leash-holland 3.6.92,
indifference-canada 8.14.93
bonus: live performances of alone,angel,
hard to imagine,crazy mary, bee girl..
..quality varies..HH/Pro...71min...#194..

(&) Pearl Jam - Pinkpop Festival June 8th 1992
Landgraaf, Holland. nice pic & audio! one of the best
'92 videos I've seen! NICE!!!! killer menu with song
selection! setlist: Even Flow (cuts in), Why Go, (rain-
beatles) Jeremy, Alive, Black, Leash, Once, Porch,
(pulled up-talking heads) Rockin' in the Free World,
interview. the interview is great. Eddie is drained after
performing in front of 60,000 fans. I also read that pinkpop
said "this was one of the best performances ever at

(&) Pearl Jam - 3.16.92 Unplugged uncut..NICE!!!!.

(&) PearL JaM - 3.16.92 Unplugged. Released
2009 DVD. this came with the 2009 Ten Re-Release.
set: oceans, state of love & trust, alive, black, jeremy,
even flow, porch...OR..master...36:40min...#246...

(&) Pearl Jam- 8.14.93 Sunfest All Live Canada
Proshot.(AKA mudfest) nice dvd! super nice menus..

(&) Pearl Jam - 8.23.91 Mural Ampitheater
Seattle, WA killer daytime filming from 3rd
row with tripod......A++++.....

(&) pearl jam - 5.4.06 David letterman
complete show with Julia Roberts & pearl
Jam performing no commercials....

(&) Pearl Jam - Nov 26th 2005 Estadio Ferrocarril
Oeste, Buenos Aires, Argentina. live TV proshot!
Nice set: MFC, Save You, Hail Hail, Animal, Given
To Fly, Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A
Small Town, Whipping, Even Flow, Love Boat
Captain, Corduroy, Lukin, Half Full, Daughter
(W.M.A.), Insignificance, Jeremy, Do The
Evolution, State Of Love And Trust, Black,
Better Man, Porch, Last Kiss, I Believe in
Miracles, Alive, Rockin' In The Free World,
Yellow Ledbetter...125min....ntsc....#192...

(&) Pearl Jam & U2 - ujam (pearl jam with
bono + edge) Nov. 6 2006 make poverty
history concert, sidney myer music bowl
melbourne, australia. see pj & u2 together
on stage performing rockin in the free
world. digital TV master>PAL dvd.........

(&) Liz Phair - Sessions at West 54th.
Oct.15.1998. Manhattan, NY. Live TV
proshot & interviews between songs.
A+++ VHS master! Nice sound & pic!

(&) Placebo - March 6th 2006 Showcase
Paris, la cigale, france. Live set & the videos
for meds & song to say goodbye. live set:
meds, infrared, drag, follow the cops
back home, post-blue, song to say goodbye,
the bitter end, special K.........
...A++..PAL TV Master...35min...#162....

(&) The Police & The Faces - The Police
all Live 40min set England Feb 21 1979.
The faces all Live 44min set London 10.26.
1971 plus both rebroacasted DSSmasters...

(&) Powerman 5000: Ft. Lauderdale, FL 3.12.00
Nice!!!!!!! center shot. chestup close with tripod
Hi8 filming & a perfect view! nice external mic
audio! direct from the filmers master. they also
perform Radiohead's "creep". Nice filming!!!!

(&) primus - Loreley, Germany 6/22/97. live TV
proshot....lowgen vhs>dvd....#133...

(&) Primus - Woodstock '94 & +Live+ - Woodstock '99
Upstate NY. This is Live's full set . also includes Primus
woodstock '94...live's set is 57:04 & primus is 40:54...

(&) Puddle of Mudd - 4.21.08 knoxville TN. tripod
HandHeld! ! perfect! acoustic pre-set & live later
that night! they also do a nirvana cover!!!!....

(&) Puddle of MuDD - 2008 House of Blues Chicago
live TV proshot....dssmaster...59min...#221..


(&) Queens Of The Stone Age - * Saturday Night Live 5.14.05
with Will Ferrell hosting & QOTSA perform "little sister" &
"in my head". entire SNL show without commercials....
* FUSE USA TV. 7th Ave Drop March 2005. Live set &
interviews. setlist: 1.Little Sister 2.Burn the Witch
3.In My Head 4.Go With the Flow 5.God is in the Radio
* QOTSA - first it giveth promo video. all A++++ quality
direct from Digital Satellite to dvd with menu & chapters....
....DSS Master.....91min.......#42.....

(&) Queens Of The Stone Age - 7th Ave Drop March 2005
FUSE USA TV. Live set & interviews with commercials.
setlist: 1.Little Sister 2.Burn the Witch 3.In My Head
4.Go With the Flow 5.God is in the Radio. NICE unedited
untouched dss master. made with sony click to dvd. WOW!!

(&) QOTSA - over the year and through the woods live dvd
with extras...162min...OR...#37..

40MIN M....*LIVE ROCK AM RING GTV 03.06.2001,
48MIN M...DSSvhsHiFi&SVHShifiTVmasters>dvd.....


(&) Radiohead - Glastonbury Festival,
Somerset, England. June.28.1997.
Nice digital TV Rebroadcast. set..
01 Lucky
02 My Iron Lung
03 Exit Music (For a Film)
04 The Bends
05 Paranoid Android
06 Karma Police
07 Creep
08 No Surprises
09 Just
10 Fake Plastic Trees
11 High and Dry
12 Street Spirit (Fade Out)....
i have both NTSC or PAL of this....

(&) Rage Against the Machine  - Woodstock
99. Rome, NY. July.24.1999. Proshot HiFi
TV Master! German Tv broadcast! seems
a tad better quality than USA broadcast.
No Shelter
People Of The Sun
Know Your Enemy
Born Of A Broken Man
Bullet In The Head
The Ghost Of Tom Joad
Bomb Track
Wake Up
Bulls On Parade
Township Rebellion
Killing In The Name

(&) Rage Against the Machine - Cabaret Metro,
Chicago, IL. ApriL.03.1993. WOW! the best
unreleased proshot i ever seen! A++++++
Nice audio & pic! killer set..
Mary Morello Intro
Take The Power Back
Fistful Of Steel
Bullet In The Head
Darkness of Greed
Wake Up
Jam w/ lyrics
Killing in the Name

WASHINGTON, DC. 2cam mix! wow! Nice filming!

(&) Rage Against The Machine -Feb 4th 2000 Dusseldorf,
Germany. all LIVE digital rebroadcast from TV. NICE!!!!!!!
set: testify, guerilla radio, people of the sun, calm like
a bomb, bullet in the head, the ghost of tom joad, sleep
now in the fire, born of a broken man, no shelter,
enemy, war within a breath ,bulls on parade, killing in
the name..intense A++++.........

12/06/97, 21MIN...*LIVE HULTSFRED 17/06/00, 46MIN ....
& SONG SELECTION..vhsHiFimaster>DVD...69min...#53...

(&) Ratt: Atlantic City, NJ 7.29.05. killer
tripod digital filming with great digital audio!!!
super closeups! from the same guy that does all
the Philly, PA shows. setlist:.. WANTED MAN,
...cloned master...40min......#45..

(&) R.E.M. - At the BBC. Digital Video
Rebroadcast master! Nice! set...
01. Moon River/Pretty Persuasion
(Old Grey Whistle Test 1984)
02. Pop Song 89 (The Late Show 1989)
03. Orange Crush (TOTP 1989)
04. Losing My Religion (The Late Show 1991)
05. Half a World Away (The Late Show 1991)
06. Crush With Eyeliner (TOTP 1995)
07. Lotus (TOTP 1998)
08. Daysleeper (Later... 1998)
09. Perfect Circle (Later... 1998)
10. Imitation of Life (Later... 2001)
11. All the Way to Reno (TOTP 2001)
12. Bad Day (Parkinson 2003)
13. Nightswimming (Later... 2003)
14. Leaving New York (TOTP 2004)
15. The One I Love (Later... 2001)
Later... with Jools Holland  October.27.1998
01. Intro
02. Losing My Religion
03. Lotus
04. New Test Leper
05. Daysleeper
06. Electrolite
07. At My Most Beautiful
08. The Apologist
09. Country Feedback
10. Parakeet
11. So. Central Rain
12. Walk Unafraid
13. Man On The Moon
14. The Passenger...

(&) Red Hot Chili Peppers - Woodstock 99,
Rome, NY. July.25.1999. Proshot HiFi PAL
TV Master!  German Tv broadcast! seems
a tad better quality than USA broadcast.
01 Around The World
02 Give It Away
03 Scar Tissue
04 Emit Remmus
05 Soul To Squeeze
06 If You Have To Ask
07 Suck My Kiss
08 Tiny Dancer
09 Right On Time
10 Californication
11 My Lovely Man
12 Easily
13 Under The Bridge
14 Me & My Friends
15 Sir Psycho Sexy
16 Fire....

(&) Red Hot Chili Peppers - June.9.2012.
Great Stage Park. Bonnaroo Festival.
Manchester, TN. very nice webcast!
Monarchy of Roses
Can't Stop
Dani California
Scar Tissue
Look Around
Throw Away Your Television
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
Right on Time
If You Have to Ask
Factory of Faith
Under the Bridge
Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder cover)
By the Way
Encore Break
Chad & Mauro Jam
Suck My Kiss
Give It Away
Final Jam
..LiveHDwebStream>NTSCdvd..118min.. #72a..

Canada. LIVE @ MUCH studio. Aug.07.2002. over
40mins of interviews & the by the way vid.
A++++ TV Proshot..master>ntscDVD..47min..#495..

(&) Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Roxy, West
Hollywood, CA, Aug.22.2011. LiVE Fuse TV HD
proshot Master. Nice! set..
Monarchy Of Roses
Can't Stop
The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie
Me And My Friends
Soul To Squeeze
By The Way
Give It Away...
extra: The Adventures Of Rain Dance
Maggie video..

(&) Red Hot Chili Peppers - LIVE: I’m With You.
Aug.30.2011. E-Werk, Koln, Germany. Wow Killer
Live Proshot! NiCE!!! set..
Monarchy of Roses
Factory of Faith
Brendan's Death Song
Annie Wants a Baby
Look Around
Frankenstein (The Edgar Winter
Group cover\tease)
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
Did I Let You Know
Percussion Jam
Goodbye Hooray
Happiness Loves Company
Police Station
Meet Me at the Corner
Dance, Dance, Dance
Me & My Friends
Did I Let You Know
Give It Away...

(&) Red Hot Chili Peppers - 4.15.06 Top Of The PoPs
all Live TV proshot!!!! Car Park London England. nice
menu & song selection!......ntsc MASTER2...40min..#116...

(&) Red Hot Chili Peppers - 8.20.99 German TV Bizarre
Fest all live proshot..looks like released stuff!!!!!!!

(&) Refused - April.13.2012. Coachella Valley
Music And Arts Festival.  Indio, California.
nice webcast! Nice audio!!! set..
01. The Shape of Punk to Come  
02. The Refused Party Program  
03. Liberation Frequency  
04. Rather Be Dead  
05. Coup d'etat  
06. Summerholidays vs. Punkroutine  
07. The Deadly Rhythm  
08. Hook, Line and Sinker  
09. Circle Pit  
10. Refused Are Fucking Dead  
11. Worms of the Senses / Faculties of the Skull  
12. New Noise  
13. Tannhauser / Derive ...

(&) Rollins Band - June.11.1992. Auditorium Flog,
Florence, Italy. Nice HiFi tv proshot master!
What Do You Do?
Almost Real
Blues Jam
Move Right In..


(&) Seemless - 2.19.2005 HeadBangers BaLL MTV2.
complete show with seemless stopping by for interviews
& they play one of thier videos. complete show packed
with videos...hifiTVmaster>ntscDVD....2hrs.....#123.....

(&) Slash - Palace Theatre, Melbourne, Australia,
April.28.2010. Nice MTV proshot live set & interviews
with some NICE special guest!! set.....
01 Pre-Show
02 Nightrain
03 Slither
04 Nice Boys (Don't Play Rock N Roll)
05 Back From Cali
06 Sweet Child O Mine
07 By The Sword
08 Woman
09 Paradise City..

(&) Slayer - July.8.2011. Sonisphere
Festival, Knebworth, UK. From HD
TV Master! WOW! Face Melting!
Seasons in the Abyss
Mandatory Suicide(last few
seconds cut)
Hate Worldwide
South of Heaven
Raining Blood

(&) Slayer - JuLY.3.2011 The Big 4,
Gothenburg, Sweden. Swedish hdTV!
DolbyDigital 5.1 Audio! SuPER NiCE!!
Set List:
01. Intro (in Swedish)
02. Interview with Tom Araya
03. Disciples
04. War Ensemble
05. Postmortem
06. Hate Worldwide
07. Mandatory Suicide
08. Chemical Warfare
09. Snuff
10. South Of Heaven
11. Raining Blood
12. Black Magic
13. Angel Of Death...
also have anthrax, megadeth, & metallica sets from
the same show......

(&) Slayer - rock am ring Germany June 4th 2005 live
TV concert. brutal!!!! nice quality!! ntsc version!!!!
killer setlist!!!! full motion menus with song slection
for every song. A+++++++++++++++++++++++++
setlist: 1. Disciple Of The Watch 2. Stain Of Mind
3. Chemical Warfair 4. Hell Awaits 5. Mandatory
Suicide 6. War Ensemble 7. Blood Red 8. Dead
Skin Mask 9. Show No Mercy 10. Raining Blood
11. South Of Heaven 12. Angel Of Death...

(&) Slipknot - Rock In Rio Brazil 2011
Sept.25.2011 40min Live set from HDTV!
also on this dvd is Slipknot FuseTV DVB
master 2004 Tour 22min special with
interviews, live clips & videos...

(&) slipknot - 3.5.2005 killer all LIVE philly PA show &
a few vidz & conan o'brien performance..2hr..master2..#91..

(&) SLiPkNOT : Big Day Out Festival, Sydney,
Australia. Jan.26 2005. Live set & backstage interview.
A+ quality. set......
The Blister Exists
Pulse Of The Maggots
Heretic Anthem
Spit It Out
People = Shit

(&) Smashing Pumpkins - April.7.1996. Duesseldorf,
Germany. wow! hifi stereo tv vhs master!!!! Nice!
tonight tonight
to forgive
bullet with butterfly wings
thru the eyes of ruby
porcelain of the vast oceans

(&) The Smashing Pumpkins - Vieuphoria 1994
originally released on VHS on October 4,
1994. this is the 2002 November 26, dvd
re-release! The video consists of various
Smashing Pumpkins performances, mostly
from the Siamese Dream tour, interspersed
with comedy bits (including "Meet the
Frogs"), interviews, featurettes, and
other short videos. this sucker is packed
full of proshot/TV performances!!! plus
nice extras!..OR..ntsc...#355..

(&) The Smashing Pumpkins - June 2nd, 2007
Rock Am Ring Festival at Nuerburgring Nuerburg,
Germany. set....
01 (Intro)
02 Today
02 Bullet with Butterfly Wings
03 United States > Star Spangled Banner [Key] (tease)
04 Bleeding the Orchid
05 Stand Inside Your Love
06 Cherub Rock
07 Shame
08 Silverfuck > The End [The Doors] (tease)
09 Thirty-three
10 To Sheila
11 Tonight, Tonight
12 Tarantula
13 Starz
14 Zero
15 Disarm
16 1979
17 Untitled
18 Gossamer (with Uli Jon Roth)..
i have 3 versions of this so far! all 3 versions A++..
1. PAL master mtv europe version ending with vj..99min..#134..
2. mtv europe pretv ntsc master uncut..113min..#135-136..
3. PAL WDR tv master uncut with Uli interview..111min..#137-138..

(&) Soundgarden - iTunes Fest Texas. March.13.2014.
SuperUnknown Played full Live!!! NiCE!!!!........
(&) Soundgarden - March.14.2014. Guitar Sessions.
Austin,TX. LIVE tv master! 3.14.2014. Live set &
(&) Soundgarden - Lollapolloza Brazil April.19.2014.
Live Proshot set! Matt Chamberlin on drums! Solid
killer set!!!!..91min..

(&) Soundgarden - Feb.11.1988. Club
Lingerie, Los Angeles, CA. Super Close
& pretty steady. Nice view & nice close
ups. WOW! super LOW gen! audio is
very good for a 88 cam! Setlist...
Hunted Down
Tears To Forget
Power Trip
Little Joe
Hand Of God
He Didn't
Smokestack Lightning
Circle Of Power
Working Man
Communication Breakdown
Nothing To Say...

(&) Soundgarden - Lollapalooza. Kitsap County
Fairgrounds. Bremerton, WA USA. July 22, 1992
proshot Live set! Nice audio! wow!!! Nice proshot
video of a fine Soundgarden Lollapalooza set. Was
apparently a cool day in July as the temperature
coupled with the rain resulted in a massive fogbank
coming off the bodies in the crowd. Sometimes it looks
like the band is performing in the steamroom at the Y.
This is probably the only time you'll see Chris play a
song wearing a bright yellow hooded raincoat like
we all sported in 1st grade. Chris plays quite a bit
of guitar on this one. Unexpected pleasure - getting
a 7 minute version of "Ugly Truth". Ben Shepherd is
a nut on this one - flailing, spinning, goose-stepping,
fighting - you get a bit of it all. set..
01. Gun
02. Jesus Christ Pose
03. Outshined
04. Big Dumb Sex
05. Ugly Truth
06. Rusty Cage
07. Slaves And Bulldozers
08. Searching With My Good Eye Closed..

(&) Soundgarden - 1992 & 2012. by
crooked steps live jimmy kimmel Nov.
26.2012., Rowing & Worse Dreams
2012 vids.  been away to long live electric
lady studios 2012. live pinkpop fest holland
1992. NiCE!!! '92 pinkpop is upgraded
stereo audio!!!..

(&) Soundgarden - Live on David Letterman
Nov.12.2012. Live with interview on Later
with Jools Holland Nov.06.2012. Chris
Cornell in-depth interview 2009. All From
HD files! A+..HD>ntscDVD...65min..#85a..

(&) Soundgarden - June.01.2012 Rock am
Ring. Germany. Live TV ProShot Master!
Version#2. no intro with host talking. different
master source. about same quality. different
menu.. set...
0. searching intro...
1. Spoonman
2. Let Me Drown
3. Gun
4. Jesus Christ Pose
5. Blow Up the Outside World
6. Fell on Black Days
7. Hunted Down
8. Outshined
9. Rusty Cage
10. My Wave
11. The Day I Tried to Live
12. Black Hole Sun
13. Beyond the Wheel..

(&) Soundgarden - June.01.2012 Rock am
Ring. Germany. Live TV ProShot Master!
0. host vj talking...
0. searching intro..
1. Spoonman
2. Let Me Drown
3. Gun
4. Jesus Christ Pose
5. Blow Up the Outside World
6. Fell on Black Days
7. Hunted Down
8. Outshined
9. Rusty Cage
10. My Wave
11. The Day I Tried to Live
12. Black Hole Sun
13. Beyond the Wheel..

(&) Soundgarden - Aug.08.2010 Lollapalooza,
Grant Park, Chicago, IL. HDTV Proshot!!!
A++++ NiCE!!! set...
Searching with my good eye
Rusty Cage
Blow Up The Outside
Let Me Drown
Jesus Christ Pose
Fell On Black Days
Get On The Snake
Black Hole Sun
Face Pollution...

(&) Soundgarden - Capitol Theater, Olympia,
WA. Sept.14.1991. Nice! WOW! NiCE set!! set..
01. Searching With My Good Eye (cuts in)
02. Outshined
03. Birth Ritual
04. New Damage
05. Jesus Christ Pose
06. Face Pollution
07. Gun
08. Big Dumb Sex
09. Rusty Cage
10. Hands All Over
11. Room A Thousand Years Wide
12. Slaves & Bulldozers (cuts out)...

(&) Soundgarden - Lollapalooza, Chicago, IL.
August 7, 2010. Best Buy exclusive bonus DVD
contains live performances from lollapalooza
2010. Live 3 song proshot.
1. Searching With My Good Eye Closed
2. Let Me Drown
3. Face Pollution

8/4/1994 EX HH 1stgen. True 1stgen!
Jesus Christ Pose
Let Me Drown
The Day I Tried To Live
My Wave
Room A Thousand Years Wide
Black Hole Sun
Searching With My Good Eye Closed
Rusty Cage
Mind Riot
Fell On Black Days
Drawing Flies
Slaves And Bulldozers
Face Pollution
Like Suicide (cuts in middle)
Head Down
Hands All Over

(&) Soundgarden - Live N' Loud 9.20.96
MTV Studios, London, England, UK......
A+++ HiFi VHS Master to XP mode dvd!
Live Proshot set! I've had several versions
of this & this is the best one yet! Setlist....
Burden In My Hand
Blow Up The Outside World
Black Hole Sun

(&) Soundgarden 12/04/96 Sacramento, CA.
super nice heandheld. Tripod steady. nice hifi
audio but the hifi drops out every once in a while
but only for like half a sec..
1. Spoonman
2. Searching With My Good Eye Closed
3. Let Me Drown
4. Pretty Noose
5. Burden In My Hand
6. My Wave
7. Ty Cobb
8. Black Hole Sun
9. Outshined
10. Rusty Cage
11. Fell On Black Days
12. Blow Up The Outside World
13. Rhinosaur
14. Hands All Over
15. Slaves And Bulldozers
16. Dusty
17. Jesus Christ Pose

(&) Soundgarden - Soundgarden & Tom Hanks
on the Conan O'brien show November.9.2010.
NICE!!!! Complete show. soundgarden performs
black rain flawlessly!! Band is tight & cornell's
vocals are the best i've heard him!!! out of a
1 out of a10 I'd give this a 15!! plus bonus
performance of hunted down only available
on webcast. killer quality from HDTV!!

(&) Soundgarden - Lollapalooza, Chicago, IL, USA
August 8, 2010 & Chicago, IL, The Vic, August 5th,
2010. 11 songs captured from the crowd with a HD
camcorder. steady for a fan shot! close & nice zooms!
Lolla set...
Searching With My Good Eye Closed
Rusty Cage
Blow Up The Outside World
Burden in my Hand
Face Pollution
Like Suicide...
The Vic Set...
Searching With My Good Eye Closed
Rusty Cage
Jesus Christ Pose
not full shows but full performances..HH..55min..#249..

(&) SOUNDGARDEN: April.03.92 Towne & Country
Club Kentish Towne, London UK. super close! set...
(cuts in) Room a 1000yrs Wide
Gun (with pepper from c.o.c. )
Little Joe
Big Dumb Sex
Drawing Flies
Incessant Mace
Mind Riot
Beyond the Wheel
Jesus Christ Pose
Slaves and Bulldozers..

(&) Soundgarden: April.19.92 The Warfield San
Francisco CA. filmed closed! zooms are closer
than knees up! The best from this tour. set..
•Searching With My Good Eye Closed
•Hands All Over
•Face Pollution
•Room A Thousand Years Wide
•Ugly Truth
•Big Dumb Sex
•Drawing Flies
•Incessant Mace
•Rusty Cage
•Mind Riot
•Hey, Jude / Beyond The Wheel
•Jesus Christ Pose
•Slaves & Bulldozers...

(&) Soundgarden - 6.4.94 Greek Theater, Berkeley,
CA. TRIPOD. clear 1stgen picture. hifi audio!
knees up close & no obstructions.TRUE 1stGEN!
setlist: Jesus Christ Pose, Spoonman, Let Me
Drown, Mailman, The Day I Tried to Live, My
Wave, Room a Thousand Years Wide, Black Hole
Sun, Searching With My Good Eye Closed,
Superunknown, Rusty Cage, Half, Mind Riot,
Fell on Black Days, Slaves and Bulldozers,
Kickstand, Face Pollution, Like Suicide,
Somewhere, Head Down, Limo Wreck..

(&) Soundgarden: Sept.06.95 Turbinenhalle
Oberhausen, Germany.Nice filming! Direct
from the master! patched audio from a
audience source. tripod. close & clear.
the best filmed from this tour. setlist:
Searching With My Good Eye Closed
Let Me Drown
My Wave
Drawing Flies
Ty Cobb (Cut in middle)
Fell on Black Days
Head Down
Rusty Cage
Waiting For the Sun
Black Hole Sun
Jesus Christ Pose
4th of July
I Want You (She's So Heavy)
..82mins..hi8Master>Pal DVD...#224...ntscdvd#231...

(&) Soundgarden - Saturday Night Live with Jim
Carrey 5.18.96. complete rebroadcasted show
with no commercials in digital satellite quality!

(&) Soundgarden - motorvision. released master
vhs>PAL dvd...58mins...#195........

(&) soundgarden - 4.16.90 Rocklife German Tv Concert..
perfect digital reboroadcast straight to dvd!!!!! no
crappy vhs copy!..A++..Pal master..45mins..#178...

(&) Soundgarden - Live Philipshalle, Dusseldorf,
German TV 4.16.90, 42min...Plus * Live on MTV
Live N Loud.....

(&) soundgarden - all the videos. wow!!! nice menu!
not official but looks like it! well done..looks like a

(&) Soundgarden - Live TV 90-96. WOW! Nice
quality! Mostly all masters!! to see soundgarden
from 90 & 92 in this quality is very rare!!! Live Pink
Pop Holland 1992 from VHS master!!! Live France
1992 from SuperVHS! Live MTV Europe 1996 from
SP PAL HiFi\Stereo vhs master !! SNL live 96 from
dss master!! live 91 LA. Live '90 Germany DSS
PAL rebroadcast master> ALL super nice A++++
..full dvd contains....
1) PinkPop June 8 1992 rusty cage, jcp, slaves &
buldozers crazy long version!!!! awkward interview!...
(2) Paris PPV June 6 1992 opening for GNR,Searching
With My Good Eye Closed, Hands All Over, JCP.....
(3) MTV Live N Loud. Nov 11 1996. MTV UK studios
London. Burden in My Hand, Spoonman, Blow Up the
Outside World, Mailman, Black Hole Sun...
4) Saturday Night Live in 5.18.96 pretty noose &
burden in my hand.....
5) outshined live in LA '91 from foundations forum...
6) beyond the wheel live from Germany 1990.........
nice menu with selections for each show & song!
this is version #1. better menu than version #2..

(&) SOUNDGARDEN - Live TV 90-96. WOW! NiCE quality.
mostly all masters! to see soundgarden from 1990-96
in this quality is very rare!!! Live PinkPop Holland 1992
from VHS master!!! Live France 1992 from SuperVHS!!!
Live MTV Europe '96 from HiFi vhs master. SNL live 96
from dss master!! live 91 LA.....Live 1990 Germany DSS
rebroadcast master....amazing!..full dvd contains..
1) PinkPop June 8 1992 rusty cage, jcp, slaves & buldozers
crazy long version!!!! awkward interview!!!.........
(2) Paris PPV June 6 1992 opening for GNR,Searching With
My Good Eye Closed, Hands All Over, JCP.....
(3) MTV Live N Loud. Nov 11 1996. MTV UK studios London.
Burden in My Hand, Spoonman, Blow Up the Outside
World, Mailman, Black Hole Sun ..........
4) Saturday Night Live in 5.18.96 pretty noose & burden in
my hand.....
5) outshined live in LA '91 from foundations forum...
6) beyond the wheel live from Germany 1990.........
7) extras..................
.version2.more extras than version 1.....

(&) Soundgarden - TeLephantasm. Released
2010 DVD with all the videos & bonus videos..
1. Flower
2. Hands All Over
3. Loud Love
4. Jesus Christ Pose [Original Version]
5. Outshined
6. Rusty Cage
7. My Wave
8. Spoonman
9. The Day I Tried to Live [Uncensored Version]
10. Black Hole Sun
11. Fell on Black Days
12. Pretty Noose [Uncensored]
13. Burden in My Hand
14. Blow Up the Outside World [Uncensored]
15. Spoonman [Mash-Up Version]
16. The Day I Tried to Live [European Version]
17. Superunknown
18. Pretty Noose [International Version]
19. Pretty Noose [Alternate Ending]
20. Blow Up the Outside World [Censored]

(&) Speedy Gonzales - 30 cartoon episodes. over
3hrs of speedy!!...188mins...ntscdvd...#244...

(&) staind & 311 - 7th Ave drop. August 2005. USA
Fuse TV. live sets from both bands..selist goes like
this: 311 down\frolic room\don't tread on me\solar
flare\amber\beautiful disaster\....staind falling\for
you\right here\its' been awhile\mudshovel....dvd
extras include deftones minerva & shove it vid,
audioslave - i'm the highway live germany 2003,
godsmack - straight out of line live mad tv 2003,
+Live+ the band doing a Jonny cash cover, system
of a down video collection...
..87min...dss master...#49..KLT....

(&) Staind - Music Hall, Cologne, Germany.
October 17, 2011. Live Tv proshot!!! pixulated
'cause of lower bit rate from source master but
still killer show & nice set!!!
01. Suffocate
02. Falling
03. Right Here
04. Fade
05. Just Go
06. So Far Away
07. Pressure
08. Pardon Me
09. Epiphany (Acoustic)
10. The Way I Am
11. For You
12. Tolerate
13. Outside
14. Spleen
15. Believe
16. It's Been Awhile
17. Mudshovel
18. (Aaron Acoustic Outro)

(&) stone sour - come whatever may dvd special ed.
that came with cd......#189..

(&) Stone Temple Pilots - Nov.1.2013. Biloxi, MS.
Live set with Chester From Linkin Park on vovals!!!!
Chester really does great! plays alot of the old songs
seemed forgotten in past shows!!..mp4HD>dvd...90min..

(&) Stone Temple Pilots - Thank You.  3-hour,
32-song DVD features a dozen of STP’s music
videos and a collection of brilliant live
performances, including a assortment of
"bootlegs" shot by friends and fans of the band..

(&)  Stone Temple Pilots - Frankfurt, Germany.
Apr.01.1993. close! small club! 1stgen HiFi
vhs! set..
Where the River Goes
Dead & Bloated
Sex Type Thing (swing version)
Sex Type Thing (original)
Wet my Bed\Naked Sunday..

(&) Stone Temple Pilots - JuLY.10.2001.
Live muchmusic TV proshot! Much Music
Studios, Toronto, ON, Canada. SET......
Days of the Week
Big Empty
Sour Girl
Interstate Love Song
Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart
Sex Type Thing...

(&) Stone Temple Pilots - Maquinaria Festival,
Club Hípico, Santiago, Chile. NOV.13.2011.
YES! from HDtv master! set..
Wicked Garden
Heaven and Hot Rods
Between the Lines
Hickory Dichotomy
Big Empty
Silvergun Superman
Interstate Love Song
Big Bang Baby
Sex Type Thing
Trippin on a Hole in a Paper Heart..

(&) Stone Temple Pilots - Nov.14.2011
SWU Festival Brazil. TV Master! set..
01 – Crackerman
02 – Wicked Garden
03 – Vasoline
04 – Heaven & Hot Rods
05 – Between the Lines
06 – Big Empty
07 – Silvergun Superman
08 - Plush
09 – Interstate Love Song
10 – Big Bang Baby
11 – Sex Type Thing
12 – Trippin’ On A Hole In A Paper Heart..

(&) Stone Temple Pilots - Chicago,IL.
March.27.2010. NiCE proshot LiVE set!

(&) Stone Temple Pilots May 18th, 2010.
AT&T UVerse ON DEMAND: "Live From New
York" Blender Theater at Gramercy.New
York, NY. Nice proshot! Audio Levels
01. Vasoline
02. Wicked Garden
03. Crackerman
04. Between The Lines
05. Hickory Dichotomy
06. Big Empty
07. Sour Girl
08. Creep
09. Plush
10. Interstate Love Song
11. Bagman
12. Huckleberry Crumble
13. Tumble In The Rough
14. Lounge Fly
15. Sex Type Thing
16. Dead & Bloated
17. Trippin' On a Hole In a Paper Heart..
18. BONUS: 01. Between The Lines(JVC Live
Promo Video From The Gramercy)........

(&) Stone Temple PiLots - 8.12.99 Las Vegas, NV.
Nice TV Proshot. setlist.............
3.wicked garden
4.interstate lovesong
7.trippin on a hole
9.dead and bloated
10.sex type thing.......

(&) System Of A Down - June.05.2011
Rock Am Ring Nürburgring, Germany
DigitalVideoBroadcast PAL TV 16x9
WS Master!!! Set...
Prison Song
Soldier Side/B.Y.O.B.
Deer Dance
Chop Suey!
Lonely Day
Kill Rock 'n Roll
Lost in Hollywood

(&) System Of A Down: Live in Astoria, London,
England April 4, 2005. MTV2 proshot. set....
1. B.Y.O.B.
2. Science
3. Needles
4. Psycho
5. Chop Suey
6. Aerials
plus 6 soad music videos plus byob
& aerials Live Saturday Night Live 2005..

(&) Suicidal Tendencies - Live Bizarre Fest Germany
8.20.2000. NICE all live TV proshot!! extras menu
contains the "trip at the brain" video. HiFi TV master.


(&) James Taylor - Live at the BBC. London,
England. Sept.13.1970. NiCE TV proshot!!!!
Nice rebroadcast! great audio & pic! Long
version! set..
01. With A Little Help From My Friends
02. Fire And Rain
03. Rainy Day Man
04. Steamroller Blues
05. Greensleeves
06. Highway Song
07. Carolina In My Mind
08. Long Ago And Far Away
09. Sweet Baby James
10. Riding On A Railroad
11. You Can Close Your Eyes...

(&) Tesla -  Louisville, kY. March.10.1995.
one cam proshot! NiCE!!! obtained in KY
so this may be from the master? set..
1. Solution
2. EZ Come EZ Go
3. Need Your Lovin'
4. Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)
5. Song & Emotion
6. Modern Day Cowboy
7. A Lot To Lose
8. The Way It Is
9. Paradise (acoustic)
10. Try So Hard (acoustic)
11. Drive My Car (acoustic -
The Beatels cover)
12. What You Give (acoustic)
13. Signs (acoustic)
14. Gettin' Better
15. Hang Tough
16. Love Song
17. Frank Hannon's guitar intro to
Comin' Atcha Live
18. Comin' Atcha Live
19. Troy Lucketta's drum solo
20. Comin' Atcha Live (reprise)
21. Action Talks (ending cut)...

(&) Tesla : Philadelphia, PA 3.6.05. 5 man
acoustic jam reunion! 135min set! killer
tripod digital filming with great digital
audio! super close ups! A+++ ! setlist..
Into The Now
Edison's Medicine
Come To Me
Yesterdaze Gone
Caught Up In A Dream
Heaven's Trail
Miles Away
Comin' Atcha Live >
What A Shame
Hang Tough
Freedom Slaves(tease)
Love Song
What You Give
Tommy's Down Home
Modern Day Cowboy
The Way It Is
Shine Away
Stir It Up
Try So Hard
Little Suzi...

(&) Toadies - Philly, PA 3.5.95. all live set
filmed from front row with tripod & nice audio.
perfect view 5-10 ft away close. WOW! setlist..
Mister Love
I Come From the Water
Got A Heart
I Burn
Mexican Hairless
Possum Kingdom
Paper Dress
Stop It !...also has deftones live on conan
4.20.98 from hifi vhs master....
toadies is 2ndgenHiFivhs>dvd..55min..#201..

(&) TooL - Oct.19.2001. St Louis, MO. Live set!
great filming! great view. filmer got a great view
& get to film Maynard alot! ending is cut...

(&) Tool - Big Day Out. Olympic Park,
Homebush, Sydney. Jan.27.2011. Nice!
killer steady full stage view! Nice external
Audio! Setlist:
Third Eye
You Lied

(&) TOOL - Lateralus (Holy Gift) LiVE. handheld
sources filmed from: Wilkes-Barre, PA, First Union
Arena (9.24.01) Cox Convention Center, Oklahoma
City, OK (11.16.02) Tacoma Dome, Tacoma,
WA (11-08-2001). WOW! Super close! NiCE
Audio!!! with english subtitles!!
03.Ticks And Leeches
04.Maynard Speaks
06.Faaip De Oiad *
07.The Grudge
09.Eon Blue Apocalypse
11.The Patient

(&) TOOL - June 1, 2007. Bank Atlantic
Center. Sunrise, FL. Good view! good
audio! great filming! fan in crowd points
a lazer pointer at maynard during 10000
days & he leaves the stage! 2 dvd set.
FortySix & 2
Schism (Extended)
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned (ending cut)
Right in Two
(Alien Intermission)
Wings for Marie
10,000 Days
Lateralus (Extended w/ Drum Solo)

(&) Tool - Aug.25.1998. Memorial Auditorium
Sacramento, CA. 3cam MIX!!! from the masters!
quality is so good it takes 2 dvds!! NiCE views!
one of the best tool shows ever filmed! Setlist..
Hooker With A Penis
You Lied

(&) Tool - Nov.11.1994. The Warfield Theatre.
San Francisco, CA. From the filmers Master!
good audio & well filmed! heads in the way.
filmer does pretty good at zooming around
them but they do get in the way often. check
sample. set..
Swamp Song
4 degrees
Prison Sex
Cold & Ugly
No Quarter

(&) Tool - Oct. 21.1996. The Warfield Theatre.
San Francisco, CA, USA. From the filmers
Master! good audio & well filmed! heads in
the way.  filmer does pretty good at zooming
around them but they do get in the way often.
check  sample. set..
46 & 2
Hooker With A Penis
Prison Sex

(&) Tool - Aug.29.1998. Santa Barbara Bowl,
Santa Barbara, CA. Nice View (although you
will get ahead in the way sometime but still
great filming), Maynard starts out in a dress
& wig! set....
Part of Me
Swamp Song
Third Eye
Merkaba - (Zaum Cover)
Pushit - slow

(&) TooL - Jan.31.2012. Uncasville, CT
Mohegan Sun Arena. wow! steady. nice
zooms. good 5.1 audio. already been a
few newer tool shows filmed & this one is
probably the best. i like to try & get
a few good ones from each tour but this
one is gonna be hard to beat!...

(&) TooL - Dec.31.1995. Oakland, CA
WOW! Nice 2cam MIX! Nice audio.
filmed close & nice zooms! set...
Prison Sex

(&) TOOL - MONTREAL, QC. Canada. Nov.29.1996
WOW! Nice Filming! CLOSE!..HH..1stgen>DVDntsc..

(&) TooL - Aug.25.2002 Copps Coliseum, Hamilton,
ON, Canada. From the Master Cam! Nice HandHeld
Tripod steady. Clear head to toe closeups. Nice audio.
The Grudge
(-) Ions

(&) TooL - 2006. 10,000 Days Live HandHeld
Tour Compilation. best fan made tool dvd i ever
seen. NiCE audio! Each song contains up to 7 or
8 different cam angles from many different 2006
shows. nice!!! set.....
Intro/Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
The Pot
Forty Six and Two
...lookslike masters....89min....#304..

(&) Tool - Sept.22.2001, Hartford Civic
Center, Hartford, CT. Nice View, Nice
Zooms, Nice audio, Nice low gen Pic
quality! Best I've seen from '01! Have
to label as lowgen 'cause i'm not sure
the generation, but looks like a master!
The Grudge
Forty Six & 2
Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient

(&) TooL - May.02.1992 Philadelphia, PA.
WOW!!!!! filmed from front row! full face
closeups. Nice Audio! in the top 5 best
ever filmed tool shows!!!! set...........
01) Part of Me
02) Hush
03) Cold and Ugly
04) Sober
05) Sweat
06) Crawl Away
07) Swamp Song
08) Bottom
09) Jerk-Off...

(&) TooL - OcT.10.1999 Coachella Festival
Indio, CA. Close & clear pic. Nice audio. filmed
from the floor in the crowd so you get heads but
filmer is good at zooming in past 'em. NICE!!!

(&) TooL - Oct.16.1996 Glass House, Pomona,
CA. best of the best! One of the Best ever filmed
TooL shows! direct from the cam master!!! killer
view! close! nice audio. another one in the top 5.
1. stinkfist
2. 46 & 2
3. eulogy
4. hooker with a penis
5. prison sex
6. jimmy
7. undertow
8. sober
9. h.
10. Ænima
11. opiate
12. third eye

(&) Tool - 8/25/07 Rock en Seine, Paris, France.
Nice. tripod steady. close zooms. very well done!!

(&) Tool - 8.12.2007 Katowice, Poland Spodek
Arena, Metal Hammer Festival. highdefintion
camcorder! full stage shot. a few colseups
& audio distorts at times & filming is kinda
shakey at times. set.......
Rosetta Stoned
Vicarious......80mins...PAL dvd..#186.....

(&) TooL - Saliva. rare out of print dvd with
all the early videos & the rare hush vid...offical...#190...

(&) TooL - Scism dvd..clonedmaster..#82..

(&) TooL - Parabola dvd..clonedmaster..#47..

(&) TooL - 7.21.94 shepherds bush, London,
england. nice!!!!! tripod steady & super
close. nice live set:
Cold and Ugly
Prison Sex
No Quarter
The Cries of the Carrots
Maynard Says a Few Words
4 Degrees


(&) Van Halen - Feb.22.2012. Banker's
Life Fieldhouse. Indianapolis, IN. nice
external audio! from the filmers master!
super nice steady filming! good view!
so far best from the tour! 2 dvd set..
01 Intro
02 You Really Got Me
03 Running With the Devil
04 She's the Woman
05 Romeo Delight
06 Tattoo
07 Everybody Wants Some
08 Somebody Get Me a Doctor
09 China Town
10 Hear About it Later
11 (oh) Pretty Woman
12 Drum Solo
13 Unchained
14 The Trouble With Never
15 Dance the Night Away
16 I'll Wait
17 Hot For Teacher
18 Women in Love
19 Girl Gone Bad
20 Beautiful Girls
21 Dave's Dogs
22 Ice Cream Man
23 Panama
24 Guitar Solo
25 Ain't Talkin Bout Love
26 Jump..

(&) Van Halen -  Febr.18.2012. Louisville,
Kentucky WOW! Nice HandHeld! super
Nice upgraded Audio!  filmer is kinda
cautious first few songs thanks to security.
for the most part the show is super close
& nice zooms & the audio is outstanding!
no tripod so filming can be kinda shakey.
1.  You Really Got Me
2.  Runnin' With The Devil
3.  She's The Woman
4.  Romeo Delight
5.  Tattoo
6.  Everybody Wants Some!
7.  Somebody Get Me A Doctor
8.  China Town
9.  Mean Street
10.  Pretty Woman
11.  Al's drum solo
12.  Unchained
13.  The Trouble With Never
14.  Dance The Night Away
15.  I'll Wait
16.  Hot For Teacher
17.  Women In Love
18.  Outta Love
19.  Beautiful Girls
(tape change)
20.  Ice Cream Man
21.  Panama
22.  Ed's guitar solo
23.  Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
24.  Jump..........

(&) Van Halen - March.1.2012. New York, NY
Madison Square Garden. YES! MultiCam!
01. Unchained
02. Runnin' With the Devil
03. She's The Woman
04. The Full Bug
05. Tattoo
06. Everybody Wants Some
07. Somebody Get Me a Doctor
08. China Town
09. Hear About It Later
10. Pretty Woman
11. Drum Solo
12. You Really Got Me
13. The Trouble With Never
14. Dance the Night Away
15. I'll Wait
16. Hot For Teacher
17. Women in Love
18. Outta Love Again
19. Beautiful Girls
20. Dave's Dogs
21. Ice Cream Man
22. Panama
23. Guitar Solo
24. Ain't Talkin' About Love
25. Jump

(&) Velvet Revolver - March.29.2008. Palladium
Cologne, Germany. NiCE 16x9 WS TV PaL
TV proshot!!! Great setlist...
Let It Roll
She Mine
Sucker Train Blues
Do It For The Kids
Just Sixteen
Big Machine
American Man
The Last Fight
Interstate Love Song
She Builds Quick Machines
Get Out The Door
Fall To Pieces
It's So Easy
Set Me Free
Mr. Brownstone
Sex Type Thing

(&) Velvet Revolver - January, 22nd 2005
Carling Apollo Hammersmith, London, UK
killer audience recording ! closeups are
chest up & better! setlist:
01 - Intro
02 - Sucker Train Blues
03 - Do It For The Kids
04 - Headspace
05 - Superhuman
06 - Crackerman
07 - Illegal i Song
08 - Fall To Pieces
09 - Dirty Little Thing
10 - Big Machine
11 - It's So Easy
12 - Sex Type Thing
13 - Set Me Free
14 - Guitar Jam
15 - Used To Love Her
16 - You Got No Right
17 - Mr. Brownstone
18 - Slither....

(&) velvet revolver - germany rock am ring
6.05.2005 A+++ quality. super nice menus &
song selection..contains: *The rise Of Velvet
Revolver 6.16.04. a documentary on the band
in the studio with all members. they touch
on scott's drug problem alot & scott doesn't
mind talking about it..*Velvet Revolver -
Live in Germany Rock Am Ring 6.5.05,
looks better than store bought stuff
killer quality!!! 16:9 WS.. set: 1 Do It
For The Kids 2 Fall To Pieces 3 Dirty Little
Thing 4 Big Machine 5 Set Me Free 6 Slither..
*also contains the come on, come in video...

(&) Velvet Revolver - RockAmRing June 3rd 2007
A+++++......67min....PAL master #179...also
have ntsc master2 #176....

(&)  Vixen - MTV Spring Break, Daytona
Beach, FL. March.18.1989. wow! nice hifi
audio & great pic! set..
Love Made Me
Edge Of A Broken Heart
I Want You To Rock Me


(&) The White Stripes - Live At BBC Maida
Vale Studios, London, England. June.13.2007.
Live TV master! set..
I'm Slowly Turning Into You
Effect And Cause
The Same Boy You've Always Known
Blue Orchid
I Can Tell That We're Going To Be Friends
I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself

(&) White Zombie - Aug.10.1993. The Marque
Norwalk, CT. Wow! steady! close! Good
Audio! set..
Grindhouse (A Go-Go)
Black Sunshine
Feed The Gods
Welcome To The Planet Motherf**ker
Psychoholic Slag
Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks and Cannibal Girls
Spiderbaby (Yeah,Yeah,Yeah)
Thunder Kiss '65...

(&) Wolfmother - live at the chapel (long version)
melbourne, australia Oct. 24th 2006. nice! all
live set: 01-intro 02-mind's eye 03-apple tree
04-dimension 05-white unicorn 06-love train
07-woman 08-colossal 09-joker & the thief
10.woman live on dave letterman 6/9/2006...


(&) Zwan - June 6th 2003 Rock am Ring Festival,
Nuerburgring Nuerburg; Germany. NICE TV proshot.
Setlist: Endless Summer, Declarations Of Faith,
For Your Love, Honestly, Settle Down, Jesus, I /
God's Gonna Set This World On Fire, Of A Broken
Heart, Riverview, Baby Let's Rock!, Don't Let Me Down
Lyric, Mary Star Of The Sea..PALTVmaster..70min..#126..

Various Artist (VA)

(&) DownLoad Fest June.8-10.2012.  
Donington Park, Derby. UK. HDTV Special!
WOW! NiCE LiNE-UP!  A+++++ Pic &
Sound! set..
01. Metallica - Enter Sandman
Tenacious D - Short Interview
02. Tenacious D - Tribute
Anthrax - Short Interview
03. Anthrax - Anti-Social
04. Terrorvision - Alice What's The Matter
Terrorvision - Short Interview
05. Sebastian Bach - American Metalhead
06. Nightwish - Storytime
07. Devildriver - Clouds Over California
08. Cancer Bats - Hail Destraoyer
09. The Quirebois - Seven O'Clock
Rise Against - Short Interview
10. Rise Against - Give It All
11. Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy - Back From Cali
12. Soundgarden - Outshined
13. Lamb Of God - Redneck
Lamb Of God - Short Interview
14. Chase And Status - Blind Faith
15. Chase And Status - No Problem
Tenacious D - Short Interview
16. Tenacious D - Deth Starr
17. Little Angels - She's A Little Angel
18. Nofx - The Quitter
19. Shinedown - Sound Of Madness
20. Black Spiders - Just Like A Woman
21. Lover Than Antlantis - If The World Was To End
22. Trivium - Throes Of Perdition
23. Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy - You're A Lie
24. Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy - Paradise City
25. Metallica - For Whom The Bell Tolls
26. Metallica - One...

(&) Tesla & Black Crowes Plus Guns N' Roses.
Tesla & Black Crowes MTV Unplugged 1990.
unplugged Nov.19.1990 set..
Love Song [Tesla]
Paradise [Tesla]
Signs [Tesla]
Jealous Again [Black Crowes]
She Talks to Angels [Black Crowes]
Guns N' Roses Mtv Rockumentary 1989..
wow! best quality ive found on these!

(&) Reading & Leeds Festival Aug.27-29.2010
Nice! Digital Video Broadcast Master! set..
Guns N' Roses - Welcome To The Jungle
Limp Bizkit - Rollin'
Band Of Horses - NW APT.
The Libertines - I Get Along
Cypress Hill - I Ain't Goin' Out Like That
Lostprophets - Rooftops
LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls
Arcade Fire - We Used To Wait
Klaxons - Echo
Queens of the Stone Age - No One Knows
Paramore - That's What You Get
Pendulum - Witchcraft
Blink 182 - What's My Age Again
Blink 182 - All The Small Things

(&) Stone Temple Pilots, PearL JaM &
Nirvana. LiVE TV Masters! ALL HiFi
Stereo TV masters! some from svhs!
Best quality i've seen of these
performances! sets...
Pearl Jam set..
Alive Saturday Night Live '92
Porch Saturday Night Live '92
Jeremy MTV Video Music Awards
sept.9.92(small cut)
Animal MTV Video Music Awards
Nirvana set..
Lithium MTV Video Music Awards
Heart Shaped Box Saturday Night
Live sept.25.93
Rape Me Saturday Night Live
Lithium In Concert nov.12.92
stp set..
Wicked Garden Late Night
vasoline Late Show June.23.94
Plush Daytona Beach Rocks
Sex Type Thing Daytona Beach
Rocks March.1993
Creep Saturday Night Live
Nov.20.1993(hifi audio hiccups)..

(&) PANTERA - HeadBanger's BaLL. Marck.21.1994.
Far Beyond Driven Relase Party! 2 MTV contest
Winners get to go to Texas & hang out with
pantera. Interviews, videos & even the
commercials from 1994. from a True 1stgen
HiFi Stereo Tape! NiCE!!! A+++ Proshot...

(&) Live TV 1993-1996 - VHS hifi TV
Masters!!! set..
1) Radiohead- Conan 93
(Conan's first musical guest)
2) Compulsion- Jon Stewart 94
3) Bad Religion- Conan 94
4) Flaming Lips- Letterman 94
5) Frank Black- Jon Stewart
6) Helmet- Jon Stewart 94
7) L7- Jon Stewart 94
8) Meat Puppets- Jon Stewart 95
9) Violent Femmes- Conan 94
10) Dishwalla- Conan 94
11) Nada Surf- 120 Minutes 96
12) Spacehog- Letterman 96
13) Ween- Conan 95
14) Wilco- Conan 95
15) Catherine- Jon Stewart 95
16) Mudhoney- Conan 95
17) Sponge- Letterman 95
18) Dinosaur Jr- Jon Stewart 95
19) Dig- Conan 94
20) Eels- Conan 96
21) Mike Ness- 120 Minutes..

(&) Various Artist - Nice 90's TV Collection!
All Live TV performances! WOW!!! Nice Audio!
Nice Pic! looks like all XP Mode all From
HiFi TV Masters! set....
1)Bad Religion- 21st Century Digital Boy-
Jon Stewart Show - 00-00-1994
2)White Zombie- Electric Head- Jon Stewart
Show 00-00-94(audio is good\vid is not
perfect on this performance)
3)Link Wray- Rumble- Late Night with Conan
O'Brien DATE ???
4)Radish- Little Pink Stars - Late Night
with Conan O'Brien DATE??
5)Alice In Chains- Again- Saturday Night
Special 04/20/1996
6)Belly- Red - Jon Stewart Show DATE ???
7)Bush- Comedown- 120 Minutes 01/29/1995
8)Marilyn Manson- Lunchbox- Jon Stewart
Show 06/22/95
9)Magna Pop- Jon Stewart Show
10)The Cult- Coming Down- Jon Stewart
Show DATE??
11)Danzig- Can't Speak- Jon Stewart
Show 1994??
12)Porno For Pyros- God's Urge- 120 Minutes
13)Goo Goo Dolls- Naked- John Stewart
Show - DATE??
14)Juliana Hatfield- Heart- Late Night
with Conan O'Brien - DATE??
15)Veruca Salt- 120 Minutes 03/26/1995...

(&) MTV's Best Of 120 Minutes Live
Performances. Hosted by Henry
Rollins on MTV in 1996. HiFi TV
VHS Master! Nice!! set...
OASIS - Supersonic Oct.30.1994
ROLLINS BAND - Liar may.15.1994
GREEN DAY - Chump march.20.1994
LIVE - Selling The Drama may.08.1994
BUSH - Comedown jan.29.1995
CONCRETE BLONDE - Everybody Knows
NIRVANA - Drain You jan.10.1992
Sun oct.10.1993
Pocket sept.10.1995...

(&) Best Vidz 7.24.10 - i made this one so
I could watch my favs without having to pull
out 20dvds. all pretty much A+ quality. set..
311 - love song video,
candlebox - simple lessons video,
foo fighters - hey johnny park! live
2cam HH 10.10.97 canada,
fuel - sunburn live australia tv proshot '00,
oleander - why i'm here live german tv
proshot 1.31.00,
blind melon - mouthful of cavities live
HH 12.6.07 st. petersburg, FL,
pantera - this love live 3cam HH
Sacramanto, CA 11.17.97,
system of a down - chop suey! live
london mtv2 proshot april 2005,
soundgarden - mailman live HH
6.4.94 Berkeley, CA,
die trying - oxgen's gone video,
incubus - nice to know you live
OR red rocks, co 7.26.04,
nude dragons (soundgarden) -
beyond the wheel live proshot
4.16.10 seattle, wa,
slayer - dead skin mask &
south of heaven live german tv
proshot rockamring 2005,
mailman - fan video sg cover,
metallica - bleeding me live korea
tv proshot 4.24.98,
metallica - the small hour live NY
tv proshot 11.24.98,
anthrax - only live HH houston, tx
c.o.c. - kind of the rotten live HH
Hallandale, FL 9.5.97,...
nice menu & sondg selection..91min..#234..

(&) Rolling Rock Town Fair - Latrobe,
PA. Aug.05.2000. PPV Master! Live
sets from Our Lady peace 19min,
Fuel 16min, Filter 33min, Red Hot
Chili Peppers 46min, Nice!!...

(&) Rolling Rock Town Fair 2.0 - Aug.4.2001
Latrobe, PA. all live sets from PayPerView.
live sets: Oleander 12min, Tantric 12min,
Deftones 8min, Live 32min, and Stone temple
pilots 52min..

(&) VH1 React Now - 9.10.2005 Benefit For
Louisiana flood Victims. this is full live
performances. set......
Green Day: Wake Me Up When September Ends
John Mayer Trio: Gravity
Rob Thomas: Time After Time
Coldplay: Fix You
Trent Reznor: Hurt
Pearl Jam: Given To Fly
3 Doors Down: Here By Me
Maroon 5: Don't Let Me Down
Staind: Right Here
Goo Goo Dolls: Give A Little Bit
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Under The Bridge
Dave Matthews Band: American Baby
Audioslave: Doesn't Remind Me
Fiona Apple: Extraordinary Machine...

(&) HeadBangers Ball - May 2005 with it dies
today. interviews with lamb of god, dimebag,
shadows fall, & special guest it dies today.
videos by C.O.C., deftones, it dies today,
mudvayne, machine head, six feet under, ministry,
into the moat, the dillinger escape plan, crowbar,
unearth, society one, no warning, as i lay dying,
wednesday 13, death from above 1979, rise against,
armor for sleep, & a killer over weight Rammstein
video..2hrs with commercials..DSS master....63.....

(&) Variuos Artist DVD from DSS masters!
* Headbangers Ball with Corrosion of Conformity 5.21.05.
complete show without commercials all videos except where
interview is noted: HBBall w\ COC setlist goes like this :
black label society-fire it up\ blood simple - straight hate\
Pepper Keenan of COC interview\ high on fire - devilution\
system of a down - b.y.o.b.\ seemless - lay my burden down\
pepper interview\corrosion of conformity - stone breaker\
mudvayne - happy\pepper interview\ Megadeth - of mice
& men\slipKnot - vermilion\ mastodon - blood and thunder\
Randy Blythe from Lamb Of God back hair clip\
The esoteric - ram-faced boy\drowning pool - killin' me\
vehemence - we are all dying\senses fail - buried a lie\
atreyn - the crimson\ armor for sleep - car underwater\
fates warning - simple human\
2005. complete MTV2 broadcast without commercials
all live! setlists:byob\science\needles\psycho\chop suey!\
aerials\ *AUDIOSLAVE - your time has come video\
*slipknot - before I forget video\ *team sleep ( deftones'
chino side project) interview from fuse TV USA May
2005...all dss masters....111min..#64....

(&) Various Artists, Nirvana, anthrax,
beastie boys...
(1) anthrax - only & time live on the
arsenal hall show 1994?..tvmaster..7min..
(2) beastie Boys - gratitude video..dssmaster..4min..
(3) MTV2 Nirvana video collection- videos
for: come as you are, angels & airwaves
interview about nirvana, drain you live,
heart-shaped box, in bloom (version
1-dresses), lithium, serj tankian
interview about nirvana,..dssmaster..22min...
(4) Nirvana Unplugged MTV 1hr Version
without commercials...dssmaster...46mins...

(&) Journey's shoe store - in store only dvd for Nov. 2003.
this dvd is the dvd that's playing while you are shopping at
journeys shoe store. these are all full length videos like
you see on MTV, Fuse, etc...1. Andrew W.K. "Never Let Down"
2. Rah Digga "Party" 3. Jane's Addiction "True Nature"
4. Ski Movie 5. Fishbone "It's A Wonderful Life"
6. Ludacris "Stand Up" 7. Sevendust "Enemy" 8.
Borialis "It Don't Mean A Thing" 9. Whirling Dervishes
"You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch" 10. Nodesha "Get It
While It's Hot (Remix)" 11. La Onda "Asi Asi"
12. Ghetto Blaster: The Movie 13. Destiny's Child
" 8 days of Christmas" 14. Limp Bizkit "Eat You Alive"
15. Da Band "Bad Boy This, Bad Boy That"
16. Alien Ant Farm "Glow" 17. MJ Cole "Wondering Why"
18. Nickelback "Someday" 19. MXPX "Everything
Sucks (When You're Gone)" 20. Static-X "The Only"
21. David Bisbal "Ave Maria" 22. M.V.P. F/Stagga Lee "Rock Ya Body"
23. Supersuckers "Rock 'N' Roll Records (Ain't Sellin' This Year)"
24. Baby Bash "Suga Suga" 25. Paulina Rubio "Cassanova"
26. Ghetto Blaster: The Movie 27. Boyz II Men " Let It Snow"
28. White Stripes " The Hardest Button To Button"
29. Powerman 5000 "Action" 30. T.I. "Be Easy/ Look What I Got"
31. Raveonettes " That Great Love Sound" 32. Overseer " Horndog"
33. Mysterio " There Is A Star" 34. Pilar Montenegro " Cuando
Estamos Juntos" 35. Fuel " Falls On Me" (1:50:44)
36. All American Rejects "Time Stands Still" 37. Madonna
"Nobody Knows Me ( Aviddiva Remix)" 38. Thursday
"Signals Over The Air" <39. Ski Movie
40. Brian Setzer Orchestra "Jingle Bells"
41. Linkin Park "Numb" 42. Oakenfold " Hypnotised"
43. Sevendust "Enemy" 44. Jarabe De Palo "Bonito"
45. Kiss The Sky "(Rocket From The Crypt- Born in ' 69")
46. Luscious Jackson " Let It Snow" 47. Jewel "Stand"
48. Distillers "Drain The Blood" 49. Supagroup "What's
Your Problem" 50. Dandy Warhols " Little Drummer Boy"
51. Cooler Kids " All Around The World( Punk Debutante) "
52. Queens Of The Stone Age "First It Giveth"..............
official videos....
(some are mixed in with the bootlist above as well)...
or = official release

(&) AcDc - Back In Black The Videos. Limited Bonus
DVD that was given out at stores if you bought family
jewels. five videos filmed July 1980..OR..master..#252b..

(&) Audiosalve - MAY 6th 2005 Cuba. official live released
dvd with 37min documantary & 70min live set....OR....5....

(&) blind melon - live at the metro 9.27.95. killer live show in
Chicago, IL with live at muchmusic extras...or...90min.....#10....

(&) Beavis & Butt-Head "TimeLife" out of print!..3hrs..#175..

(&) The Cult - Music without fear. Live 90min set in LA 2002.
30min of extras....2hrs....OR........#18...

(&) dave matthews band - the central park concert.
September 24, 2003 ...2dvd.....released master...
...2hrs50min...#83 & #84....

(&) deftones - b-sides & rarities dvd.. all the
vidoes plus the vidz for root & engine # 9...
interviews,drinking,phone messages, jamming
& live clips between videos..super cool!!!!..60min..or..

(&) deftones - promo only dvd sent out to record
stores in 2003. various live clips from the record
company...8min...promo master...26.....#183..

(&) Fuel - sampler DVD contains 5 videos with a
different version of falls on me...19min...or...#183...

(&) Godsmack - smack this. live, interviews &
the band partying. pantera style!..85min..or..67..

(&) Godsmack - changes. 2004 live concert & tons of
interviews with a photo gallery...105mins..or......#68...

(&) Pantera 3 - the first 3 released home videos all on one
dvd.....4hours 6mins....official release 1999...compressed
alot to fit on one dvd......#41....

(&) PearL JaM - 3.16.92 Unplugged. Released
2009 DVD. this came with the 2009 Ten Re-Release.
set: oceans, state of love & trust, alive, black, jeremy,
even flow, porch...OR...36:40min...#246...

(&) Rammstein - Lichtspielhaus. killer dvd with
tons of live stuff, interviews, videos, making of
videos, ect...200mins long!!!!!! shrunk with dvd
shrink to fit on one dvd.....or...200min....#44...

(&) Skid Row -"Oh Say Can You SCREAM"
this was released on vhs in 1991 & is way out
of print & never been released on dvd to my
knowledge. tons of live stuff, videos, tour bus stuff,
interviews, partying, ect...songs include: Big Guns,
Makin'a Mess, Rattlesnake Shake, Sweet Little
Sister, I Remember You, Cold Gin, Here I am,
Holidays in the Sun, Train Kept a Rollin', Blitzkrieg
Bop, Youth Gone Wild, In A Darkened Room..
Music Videos: Youth Gone Wild, Piece of Me,
18 & Life, I Remember You.......................

(&) Soundgarden - TeLephantasm. Released
2010 DVD with all the videos & bonus videos..
1. Flower
2. Hands All Over
3. Loud Love
4. Jesus Christ Pose [Original Version]
5. Outshined
6. Rusty Cage
7. My Wave
8. Spoonman
9. The Day I Tried to Live [Uncensored Version]
10. Black Hole Sun
11. Fell on Black Days
12. Pretty Noose [Uncensored]
13. Burden in My Hand
14. Blow Up the Outside World [Uncensored]
15. Spoonman [Mash-Up Version]
16. The Day I Tried to Live [European Version]
17. Superunknown
18. Pretty Noose [International Version]
19. Pretty Noose [Alternate Ending]
20. Blow Up the Outside World [Censored]
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